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Kamagaya, Chiba
Apr. 17, 2024
How do you do! Chiba Prefecture Kamagaya City (kamagayashi). Chiba Prefecture Kamagaya City is a convenient city that can be reached in about 30 minutes by train from central Tokyo, and has direct access to Narita Airport and Haneda Airport. With a population of about 110,000, Kamagaya City is easily accessible from the city center, and you can enjoy sightseeing spots full of history and culture with abundant nature. We will send out recommended information so that you can visit Kamagaya City for sightseeing, so thank you! ★★ Recommended places to visit in Chiba Prefecture Kamagaya City ◇Kamagaya Daibutsu (Great Buddha) The historic 1.8-meter-high Great Buddha, built in 1776, was designated as the first designated cultural property of Kamagaya City in 1972 and was selected as one of the "500 Charms of Boso". It has become a symbol of Kamagaya City. ◇Grave of a Tomb of a Government Soldier It is a valuable historical site that conveys the turbulent history of the end of the Edo period. It is designated as a city cultural property and is located in the Great Buddha Cemetery where the Kamagaya Daibutsu (Great Buddha), which is also a city-designated cultural property, sits. ◇Hyakkoshin Within the Precincts of Hachiman Shrine, a total of 100 Koshin pagodas have been built, including 10 blue-faced Kongo statues and 90 character pagodas. ◇Kaigara-yama Park In the pond in the center of the park, waterfowl swim gracefully. It is a popular picnic spot for families, where you can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons, such as cherry blossoms in full bloom, fresh greenery, colorful autumn leaves, and snowy scenery. ◇Fighters Kamagaya Stadium Nicknamed "Kamasta", it is the farm home of the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters. MLB players Shohei Ohtani and Yu Yu Darvish also worked up a sweat at this stadium. It is a must see spot for sports fans. ★★ Beloved events and festivals in Chiba Prefecture Kamagaya City ◇Kamagaya City Citizens' Festival For a long time, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024, it is a festival loved by the people of Kamagaya City. Equestrian warrior processions, parades, and Free Bazaar are held, and it is an event full of smiles. ◇ Kamagaya fireworks "Kamagaya Fireworks" is a summer tradition in Kamagaya City that began in 2016. 3,000 fireworks color the summer night sky of Kamagaya. ◇New Kamaya Illumination The beautiful event that heralds the visit of winter, when the area around Shinkamagaya Station is decorated with 53,000 illuminations, warmly illuminates the winter nights. ★★ Specialty Products Gourmet in Chiba Prefecture Kamagaya City Kamagaya City has a thriving pear cultivation, and the sweet and juicy pears are loved by locals and tourists alike as a taste from summer to autumn. There are about 150 pear farms in the city, and many of them sell directly to them, so please taste the freshly freshly caught pears. It is also popular as a thank-you gift for Furusato Nozei tax payment. ★★ We look forward to seeing you in Chiba Prefecture Kamagaya City! Chiba Prefecture Kamagaya City allows you to feel the beauty of nature and the depth of history. We will send out travel recommendation Information that will be one page of everyone's memories on COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, so thank you!
