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Dylan Gibson
Dec. 7, 2021
A nice Christmas tree I found near Akabane Station. I'm pretty excited for the holidays. I like the romantic format of Christmas in Japan much more than I do the spending time with family version in America. There's something about the cold weather that makes it feel romantic spending time together with the person special to you. Another great thing about this time of year is all of the buffets! I love going to the buffets and trying all the different food. It's a much different style than the U.S. too which is fun. I can't say I don't miss eating a nice Christmas ham or turkey with some stuffing (basically the same as thanksgiving lol), but what's awesome about the buffets is they always have some sort of prime rib or king crab, one really special item that everyone lines up for lol. One thing I miss is the holiday portion of Christmas back in America, but the New Years holiday in Japan more than makes up for it. Also the illuminations in Japan are always awesome. Places like Ginza, Tokyo Station, etc. always have incredibly beautiful showings. Didn't get to go to any last year, but this year I'm hoping to be able to visit at least one!
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Jun. 23, 2021
Illumination of Hakata Station Every year at the end of the year (12/30 and 31), I go to UVERworld live in Fukuoka. This photo was taken at Hakata Station on the way back. Every year when I arrive at the station after the concert, I will definitely come back next year to see this wonderful scenery! I did my best next year and made it through the end of the year! I am passing the year with the feeling that I vow to come to Fukuoka with that feeling. It's getting Coronavirus pandemic, it's getting harder to travel and hold live shows, and I'm worried about whether I'll be able to go this year. UVERworld's live performances and music are irreplaceable, and I have come to love the cityscape and delicious food of Hakata! I was sad to post that I hope that Corona will end soon and that the day when I can spend a happy end of the year like before will come as soon as possible. Right now, there is no exit in sight, but I will do my best every day while waiting for the "day" that will come.
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Dylan Gibson
Mar. 30, 2021
Hey, I know this place! I have a friend that used to work at Huis Ten Bosch. I've never gotten the chance to go myself but it seems like it would be a really cool place to visit. I can imagine in the spring the flowers are really awesome (like this photo) as well so now is probably the best time to check it out. I know the do illumination events and other stuff as well so that'd probably be a good idea for dates or even just for some casual fun with friends. I think they have boat rides as well. To be fair there's probably not much they don't have; I guess the park is supposed to be pretty large. Nagasaki is a little far from Tokyo for a day trip but maybe this summer I can get something worked out. Would really love to visit.
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Mar. 30, 2021
One piece at Huis Ten Bosch. I don't have much of a sense of Japan, but that's also a good idea.
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