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Nagano Azumino Tourist Association
9 days ago
The Azumino Tourism Association will tell you about the current state of Azumino (Traditional Japanese straw raincoat), a garden city at the foot of Mt. of the Northern Alps. Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture (Azu Traditional Japanese straw raincoat shi) is located in the middle of Nagano Prefecture, in the central part of Nagano Prefecture, sandwiched between Matsumoto City to the south and Hakuba Village to the north. Unfolds the Wasabi field, the best in Japan, and the charm of Azumino, with clean water and air, will be transmitted through COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, so thank you. [What is Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture?] 】 Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture is a city blessed with beautiful nature surrounded by the mountains of the Northern Alps. With a population of about 92,000 (as of April 2024), it is a place where history and culture come alive along with a rich natural environment. The beautiful scenery of the four seasons is attractive, especially fascinates people who visit the cherry blossoms in the Spring, the fresh greenery in summer, the autumn leaves in autumn, and the snowy scenery in winter. Since the Meiji era, Wasabi Cultivation has flourished, and the tradition has been passed down to this day, and Azumino is known as the Wasabi Growing Area of One of the best in Japan. 【Introduction of sightseeing spots in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Azumino City】 ・Daio Wasabi Farm Daio Wasabi Farm is one of the Representative tourist Spots of Azumino City. It is one of the largest Wasabi Farms in Japan, boasting an area of more than 10 Tokyo Domes, and the scenery of beautiful waterways is spectacular. You can also enjoy a tour of the Wasabi Field and various gourmet foods using wasabi. ・Hodaka Shrine It is said to be Azumino's Power Spot. Since ancient times, it has been widely believed as the guardian god of the Japanese Alps, traffic safety, and industrial safety. ・National Alps Azumino Park (Hori Kanehotaka District) It is one of the six national parks in the Kanto-Koshinetsu region. It is a vast natural park and a popular Spot for families and couples. Flowers bloom in the park, playground equipment for children to enjoy, Barbecue area, Day Camp Area, etc. ・Azumino Chihiro Art Museum The Azumino Chihiro Art Museum is an art museum that exhibits the works of picture book author Chihiro Iwasaki. In a tranquil environment surrounded by beautiful nature, you can enjoy the world of heartwarming Picture books. It's a soothing place for families and art lovers alike. ・Roadside Station Alps Azumino Horigane no sato Roadside Station located at the foot of Mt. of the Northern Alps is lined with Fresh, safe, secure, and handmade agricultural products. Azumino's Souvenirs, which focuses on Fresh vegetables and fruits, is also recommended. ・Experience programs and activities The appeal of Azumino City is that you can enjoy experience programs such as pottery, authentic chopstick making, Soba (buckwheat noodles) making experience, and activities such as Azumino Clear Water Rafting and Roux Singing! A tourist guide is also included, so even beginners can rest assured. ・Climbing in the Northern Alps The Northern Alps are the one of the best mountainous region in Japan, consisting of 3,000-meters-class mountains Azumino City, located at the foot of Mt. in the Northern Alps, is also recommended as a base for climbing the Northern Alps. 【Specialty products of Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Azumino City】 ・Wasabi Azumino City is known as the Wasabi Growing Area of One of the best in Japan. Clear water and cool climate make Wasabi cultivation suitable for cultivation, and its quality is highly appreciated both at home and abroad. There are many dishes and processing products that use wasabi, so be sure to taste wasabi from Azumino when you When you visit. ・Rainbow trout Rainbow trout farmed in the clear water of Azumino City is also one of the specialty products. In recent years, "Shinshu salmon" born from fish called Rainbow trout and Brown trout has become popular. 【Introduction of festivals and events in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Azumino City】 ・Azumino Festival Representative of Azumino City, the Azumino Festival is a summer festival held in every August. Mikoshi (portable shrine) procession, Local dances and music performances can be enjoyed. ・Ofune Festival The Ofune Festival is a traditional festival held every September at Hotaka Shrine. Boat-shaped festival floats parade through the town, and the local people come together to liven up the festivals. 【Introduction of sightseeing spots in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Azumino City】 Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Azumino City is a fascinating area surrounded by beautiful nature and rich history. Please visit Azumino City and experience its charm. We will continue to send out recommended tourist information and latest information that will be engraved on one page of your memories.
