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Maskman Tiger
10 days ago
Ise Jingu Shrine that I went to for the First Pilgrimage to the Shrine! !! Both the outer and inner shrines are lush with greenery, and you can feel the natural taste and divinity from ancient times, and it is truly Power Spot, and I think that you should definitely go with someone who wants to have a relationship with you (*^^*) To get to the Inner Shrine, you need a bus from the Outer Shrine, but you can get to the Outer Shrine from Osaka Namba to Ise City without changing trains on the Kintetsu Limited Express, so I think it is easy to access from the Kansai area. If you also visit the Inner Shrine, it is also recommended to taste Specialties dishes such as Ise Udon noodles from Ise Specialties and beef skewers from Matsusaka beef at Okage Yokocho, which is a stone's throw away.
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