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Toyooka Village Tourism Association
Apr. 2, 2024
■Cycling Guide Tour■ ~Fruit Sweets Plan~ Harvest your own fruit for sweets! ~Smart plan for about 2 hours~ 【 Cycling × Fruit Picking × Sweets 】 This is a special plan where you can harvest seasonal fruits while cycling and enjoy the taste of the day. The harvested fruit will be made into sweets by the chef at the restaurant "Cafe & Dining EN" in the village! Cycling is an E-BIKE (electrically assisted bicycle), so Slope is easy ♪ Even if you are not used to riding a bicycle, a guide Authorized Guide of the Japan Cycling Guide Association will support you. You can rest assured that the course will be set according to your level! [ Plan Details ] ■ Period and fruits that can be harvested (Spring) Mid-March ~ Early May (Summer) Early June ~ End of August (Autumn) October ~ December (Winter) December ~ February ~Fruits harvested in Toyooka Village~ 【Strawberry】Early March ~ Early May 【Cherry】Early ~ late June 【Peach】Mid-July ~ Mid-August (Varieties vary depending on the season.) ) 【Grapes】Late August ~ Late September (Varieties vary depending on the season) ) 【Pear】Late August ~ early October (Varieties vary depending on the season) ) 【Apple】Mid-August ~ early December (Varieties vary depending on the season) ) 【Sweet persimmon】Late October ~ Late November 【Ichida persimmon】Late December ~ late February (Winter only. Because it is a dried persimmon, it is shared by the farmer. ) ■ Time required, distance, start time ●Time required: about 2 hours ~ 2 and a half hours - Mileage: less than 10 km ●Start time: 13:00~ * Please contact us if you would like to do it in the morning. * Please come to Toyooka Travel Time 10 minutes before the start. ■ Number of people 2 people ~ 5 people * Please contact us if you are participating with 1 person. ■ Fee (tax included) 3 years old and over: 3,500 yen per person ~ 0 years old ~ 2 years old: Free * The amount will change depending on the fruit. Thank you for your understanding. * When Cafe & Dining en is Regular holiday (Regular holiday: Every Monday and Tuesday) ■Course content and schedule (1) Toyooka travel time meeting and departure 13:00 (payment) (2) Cycling to the fruit farm 13:00~13:30 (3) Arrival at the farm and hunting experience around 13:30~14:00 (4) Move to Cafe & Dining EN around 14:15 (5) Enjoy sweets around 14:30~15:00 (6) Return to Toyooka travel time and dismiss around 15:15 * Normally, the plan is to start in the afternoon, but please contact us if you would like to start in the morning. ■ About the plan 【Fruit】 We will experience and provide you with seasonal fruits in each season. If there are two or more types of fruit depending on the season, please let us know the fruit you want. [Course] This course is for beginners. Please be assured that even those who do not usually ride bicycles will have a guide. Basically, it is a plan to be done according to the above schedule. If you would like to extend your cycling, you can do so by paying an additional fee Use rental bicycle. [Bicycle] Use e-bikes (electrically power assisted bicycles). (There are no electrically power assisted bicycles for children.) ) In addition, small children who cannot ride a bicycle can rent a carrier car. (There are weight restrictions, etc.) ) Click here for a list of rental bikes ・《E-BIKE》 ・《Kids' Bikes and Carrier Cars》 【Rental equipment】 ・Helmet, gloves, saddle cover, hem band, locker ・Shower (extra Fee) 【Clothing】 ・Comfortable clothes and shoes that are easy to move around in ■ Inquiries Toyooka Travel Time 0265-49-3395 (9:00~18:00)
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Toyooka Village Tourism Association
Mar. 11, 2024
This is the Toyooka Tourism Association. HELLO TO EVERYONE WHO WATCHES COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! Nagano Prefecture Shimoina-gun Toyooka Village is a village with a population of about 6,500 located in the southern part of Nagano Prefecture and located in an area called Minami Shinshu. In Nagano Prefecture, the climate is relatively warm and there is little snowfall, so it is a village where agriculture such as fruit trees and vegetables is thriving. In the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, we will send out recommended information about Minami Shinshu Toyooka Village, so please enjoy it. First of all, since this is my First Post, I would like to briefly introduce the special experience plans and sightseeing spots that you can enjoy in Toyooka Village. ■ Cycling Guide Tour□ where you can enjoy the nature of □Toyooka Village ■ The Toyooka Tourism Association wants everyone to experience the blessings of Toyooka Village's