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Oct. 30, 2020
Yerrensoran Soran ♪ If you ♪ ask the seagull if the herring has come, Hokkaido Esashi Town, famous for the herring fishing that appears in Soran Bushi, is the first in Hokkaido to be recognized as a Japan heritage site. Herring fishing has been popular since the Edo period, and it is so lively that it is said that "May in Esashi is not even in Edo." The local gourmet "herring soba noodles" are now popular 🐟🍜 all over the country There are many historical buildings such as shrines and temples and townhouses, as well as old ruins, so if you like history, we recommend 🛤️ the seaside sightseeing route called "Ancient Highway". Tonight, to see Soran Bushi, online GoTo travel 🌈✈️ to "Esashi Town, Hokkaido"
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Esashi, Famous for Herring Fishing, Was the First Town in Hokkaido to Be Recognized as a Japan Heritage. In the Edo Period the Town Was Bustling With Commerce!

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