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Iwanai Tourism Association
25 days ago
Cherry blossom illumination at night is being held near Iwauchi Shrine Street! This is 🌸 an event from this year In addition, today, 4/29, a preview of the garden will be held. What is Sui-en? It is one of the villas owned by Ume Plum Ichitaro, a wealthy merchant who served as the first mayor of Iwauchi Town, and is a W-built, one-story house built around 1920 (Taisho 9) and a Japanese garden created from 1897 (Meiji 30) to 1913 (Taisho 2). Full-scale Maintenance began in the 3rd year of Reiwa 3), and was finally completed this year! We will pre-open from 4/30. (9:00~17:00) Regarding this, the illumination will start from 5/3, so Enjoy it together with the cherry blossom illumination at night. If you are coming to Iwauchi Town, please come and visit us.
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Shizuoka, Matsuzaki Tourism Association
Apr. 20, 2024
Koyasan Promenade: A village called Yakiyama in the upper reaches of the Iwashina River, which was once called "Yakiyama" because the mountain was burned and cultivated. About 3 km into the mountains from the village, a cliff of Strange Rock rises up facing a mountain stream, and there is an unknown quiet area. This place is called Mt. Koya, and it used to be a place where Shugenja of Shingon esoteric Buddhism went, and there are many stone Buddhas. ☆ Legendary land related to famous monks ☆ There is even a legend that Kobo Daishi once visited here, but left because the smell of Fertilizer wafted from the nearby farmland and it was unclean and the depth of the valley was unsatisfactory, and eventually he went to Kishu (Wakayama Prefecture) and opened Mt. Koya. As if to confirm this good story, there was a statue of Kobo Daishi in the "Enma Shingyo" in the middle of the cliff, but it has now been moved to Eizenji Temple in Yagiyama and enshrined. Furthermore, at the end of the Edo period, a monk named Renren practiced in this "Enma Shingyo" and walked around praying for his presence, but his new spiritual experience became popular, and he was called a great master and respected, and the number of believers reached 200. And when he left this place, he left the scriptures and dharma robes as a memorial to the local Taguchi family. There is also an inscription on the same house stating that "Resigned was a person from Mikawa (Aichi Prefecture), and that he visited the area in the first year of Tenpo (1830) to worship the statue of Kobo Daishi, visited for about a year, and gathered many believers..." According to one theory, it is said that during the Kenkyu year (1190~1199), a man of letters also visited here, and when he was about to leave after completing his training, he could not leave because wild roses were entangled in his robe. So he took refuge in the cave again and continued his journey. Since then, the locals have called it "Bunkaku rose".
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