nature, and offers Cycling Guide Tours with the following plans. Use e-bikes (electrically power assisted bicycles) for cycling tours, and you can ♪ easily move on slopes Even if you are not used to riding a bicycle, you can rest assured that a guide Authorized Guide of the Japan Cycling Guide Association will support you. ◇ Fruit Sweets Plan ◇ Running on a course for beginners ♪ that takes about 2 hours to 2 1/2 hours This is a plan that you can enjoy throughout the year by harvesting seasonal fruits and having the chef make them into sweets as they are at the restaurant "Cafe & Dining EN" in Toyooka Village. Why don't you ♪ taste seasonal sweets with freshly caught fruits from Toyooka Village? ◇Forest Road Activity Plan◇ Limited time ♪ from late May ~ end of August It takes about 3~4 hours, and it is a cycling course where you can enjoy the excitement of bumpy roads that you don't usually run. A natural water slide after sweating in the heat of summer is sure to be the best memory! After enjoying playing in the river, enjoy ♪ a blissful time with a take-out lunch in Toyooka Village ◇ Exquisite course lunch plan ◇ Limited time from ♪ late April ~ early December The time required is about 4 hours ~ 4 and a half hours, and you can experience harvesting seasonal vegetables in Toyooka Village. After harvesting at the farmhouse, you can ♪ enjoy an exquisite course lunch prepared by the resident chef using freshly caught vegetables while looking at the superb view of the Inadani Valley spreading out below ◇ Night tour 1 night plan ◇ Limited time from ♪ late April ~ mid-October The plan starts in the evening, and after enjoying the experience of harvesting vegetables in Toyooka Village while cycling at sunset, enjoy a luxurious BBQ dinner prepared by the resident chef with a superb view of Inadani Valley. After that, you can soak in the Ceramic Bath and stay at "Toyo Terrace" for one night. ■ Sightseeing spots that you can't miss in □Toyooka Village sightseeing□ ■ ◇Roadside Station Minami Shinshu Toyooka Marche◇ It is a must-see spot with fresh local produce and specialty products. As a kitchen in Minami Shinshu, there is an abundance of locally grown vegetables and fruits, so how about a Souvenir of sightseeing in Toyooka Village? ◇Fukushima Teppo Park◇ From the observatory in the park, you can overlook the rice terraces of Fukushima Honmura Maeda and the superb view of Inadani Valley. Illumination lighting is also available in the winter season. ◇Mibusawa Fudo Falls◇ It is a waterfall with a drop of 15 meters. It is about a 5-minute walk from the prefectural road, so you can easily visit it. (It is also possible to go by rental bicycle) ◇Weeping cherry blossoms at Sasamidaira◇ The tree is 15 meters tall and is estimated to be more than 400 years old. It is designated as a natural monument designated by Toyooka Village. ■ □Toyooka Village Beloved Events for Tourism □■ ◇Toyooka Festival◇ The Toyooka Festival, held every November at the Toyooka Village Hall venue, is a popular event in Toyooka Village with a total of 12,000 visit. The venue is lined with many food stalls, stage events, music and fireworks. ■□Specialty Products of Toyooka Village□■ In Toyooka Village, fresh and delicious fruit trees nurtured by rich nature, such as peaches, apples, Shine Muscat (grapes), Ichida persimmons, and pears, as well as the king of mushrooms, matsutake mushrooms, is a specialty products. These Specialty products are carefully grown by the hands of the locals, and their taste has made many people's tongues growl. In Toyooka Village, you can also enjoy seasonal taste hunting experiences such as the apple tree owner system and peach picking. It is especially recommended for families, and we hope that it will be a valuable opportunity for children to learn the importance of food while having fun in nature. In addition, at "Vegetable Garden Buffet Restaurant Vegful Kitchen", you can enjoy exquisite dishes using fresh vegetables from Toyooka Village in buffet style. When sightseeing in Toyooka Village, please fully enjoy Toyooka gourmet! ■Enjoy □Toyooka Village sightseeing□■ Toyooka Village also offers the "Toyooka Village Working Holiday" for those who are considering moving to the countryside and those who are considering farming. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Toyooka Village, why not take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and feel the healing from the heart? COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will provide recommended information and the latest information on Toyooka Village in Nagano Prefecture, so please follow us!
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Kashiwa Tourism Association.
