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Tokachi Tourism Federation
Jul. 18, 2023
Nice to meet you! It is the Tokachi Tourism Federation. We would like to introduce the attractive information of Hokkaido Tokachi, which is blessed with vast land and beautiful nature. First of all, we will deliver the basic information of Tokachi. Tokachi is made up of 19 municipalities, including the central city of Obihiro. "19 Municipalities of Tokachi" Obihiro City, Otofuke, Shihoro Town, Kamishihoro Town, Shikaoi Town, Shintoku Town, Shimizu Town, Memuro Town, Naka Satsunai Village, Sarabetsu Village, Taiki Town, Hiroo Town, Makubetsu, Ikeda Town, Toyokoro Town, Honbetsu Town, Ashoro, Rikubetsu Town, Urahoro Town The origin of the place name Tokachi in Hokkaido comes from the fact that it was called "Tokapuchi", which means Tokachi River in the Ainu language used by the indigenous people of Hokkaido. Due to the continental climate of Tokachi, the temperature in spring and summer is relatively high even in Hokkaido. In winter, the minimum temperature is -30 degrees Celsius, but there is little snow and there is a lot of sunny weather. The main route to Tokachi is from Tokachi-Obihiro Airport by plane. Tokachi Obihiro Airport is about one and a half hours from Haneda Airport and about 1 hour and 45 minutes from central Nagoya. By train, you can travel from Sapporo to JR Obihiro Station in as little as 2 hours and 24 minutes. Tokachi is a treasure trove of nature, and each of the 19 municipalities and regions is full of diverse attractions, and there are many sightseeing spots where you can encounter beautiful scenery and animals. In this post, we will introduce some of the popular sightseeing spots. Banei Tokachi (Obihiro Racecourse) in Obihiro City is the only racecourse in the world that holds the Banei Horse Race, where racehorses compete by pulling sleds. In the Banei race, you compete in strength, speed, and endurance. The powerful sight of running on the 200-meter-long course is a must-see! In addition, there is a "petting zoo" where you can interact with ponies and rabbits, and you can enter even on days when there are no races. The next place to introduce is "Tokachi Hills" in Makubetsu. It is a complex of nature and flowers spreading on the hill, and you can enjoy themed gardens with the main theme of "agriculture and food". Various flowers such as roses and herbs are in bloom, and you can enjoy the flowers throughout the year. At the garden café in the park, there are also menus that can only be eaten here, such as a sandwich caskoot made with roasted ham from the world's only national treasure (Hungarian national treasure) "Mangalica pork". Next, we will introduce the sightseeing spots around Tokachi Hills. "Kofuku Station" is about 20 minutes by car from Tokachi Hills. Booming in the 1970s with the catchphrase "From the land of love to happiness", the sacred place for lovers "Kofuku Station" is still a popular spot for couples wishing for happiness. From the end of April ~ the end of November, we also hold a "Kofuku Station Happy Ceremony" where you can experience a mock wedding. Aikoku Station, which also boomed like the Kofuku Station, is located about 15 minutes by car from the Kofuku Station. Currently, it is known as the "Transportation Memorial Museum", and the "Happiness Yuki" ticket monument in front of the station building is recommended as a photo spot. Tokachigawa Onsen, which can be reached in about 25 minutes by car from Tokachi Hills, is a hot spring village on the banks of the Tokachi River. "Mall Onsen", which can be enjoyed at Tokachigawa Onsen, has been selected as a Hokkaido Heritage Site and is a valuable plant-based hot spring in Japan. The effects of Mole Onsen include neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, chronic women's diseases, and sensitivity to cold. There are also hotels in the vicinity where you can take a day trip. While surrounded by beautiful nature, you can heal your daily fatigue by soaking in hot springs. In the Tokachi area, there are 15 roadside stations that provide local specialties, gourmet food, and tourist information. (As of July 2023) The railway station was renovated in 2011, and Roadside Station Ashoro Ginga Hall 21 is a roadside station in Ashoro that still retains the remnants of the railway. At the shop and bakery, you can enjoy bread made with Japan's largest butterbur, Rawanbuki, which is also a specialty of the Ashoro, and local gourmet dishes such as rawan buki soft at the restaurant. The local gourmet "pork bowl" that you can enjoy at the "Kumanoko Community Exchange Product Center Store" is also a gem that you can't miss! At the roadside station, you can spend valuable time unique to the region, such as food using local specialties. Please stop by for memories of your trip. Next, we will introduce spots where you can come into contact with the vast nature of Hokkaido. Lake Onneto, one of the three most secret lakes in Hokkaido, is a tourist attraction located in the westernmost part of Akan-Mashu National Park. Since the color of the water surface changes depending on the season and time, it is also called "Goshikinuma". The observation deck, where you can enjoy the view of the Lake Onneto with Mt. Meakan and Akan Fuji in the background, is a recommended viewing spot. The Taushubetsu River Bridge (Lake Nukabira) in Kamishihoro Town is a 130-meter-long concrete arch bridge built in 1937. There are about 60 arch bridges of various sizes that were previously used as the JNR Shihoro Line, and they are preserved as modern industrial heritage. In spring, the snow melts and the water level rises, and the reflection of the arch on the surface of the water can be seen on