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Jan. 16, 2024
You pulled me out... you became my body... you became the master of the sword. A thumbnail is only a thumbnail, but it is the first point of contact for the user For today's viewers, who are hungry for stimulation and easily bored, it is important not only to make them watch today's activities, but also to provide them with stimulation within "one episode" so that they do not leave the site halfway through. Some users may click on the video and say, "What's going to happen? The "thumbnail" of the video is definitely a factor in this decision. In other words, the thumbnail is the look, the appearance, the face of the person of the opposite sex. If the title of the video includes words such as "Cursed or possessed" or "Too much flying" (too conscious of Rurouni Kenshin), which make people expect something happening, or if the thumbnail shows a woman's cleavage, the number of views is likely to increase. For those who are interested in "samurai," such as sword fighters and reki-fat people, "cleavage" means... I think it's a real "Yokatana" like the god Anubis, who controls the person who holds him or her as a swordsman. Even I am excited. Just as important as the thumbnail is to have an eye-catching, radical and catchy title. In addition, making it impossible for fans to go to sleep because they are so excited and worried about their fantasies is a great way to differentiate yourself. I agonize over a new story every day to keep not only the users but also myself occupied.... Well, it's hard to think, but thanks to the 2 million drawers I have, it's not a problem at the moment ⚔. I would like to thank the production team for their ability to take my fantasies and images and quickly materialize them. (Thank you ♡♡♡♡♡ お前は私を抜いた… お前は私の本体に… お前は刀の達人に たかがサムネイル、されどサムネイルはユーザーにとって最初の接点 刺激に飢え、飽きやすい現代の視聴者に対しては、本日の活動内容を観させるだけでなく“1話”の中でも途中離脱させないための刺激を散りばめることが重要だ。 「これ、どうなるの」「やってみたい」と動画をクリックするユーザーもいるだろう。 その判断に働きかけているのが、間違いなく動画の“サムネイル”とういう存在。 即ち、異性選びにおけるルックス、外見、顔がサムネイルだ。 動画のタイトルに「呪いや祟が」や「天翔け過ぎ」(るろうに剣心を意識しすぎ)といったハプニングを期待させる言葉や、サムネイルで女性の胸の谷間が映っていると再生回数は伸びやすいんです。 SAMURAIに興味がある層の、刀剣◯子や歴◯にとって“胸の谷間”にあたるのは… 本当の“自らを握った者を剣士として操る”アヌビス神並みの「妖刀」ではないでしょうか!? 私でも((o(´∀`)o))ワクワクする。 サムネイルと同じくらいで大事なのは、人目をひく過激でキャッチーなタイトルをつけること。 さらに、ファンの妄想をふくらませ悩んで興奮して寝ることができなくすることは、差別化に最適ィィィ ユーザーだけでなく己も飽きさせない為に毎日、新しいネタを悶々と…。 まぁ、考えるのは大変ですが、私には200万の引き出しがあるので、おかげでいまのところは問題ありません⚔ 私の妄想やイメージを、サクッと具現化してくれる制作陣には ∧_∧ (=^°^) 感謝♡ / つ(⌒⌒) しー \/
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Dylan Gibson
Nov. 8, 2021
Went to Asukayama Park near Oji Station yesterday. I've passed by the area many times and seen the gondola leading to the top but never knew what was up there until now. It's a really big park dedicated to Shibusawa Eiichi, known as the father of capitalism in Japan. The park has a bunch of monuments and cultural properties to check out so I managed to take a lot of photos and I'll be uploading them over the next few days. I chose a good day to go it seems too, as there was an event going on. It involved some traditional dances (I think from the Oji area), and it involved some sort of sash that kind of reminded me of a kimono obi, but I'm not sure exactly what it is. They had a taiko drum as well but it seems I didn't make it in time to watch them playing, I only heard it in the distance when I was walking to the park. I thought it was really cool seeing all the different monuments though. Many of them were several hundred years old and the Japanese on them was also and older form, so it was hard for me to read a lot of them lol. It was a really enjoyable experience though, so I'll upload some more photos tomorrow!
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