Feb. 27, 2024
How do you do! This is the Kashiwa Tourism Association. Chiba Prefecture Kashiwa City is easily accessible from Tokyo Station in central Tokyo, about 30 minutes by train, making it a very convenient city for living. We will introduce the charm of Kashiwa City, which ranks fifth in Chiba Prefecture with a population of about 430,000 people (as of 2023), and plenty of recommended information to fully enjoy sightseeing in Kashiwa City. ◇◇◇What is Chiba Prefecture Kashiwa City? ◇◇◇ Kashiwa City, which represents the Bed town of the Tokyo metropolitan area, is an attractive city with a lush natural environment and commercial facilities that are convenient for daily life. There are various ways to enjoy each area, such as large stores such as Takashimaya and Marui, the area around JR Kashiwa Station, which is attractive with second-hand clothing stores popular with young people and various restaurants scattered in the Urakashi area, the Kashiwa Leaf area where the University of Tokyo's Kashiwa Campus, Chiba University, AIST, and public and private incubation facilities are concentrated, and the Tone River basin and Teganuma area, which are a treasure trove of history and nature. In recent years, Kashiwa City has also been known as a "city of sports and music" and is home to professional sports teams such as J.League Kashiwa Reysol, Rugby One's NEC Green Rockets Tokatsu, and W-League's JX-ENEOS Sunflowers, as well as many wrestlers from Kashiwa City and related to Kashiwa. The municipal Kashiwa High School Brass Band Club and the Sakaine Junior High School Brass Band Club, which are regular winners of the national tournament, are also famous. ◇◇◇ Introducing 6 sightseeing spots in Chiba Prefecture Kashiwa City! ◇◇◇ Here are some sightseeing spots that you should definitely visit when sightseeing in Kashiwa City, which is easily accessible from central Tokyo. ・Teganuma Teganuma, the closest natural lake to Tokyo, is a treasure trove of nature. In addition to the Teganuma Nature Interaction Greenway, where you can safely enjoy cycling and jogging on the south shore of Teganuma, you can also enjoy boating, bird watching, and day camping. ・Roadside Station Shonan Located on the Kashiwa side of the Tega Bridge that crosses Teganuma, you can enjoy a meal and buy fresh local produce and specialty products, where you can enjoy the blessings of Kashiwa City's nature. We also rent bicycles, so please use it as a base for sightseeing around Teganuma! ・Koryuzan Fuse Benten Tokaiji Temple One of the three benten in the Kanto region. It has a history of more than 1,200 years, and the view overlooking Mt. Tsukuba across the Tone River is also popular. It is also famous as the setting for many legends and folk tales, such as the auspiciousness of the temple where the red dragon appears. ・Akebonoyama Agricultural Park Akebonoyama Agricultural Park is a vast park where tulips bloom in spring, sunflowers in summer, and cosmos bloom throughout the year. There is also a Barbecue area, café, exhibition greenhouse, kids room, etc., so everyone from children to adults can enjoy it. ・Former Yoshida Family Residence Historical Park It is a valuable house that conveys the architectural style of the peasant mansion built in the late Edo period, and is designated as a nationally designated important cultural property. You can tour the park while receiving explanations from the resident guide. There is also a lawn plaza and a bamboo forest, where you can enjoy the history and nature of the four seasons. ・Masuo Castle Site Park It is a vast park divided into three zones: the "Forest Walk Zone" on the site of the castle mountain built during the Warring States period, the "Forest and Hill Adventure Zone" where you can enjoy Barbecue, and the "Waterside Creature Zone" where you can observe waterside creatures with spring water. The well-preserved earthworks of the Ruins of the Castle, the hollow moat, the tiger mouth, and the waist circle are popular with old castle enthusiasts. ◇◇◇Chiba Prefecture Kashiwa City Specialty Products and gourmet food◇◇◇ Kashiwa City is known as a specialty product for its abundant agricultural products such as kokabu, green onion, spinach, strawberry, pear, and blueberry. At the Agricultural products direct sales shop "Kashiwade" and Roadside Station Shonan, you can buy these specialty products carefully grown by local farmers. Also, depending on the season, you can enjoy strawberry picking, pear picking, etc. ◇◇◇Chiba Prefecture Kashiwa City Events festival◇◇◇ ・Teganuma Fireworks Festival The Teganuma Fireworks Festival, held in 2023 for the first time in four years, will feature about 13,500 fireworks, including underwater fireworks and large-scale star mines, that will beautifully color the night sky of Teganuma. ・Kashiwa Festival The largest festivals in Kashiwa City, the Kashiwa Festival, is usually visited by about 700,000 people every year. Stage performances, Mikoshi Parade, and Kashiwa Odori will enliven the city of Kashiwa. ◇◇◇We are looking forward to sightseeing in Kashiwa City◇◇◇ Chiba Prefecture Kashiwa City attracts people who visit with its rich nature, deep history, delicious Specialty Products, and heartwarming events. Kashiwa City looks forward to welcoming you! We will send out recommended information about Kashiwa City, so please follow us!