the glasses, so it is also called "Spectacle Bridge". Mikuni Toge (Kamishihoro Town) in Daisetsuzan National Park is the highest mountain pass in Hokkaido at an altitude of 1,139 meters. There is no doubt that you will be fascinated by the beauty and power of nature, such as the sea of fresh green trees and vivid autumn leaves. At Mikuni Pass Café at the top of Mikuni Pass, special menus such as home-roasted hand drip coffee are popular. The last "Tokachi Ranch" we will introduce is a vast ranch with an area of 4,092 hectares in Otofuke. We raise Hokkaido horses, sheep and cows. The 1.3km birch avenue that continues from the entrance of the ranch is a popular spot. In Tokachi, Hokkaido, various events are held throughout the year. The Tokachi Port Festival "Tokachi Port Fireworks Festival" held in Hiroo Town is the only fireworks festival held at the port in the Tokachi area. The underwater fireworks spreading on the surface of the sea are one of the highlights! In 2023, it is scheduled to be held on August 5. The "Obihiro Plain Festival" in summer, the "Obihiro Chrysanthemum Festival" in autumn, and the "Obihiro Ice Festival" in winter are popular festivals as "Three Major Festivals of Obihiro". In addition, the "Kachimai Fireworks Festival" held on the banks of the Tokachi River is a fireworks festival that is a hot topic for its highly entertaining composition. You can watch a fireworks show with music, lighting and fireworks. In 2023, it will be held on August 13. Tokachi, Hokkaido is an attractive region that harmonizes vast nature with gastronomy, hot springs, and sightseeing spots. We will continue to deliver sightseeing spots, events, gourmet information, etc. in the Tokachi area that we could not tell you in this post! Stay tuned!
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Obihiro Tourism and Convention Association
Jun. 1, 2023
How do you do! Obihiro Tourism and Convention Association. We will introduce plenty of the charms of Obihiro City, Hokkaido, so thank you! Obihiro City, Hokkaido is a city with a population of about 170,000 located in the center of the Tokachi Plain in central Hokkaido. In this area rich in nature created by the rich land and climate, you can enjoy the beautiful nature of each season, such as fresh greenery in spring, cool summer, beautiful autumn leaves in autumn, and pure white snowscape in winter. First of all, we will introduce popular sightseeing spots that you should never miss when you visit Obihiro City for sightseeing! At Banei Tokachi (Obihiro Racecourse), located about a 7-minute drive from Obihiro Station, you can enjoy the world's only Banei Horse Race, where horses weighing more than 1 ton compete for power, speed, and endurance by pulling a heavy iron sled. In the Meiji period, when horses were indispensable for transportation and transportation in Hokkaido, "Banei horse racing" began by comparing power as the value of agricultural horses. The historic and powerful race has been certified as a Hokkaido Heritage Site and is a popular tourist spot in modern times. Please watch the powerful run for yourself and experience the feeling of elation and unity! In addition, it is conveniently located 15 minutes by bus from Obihiro Station, and you can see about 70 kinds of animals at Obihiro Zoo, the second long-established zoo built in Hokkaido. You can also play with large playground equipment such as a Ferris wheel and a merry-go-round, so it is a popular tourist spot that everyone from children to adults can enjoy. Next, we will introduce two sightseeing spots where you can enjoy the flowers and trees of the four seasons of Obihiro. A 15-minute drive from Obihiro Station, Manabe Garden is located in Obihiro City. It is a historic park boasting a vast site of 25,000 tsubo, and the strolling garden where you can see three types of gardens at once, such as a Japanese garden, a Western-style garden, and a landscape garden, is popular. Visitors say "It's like coming to a fairyland!" Next, at the Shichiku Garden, a 15,000-tsubo flower garden that spreads out on the vast grounds of the Tokachi Plain, which is 35 minutes by car from Obihiro Station, about 2,500 kinds of flowers and trees are in full bloom, and you can enjoy them throughout each of the four seasons. At the restaurant in the park, you can enjoy dishes using pesticide-free vegetables grown in the garden and fresh ingredients from Tokachi. It is also recommended to start the day of sightseeing with a breakfast buffet where you can feel the refreshing breeze! Next, we will introduce popular gourmet foods that you should definitely try when sightseeing in Obihiro. Obihiro City's most popular local gourmet and specialty dish "Pork Bowl" is grilled pork marinated in a sweet and spicy sauce and placed on rice. This exquisite cuisine has become a specialty gourmet loved not only by Obihiro citizens but also by tourists. In addition, Tokachi is the largest dairy kingdom in Japan in terms of raw milk production, and many cheese artisans make their own cheese from this fresh raw milk. Please heal your fatigue when sightseeing in Obihiro at the hot spring. Obihiro City has many hot springs, and you can enjoy them at about 20 unique facilities. There are also many day-trip hot spring facilities, and there are also facilities where you can soak in the hot springs and see the scenery of nature. Find your favorite hot spring spot and spend time relaxing while taking a break. Obihiro City full of highlights! Once you visit, you are sure to be drawn in by its charm. We will regularly send out information on nature, sightseeing spots, gourmet food, and other attractions of Obihiro City, so thank you!
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