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Taiki Tourism Association
Nov. 15, 2023
🌊 Do you know what a pillbox is? 🌊 "Pillbox" means "dot or point" in Russian, and is a small defensive position made of concrete or other materials to protect a militarily important base. Many pillboxes on the Pacific coast of Taiki Town were built at the end of the Pacific War in preparation for the landing of U.S. troops on the mainland, but they were never used and the war ended. Many of them still exist because they are made of solid concrete, etc., and although they have been eroded by waves, rain and wind, they still remain as historically valuable war ruins. Some are by the sea, some are half buried in the sand, some are inland, and so on. The pillbox, which is called "Asahihama's pillbox" and is surrounded by windbreaks, is maintained and can be visited, so please go there. ⚠️ There are many places around the pillbox that have bad roads, such as sandy beaches, so please be careful when going by car.
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