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Jan. 3, 2023
Lake Toya was formed more than 110,000 years ago when water accumulated in a hole blown away by a volcano, and the top of the volcano is Nakajima that protrudes from the lake. Lakes are the energy of water, and water represents emotions, so it works to purify the mind. Since there is a volcano in it, it is a power spot that has fire in the water. Fire also purifies. This has a behavioral effect. Lake Toya, especially Nakajima, is a place of fire and water, purification and power of mind and body. I think this Nakajima, which is one of the best three in Hokkaido, will be crossed by Lake Toya steamship. From now on, we will ride the Espoir, which looks like a fairytale castle. It departs (*^_^* twice an hour of 00 minutes and 30 minutes.) It is 1500 yen for adults. On the boat, seagulls come in droves. The seagull is a symbol of freedom (Jonathan), so it's exciting. Although it is often mistaken for seagulls and sea cats. Both sea gulls and seagulls have yellow beaks, but sea gulls have red tips, and seagulls have pink legs, but sea gulls seem to have black legs. It was almost a seagull. The first thing you can see when you go over the lake is Benten Island and Kannon Island. These two islands are twin islands connected by a sandbar. Kannon Island is an island with a flat feeling. Here, "Nakajima Benzaiten" is enshrined. It has a reputation for increasing your fortune considerably. The triangle is Kannon Island. It is said that Enku carved a Buddha image on the island, and it is said that the "Guanyin Bodhisattva Statue" was enshrined on this island. (Kannon-sama is kept at Usu Zenkoji Temple, and a replica of it is dedicated in the hall of the island.) Usu Zenkoji Temple and Treasure Museum It is also a famous temple for cherry blossoms. You can see Showa Shinzan beyond the sandbank, so please pay attention. From Bentenjima, you can feel the vibration of the beautiful goddess and want to just look at it. You can't go ashore without chartering a boat, but I'd love to go there someday. There is a three-storied pagoda floating in the lake on the side, and it was also a really beautiful wave. It is said that the white dragon god, the guardian god of Lake Toya, is enshrined here. I felt like an old-fashioned goddess in a whitish costume, so maybe Benten-sama? I thought, but since it is a white dragon god, I am convinced. In addition to these two islands, Nakajima consists of four islands: Oshima, where pleasure boats land, and Manjujima, also known as Snake Island, which has many small snakes and cannot land. The steamer will land on Oshima. A lava dome formed by a volcanic eruption in the Toya Caldera about 50,000 years ago appeared on the surface of the water, and it has been confirmed that there are 11 volcanic bodies in the vicinity, including one at the bottom of the lake. The largest island, Oshima, has a circumference of 9.6 km, and the highest point, Tonoshi Kenupuri, is 455 m above sea level and is covered entirely by broad-leaved forest. (from Wikipedia) By the way, the reason why Nakajima has a peak (mountain) is because it erupted in the same place many times, which is rare. By the way, there are actually five islands, one of which is submerged in the lake and is said to be a mecca for diving. Standing on a sunken island even though it is a lake, it is as if you can feel as if you have been made from the lake. It's romantic. When you go to Oshima, there are shrines and coffee shops. You can enter through the gate and go around the island in about 3 hours. The great plains along the way are the best power spots. I'll introduce it in another post later.
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