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Tohnosho Tourism Association
Feb. 19, 2024
This is the Tonosho Tourism Association! Nice to meet you all! Chiba Prefecture Katori-gun Tonosho Town is a town with a population of about 13,000 located in the northeastern part of Chiba Prefecture. COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will provide recommended information on Tonosho Town, Chiba Prefecture, so thank you. 【What is Tonosho Town, Chiba Prefecture?】 】 The Tone River, a first-class river, flows in the northern part of the town, and Tonosho Town is rich in nature. Blessed with water and greenery, known as the "City of Water and Greenery", the town offers peace of mind to those who visit. It is about 2 hours by car from Tokyo and 1 hour from Narita Airport. 【History of Tonosho Town, Chiba Prefecture】 Tonosho Town in Chiba Prefecture has a history of being created in 1955 by the merger of Sasagawa Town, Jindai Village, Tachibana Village, and Tonosho Village. Blessed with abundant water sources, Tonosho Town has been active in rice cultivation since ancient times, and in the Edo period, rice cultivation and soy sauce brewing flourished. 【Introduction of sightseeing spots in Tonosho Town, Chiba Prefecture】 Since this is my First Post, I would like to briefly introduce some recommended sightseeing spots in Tonosho Town. ・Hatcho Weir (commonly known as Natsume Weir) Hatcho Weir is an agricultural reservoir that utilizes the abundant water of the Tone River. During the winter season, thousands of mallards, Little Ducks and Swans fly in. You can enjoy bird watching at the waterfowl observation house set up in the adjacent Prefectural Forest. ・Suwa Daijin It is said that Shigezo Sasagawa, a historical figure from Tonosho Town, held a votive sumo tournament here. There is also a monument to the god of sumo wrestling and a Dohyo (sumo ring) in the precincts, and in the summer it is held as a sumo festival in Sasakawa, and it is used at the summer lodging of the Dewakai stable. ・Todaisha(Todai Shrine) It is an ancient shrine with a long history that was founded more than 1,800 years ago, and The ceremonial grand shrine festival held every 20 years is the largest festival in this area. ・Tenpo Suikoden Relics Museum: There are many cultural properties on display related to the story "Tenpo Suikoden", which depicts the power struggle between Shigezo Sasagawa and Iioka Sukegoro in the Edo period. 【Festivals and events in Tonosho Town, Chiba Prefecture】 ・Tonosho Fureai Festival The Tonosho Fureai Festival is an event held every year on November 3 (Culture Day) at the Tonosho Town Hall. There are a number of food stalls lined up in the venue, and various events such as shows and raffles are held on the stage. ・Cape Unimisaki Azalea Festival From late April to mid-May, more than 2,000 azaleas bloom in Cape Kumoigasatsuki Azalea Park, including Oomurasaki, Mountain Azalea, and Ryukyu. Along with the Spring, the azalea flowers that spread all over the place attract people who visit. 【Specialty products and gourmet food of Tonosho Town, Chiba Prefecture】 Tonosho Town is known for its fresh and delicious specialty products such as strawberries, kokabu, and pork, which are produced by the rich land. Sweet and juicy strawberries, the rare variety "Iberry" is grown in many strawberry fields in the town. In addition, SPF pigs raised in Tonosho Town are characterized by their sweet fat and tender meat. It is a popular item as a thank-you gift for Furusato Nozei tax payment in Tonosho Town, Chiba Prefecture. 【Charm of Tonosho Town, Chiba Prefecture】 In the "City of water and greenery" Tonosho Town, you will be greeted by visit beautiful scenery of moss phlox and azaleas. In spring, a carpet of bright pink, white, and purple moss phlox spreads at the Tonosho Fureai Center in Tonosho Town. Tonosho Town in Chiba Prefecture is full of attractions such as rich nature, deep history, and delicious food. Why don't you find something new in Tonosho Town? In the future, COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will send out recommended information on Tonosho Town, so please follow us.
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Tokachigawa Onsen Tourist Association
Jun. 24, 2023
Otofuke ran the melody line! However, it does not mean that music is played. (I thought 😊 so at first.) It is the name of the town road connecting Tokachigawa Onsen and the city of Otofuke, and is named after the "sound" of "Otofuke". There are many lovely scenery, such as the Otofuke countryside, the straight road leading to the mountain range, and the sunflower fields in autumn. With a total length of about 15 km, it is a very pleasant road to drive or cycle! There are ups and downs, so electric assist is recommended for bicycles. The Tourism Association offers assisted bicycles! Please run ♬ the Otofuke melody line. ⛔ Please do not enter the fields.
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Jun. 18, 2023
First morning activity in a long time. The scenery of the Sakaori Terraced Rice Fields of Ena City, Gifu Prefecture ^^ Thanks to the water in the rice fields The sky was beautiful with reflections. The Sakaori Terraced Rice Fields of Ena City, Gifu Prefecture, is a beautiful landscape that has been selected as one of the 100 best terraced rice fields in Japan. It has a history of 400 years, and 360 terraced rice fields made of masonry spread out in a fan shape on the slope of the mountain. The terraced rice fields, which show colorful expressions in each of the four seasons, fascinate visitors. Delicious rice and vegetables are grown in the terraced rice fields, which can be tasted at local restaurants and guesthouses. There are also fun experience programs such as terraced rice field guided walks and charcoal grilling experiences. Sakaori Terraced Rice Fields is a wonderful place where you can feel the original scenery of Japan.
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