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Minami Alps Tourism Association
Feb. 19, 2024
This is the Minami-Alps Tourism Association. We will continue to send out attractive information about Minami-Alps City in Yamanashi Prefecture through COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, so thank you. ◇What is Minami-Alps City in Yamanashi Prefecture? ◇ Minami-Alps City in Yamanashi Prefecture occupies about 5.9% of the total area of Yamanashi Prefecture and has a population of about 70,000. Located in the western part of Yamanashi Prefecture, the city is surrounded by the magnificent nature of the Southern Alps. In 2003, six towns/villages, namely Hatta Village, Shirane Town, Ashiyasu Village, Wakakusa Town, Kushigata Town, and Kosai Town in Nakakoma District, Yamanashi Prefecture, merged to form Minami-Alps City. In 2014, the entire city of Minami-Alps City was registered as a Minami-Alps UNESCO Eco Park. The Minami-Alps surrounding Minami-Alps City is the largest mountain range in Japan, spanning the three prefectures of Nagano, Yamanashi, and Shizuoka, and is loved by many mountaineers with a series of 3,000-meter-high peaks such as Kitadake, the second highest peak in Japan, Mt. Senjogetake, Mt. Houou Sanzan, and Mt. Kai-komagatake. ◇Introduction to sightseeing spots in Minami-Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture◇ ・Ecopa Inagako It is a spot where you can experience various things such as Nature Classroom, Forest Science Museum, camping, and BBQ facilities in nature on the slopes of Mt. Kushigata. It is also a popular spot for families who can enjoy contact with nature. ・Yukyari no Sato Juen "Yukyari no Sato Juen" is a complex facility equipped with 100% hot springs flowing from the source, lodging facilities, Barbecue area, and tennis courts. Use it as a base for mountain climbing. ・Roadside Station Shirane Agricultural Products Market It will be renovated in April 2023, and you can enjoy shopping in a spacious store. You can buy fresh local fruits and vegetables, as well as Specialty products, and it is a popular spot visited by many people from inside and outside the prefecture. ・Yashagami Pass A mountain pass at the southern end of the Houou Sanzan in the Southern Alps, offering spectacular views of the Southern Alps. It can be climbed in about 1 hour, so it is recommended for family climbing. ◇Specialty products and gourmet foods of Minami-Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture◇ Minami-Alps City is also known for its rich fruit production, including cherries, plums, peaches, grapes, oysters, Kiwi fruits, and Shine Muscat. During the season when these fruits are in season, you can enjoy fruit picking at the orchards in Minami-Alps City. In particular, cherry picking and Shine Muscat harvesting experiences are very popular with families and couples. These fruits are also popular as thank-you gifts for Furusato Nozei. ◇Abundant nature and hot springs in Minami-Alps City◇ Minami-Alps City is blessed with abundant hot spring resources as well as seasonal nature. There are many hot spring facilities in Minami-Alps City, and we meet a wide range of needs, from hot springs that can be enjoyed on a day trip to hotels and inns. Please spend time refreshing your body and mind in the hot spring. The Minami-Alps City of Yamanashi Prefecture is full of charms that will be remembered by people who visit it, such as abundant nature and delicious Specialty Products We look forward to welcoming you to Minami-Alps City. COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will provide you with recommendations for Minami-Alps City, so please look forward to it!
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Atami Tourism Association
Feb. 18, 2024
Mandarin orange picking (October ~ December) In Atami, you can enjoy "mandarin orange picking" from October ~ December. The golden tangerines I picked myself are so delicious! In Atami City, you can enjoy it in the Minami-Atami (Shimotaga) area and the eastern part (Izuyama area), and the farm is full of mandarin oranges! Please go out with your family and group. 【Nishijima Farm (Shimotaga)】 About 15 minutes on the Ito Line from JR Atami Station→ get off at JR Ajiro Station → about 10 minutes on foot 【Marufuku Garden (Mt. Izu)】 About 20 minutes by bus from JR Atami Station bound for Yugawara→ get off at Kamigo Shimizu → about 10 minutes on foot
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Bibai Tourism and Products Association
Nov. 23, 2023
Haskap hunting In the idyllic countryside surrounded by nature, there is a haskap field with dark purple berries that bear fruit like bells. Bibai City is the production area of "haskap", which boasts the highest harvest in Japan, and you can enjoy haskap picking experience at many farms in the city during the season of June ~ July. Haskap, which is famous as a healthy fruit, contains a lot of vitamins, calcium, iron, etc., and is said to be effective in preventing anemia, sensitivity to cold, eye strain, as well as spots and freckles, and was once prized as a "fruit of immortality and longevity" in Ainu culture. Haskap, a precious fruit grown only in a limited area of Hokkaido, is also called the "phantom fruit" or "pearl of the north." The haskap hunting experience is held for about one month from the end of June every year.
