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Dylan Gibson
Sep. 13, 2021
A photo I took of Tatsuko, the golden lady of the lake at Lake Tazawa in Semboku, Akita 4 years ago. I really love everything about Akita, there's so much natural beauty in the area, especially around this lake. I'd like to go back during the summer (this was taken in early fall) and try some kayaking on the lake. I'd also like to go cycling around the lake if possible, it'd be some good exercise at the very least. Anyways, for those unfamiliar with the legend of Tatsuko, from my understanding, she was a girl who wished for eternal beauty but was turned into a dragon, and so she drowned herself in the lake. It sounds kind of dark, but apparently she and another dragon fell in love with one another and together they keep the lake from freezing during winter. Considering how cold it gets during winter in Akita, or at least that year in Akita, that's a pretty impressive feat!
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