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May. 2, 2023
★ The 17th COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest is currently being held with the theme of "Japan's best known sightseeing spots"! We look forward to receiving many applications from you! Introducing the photos posted on "Everyone's Post"! This is a pickup post of the inbound tourism information SNS "Cool Japan Video". Today, I would like to introduce a post by "Hokkaido Photo Club". The sky and trees reflected on the surface of the water, and the mysterious atmosphere of the railroad tracks are impressive. Lake Shikaribetsu in Shikaoi Town, Hokkaido, is a natural lake at an altitude of 810 meters. It is also known as the "lake in the sky" and is also known for its high transparency. There is a beautiful primeval forest in the surrounding area, and many rare animals inhabit it. There are also various activities such as hiking, canoeing, and camping. You can stay at the campsite on the north shore of Lake Shikabetsu, where you can camp while looking at the superb view of Lake Shikabetsu, without reservation. In addition, fishing is usually prohibited on Lake Shikabetsu, but it is only lifted for 50 days a year, and you can enjoy fishing for Miyabei wana, rainbow trout, and cherry trout. Please check the official website for details. The "Shikabetsuko Lake Bottom Railway" is a spot where the fantastic scenery is a hot topic on SNS. The highly transparent tracks in the water are reminiscent of a scene from the popular anime movie "Spirited Away". The sight of autumn leaves falling and merging with the railroad tracks is also a highlight. In winter, the surface of the lake freezes, so it is recommended to have good weather except in winter. The village "Shikaribetsu Lake Kotan" appears only during the winter season when the lake surface freezes. It is full of events unique to Cotan such as bars using natural ice, ice sculptures, and ice chapels, and it is crowded with many tourists every year. In the vicinity of Lake Shikabetsu, there are also "Shikabetsu Lakeside Hot Spring Hotel Feng Shui" and "Lake Shikabetsu Nature Center", which are ideal for staying and strolling. ◆Lake Shikabetsu◆ 【Address】〒081-0344 Shikaoi-cho, Hokkaido 【Access】 From JR Obihiro Station, take the Takushoku bus bound for Shikabetsu Lakeside and get off at the last stop and walk a short distance (about 1 hour 40 minutes) 【Parking lot】Available 100 cars (Please see the official website for details.) )
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Oct. 12, 2022
In Hokkaido, there is a place with a railway track at the bottom of a lake, like in Spirited Away. This place is called Lake Shikaribetsu and is a very fantastic place.
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