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Sep. 15, 2023
Nice to meet you! This is the Ginoza Village Tourism Association. Ginoza Village is located in the center of Okinawa and is an attractive city with abundant water sources, beautiful nature, and historical traditions. From Naha Airport, it takes about 1 hour by car and access is convenient! You can take a bus to Ginoza Village along the beautiful coastline. In order to let you know Ginoza Village, which is full of charm, in this post, we will introduce sightseeing spots and local gourmet foods of Ginoza Village! The highly transparent sea of Ginoza Village is one of the attractions not to be missed! Kanna Beach, which is characterized by an arch-shaped beach with a sand of about 500 meters, has gentle waves and is perfect for swimming. You can also experience marine activities such as jet skis, banana boats and sea kayaking. Kanna Dam, which was completed in 1993 (Heisei 5), is a spot that has been certified as one of the "100 best dam lakes". Kanna Dam is designed to preserve the ecosystem, and is home to gobies, black crabs, dragonflies, killifish, horsetails, and kingfishers. In addition, in the downstream area, the leech forest (mangrove) that was lost due to seawall construction has been restored. "Roadside station "Ginoza" is a spot that you should definitely stop by when sightseeing in Ginoza Village! In addition to local specialties and souvenirs, it is a full range of facilities such as coin showers, free space, tourist information center, observation terrace, and barbecue on the seawall terrace. In 2000, Ginoza Village began training agricultural workers at the Agricultural Successor Training Center. As a result, "strawberry farms" in Ginoza Village have flourished, and "strawberry picking" where you can pick fresh strawberries is gaining popularity. The local gourmet in Ginoza Village is popular for "jagamen" that can only be eaten at the roadside station "Ginoza"! The potatoes are kneaded and the chewy texture is addictive. Please enjoy it at "Cafeteria Manjiro" in the roadside station "Ginoza". You can also buy raw noodles at Mirai Ginoza. In Ginoza Village, traditional culture and events are cherished. Traditional knife making, called "island knife," is a fusion of craftsmanship and beauty. Located in Ginoza Village, Kaniman Blacksmith Studio is the only blacksmith shop on the main island of Okinawa that manufactures island knives. It is also possible to make a custom-made blade that can be decided by consultation on the shape and material of the blade. When sightseeing in Ginoza Village, please feel the craftsmanship of the historic traditional craftsmanship. In Ginoza Village, there are hotels, pensions, and ryokans surrounded by a beautiful natural environment. Please relax in the location overlooking the sea and hot springs to heal the fatigue of sightseeing and spend a luxurious time. Ginoza Village is a place where various attractions such as natural beauty, warm people, and delicious food culture spread. Please experience the charm of Ginoza Village and enjoy a wonderful trip! We will continue to disseminate information about Ginoza Village, so we look forward to your continued support.
