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Drone Artist TOMAKO
Oct. 17, 2020
. I'm busy with excitement every day. . Chasing the sunset everywhere in Japan and abroad I've been shooting, Such a relationship between the sunset and the sea I don't know the perfect land. Kannonji City in Kagawa Prefecture, Knocked down by the sunset here. . All beaches are firmly in the west, The facing sea is the Seto Inland Sea, The Seto Inland Sea! So always Reflex Shawn! Even if you see it in the Seto Inland Sea like this Only here (and half of Mitoyo City). The tide was going up and down so violently. The daily changes are too interesting. Is the humidity moderate to the horizon? You can worship the sun. . It's all about the conditions, You don't need to choose a location. The sea inside Kannonji Temple is too amazing (*゚Q゚*) . Ishigaki and Amami who continue to take pictures carefully Naturally, there is a wonderful and completely different angle of excitement. Tenkomori and the sunset are amazing. But when choosing a place for the sunset, The angle of the tide, clouds and the sun and The overlap of the peninsula and the condition of the beach, Making full use of the wisdom we have acquired Asking for a reflection opportunity, But not so much. . Kannonji Temple, here I'm surprised how easy it is. This is definitely the good thing here. Even if you don't think about difficult things, If it is the beach or breakwater of Kannonji Temple Anyone pops at many times The finest sunset reflection experience You can do it, this is amazing, revolutionary! . Kannonji Temple is the town of sunsets. .
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