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Oct. 14, 2020
Hot springs gush out from the rock walls, the most scenic spot in Tohoku, Akita Prefecture "Koankyo Onsen" ♨ Koankyo Onsen has a long history, flourished as a hot spring healing place in the Edo period, and is still a popular tourist destination that is crowded with many tourists. Koankyo Onsen offers a superb view of the four seasons, and you can see the fiery beautiful autumn foliage scenery from the beginning of the video. During the autumn foliage season in late October, a light-up event is also held. Tonight's online GoTo Travel is 🚙💨 to go autumn foliage hunting at "Koankyo Onsen" ♨ in Akita Prefecture
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The Beautiful Autumn Leaves at Oyasukyo Onsen, Akita, Famous for Being the Most Scenic Spot in Japan's Tohoku Region! The 60-Meter-High Cliffs and the Mysterious Sight of Hot Springs Bubbling up From the River Banks Make It a Must-Visit Attraction!

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