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Taishicho Tourism and Town Development Association
Jul. 13, 2023
Hello COOL JAPAN VIDEOS viewers! Taishicho Tourism and Town Development Association. Attractive tourist information and event information of Taishi Town, Osaka Prefecture We will send it out, so thank you. This will be my first post, so First of all, I would like everyone to know what kind of town Taishi is. Taishi-cho, Osaka Prefecture, is located in the southeastern part of Osaka Prefecture and is also known as a place related to Prince Shotoku. Taishi has a population of about 13,000 and is a lively town with warm locals. Taishicho in Osaka Prefecture is easily accessible by train or bus from Osaka City. From Shin-Osaka Station, via Tennoji Station and Osaka Abenobashi Station, it takes about 50 minutes to Kaminotaishi Station on the Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line, take the Kongo Bus from Kaminotaishi Station, and get off at the Taishi Town Hall bus stop for about 10 minutes. Taishi Town's specialties include grapes, mandarin oranges, Taishi wine, Taishi middle, Taishi rolls, and tangerine sauce. The relatively warm climate of Taishi Town is suitable for the production of grapes and mandarin oranges, and especially for grapes, "Delaware" and the large "Shine Muscat", "Pione", "Kyoho" and "Delaware" are exquisite. Some of the specialty products can also be purchased at the specialty product shop on the website. Taishicho, Osaka Prefecture has many sightseeing spots. We will introduce the charm of Taishicho in Osaka Prefecture that attracts visitors, such as scenic scenery, hot springs, delicious gourmet food, and historical sightseeing spots! ・Takeuchi Kaido Historical Museum It is a valuable facility that introduces the history and culture of Taishi Town that opened in 1993 (Heisei 5). The Takeuchi Kaido is Japan's oldest "national highway" built during the Asuka period, and you can enjoy materials related to the highway and videos of the opening of the highway from various angles in the museum. ・ Road station "Chikatsu Asuka no Sato Taishi" (Chikatsu Asuka no Sato Taishi) Located just a short distance from the Takeuchi Kaido Historical Museum, it is the second roadside station built in Osaka. In addition to souvenirs, they also sell local vegetables and fruits such as grapes and tangerines directly. In order to promote Taishi Town, Osaka Prefecture, "Ten Views of Taishi" was selected in the first year of Heisei due to applications from residents. It is a spot where you can touch the charm and deep history of Taishi Town, so please visit it. 【Eifukuji Temple】 It is a temple built by Emperor Suiko to protect the grave of Prince Shotoku. The Mahayana ceremony held on April 11 and 12 every year is crowded with many people as "Taishi Mairi". 【Ono Seiko Grave】 It is the grave of Ono Seiko, who was the first person in Japan to be dispatched to Sui as a Sui envoy. It is also popular as a famous place for cherry blossoms "Imoko-san", and it is also a scenic spot where you can overlook Taishi Town. 【Mt. Nijozan】 Also called "Futakamiyama", it is a historic mountain that is also recited in the Man'yōshū. At the "First Climb of Mt. Futakami," where you can watch the first sunrise from the summit of Mt. Medake, commemorative rice paddies are distributed every year, making it a popular spot for the first sunrise. In addition, at the top of Mt. Odake, the son of Emperor Tenmu, "Prince Otsu" is buried. 【Mausoleum of Emperor Suiko】 It is a burial mound where the 33rd Emperor Suiko, Japan's first female empress, and his son "Prince Takeda" were buried together. It is said that the 33rd Emperor Suiko made Prince Shotoku regent and spread political reform and Buddhist culture to the Asuka culture, and is now buried in the Okata Tomb, which is 59 meters east to west and 55 meters north to south at the southern end of Yamada, Taishi Town. 【Takeuchi Highway】 Written in the Nihon Shoki, it is the oldest highway in Japan with a height of about 26 km. During the Asuka period, culture from Asia was brought through this road. 【Futakozuka Kofun】 It is said to have been built in the Asuka period with a total length of 60 m, and as the name suggests, it is shaped like two square burial mounds combined. Located near the Mausoleum of Emperor Suiko, it is also a popular cherry blossom viewing spot where cherry blossoms bloom in spring. 【Shinagajinja】 Since it enshrines the eight-pillar deity, it is also called "Hassha Daimyojin". At the annual summer festival (July 24 to July 30), mikoshi and danjiri are crowded. 【Kusunoki of Kamata Residence】 A huge tree over 25 meters tall that stands out among the Takeuchi Highways. It towers over the garden of the famous Kamata's residence, which served as a shoya in Kasuga Village for generations, and is designated as a prefectural natural monument. 【Camellia of Togai House】 Designated as a natural monument of Osaka Prefecture, it is a huge camellia with a height of about 10 meters and is said to be 600 ~ 700 years old. 【Upper Taishi Tourist Mikan Garden】 Open for a limited time from October ~ the end of November every year, you can also enjoy mandarin orange picking at the largest mandarin orange garden in Kansai. The superb view from Mt. Mikan is also popular. There is also a very popular BBQ space and an athletic maze around the top. Taishi-cho in Osaka Prefecture is a wonderful town that combines a rich natural environment with various attractions such as historical sites. We will tell you the recommended information of Taishi Town, so thank you!
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