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Shintoku Tourism Association
15 days ago
The second half of GW starts! National Highway 38 has a conspicuous number of numbers outside the jurisdiction and outside the province, and the tourist facilities along the line are crowded with many tourists. 《A little detour》 ★ Karikachi Pass There is a little wind today, but you can see the Tokachi Plain from the Observatory. ★ The Great Curve The track remains of the Old Karikatsu Line that can be seen from the parking space of Karikachi Pass No. 5 ★ Karikachi Kogen Park It is crowded with families enjoying the Karikatsu Kogen Eco Trolley Railway and horseback riding. In addition, you can still enjoy the cherry blossoms, and the Ume Plum in the Ume Plum Garden is beginning to open. ★ Bear Mountain You can see brown bears in a state close to nature, and there is also a bear watching bus that runs close to the bears. ★ Osasagawa Bridge The bridge of the Old Karikatsu Line on the Ogasa River streaming next to Nomura Curry ★ Yorkshire Farm From the national highway, you can see sheep grazing and lying down. ★ Soba-no-kan You can enjoy the town's specialty Shintoku soba noodles. ★ Village 432 In addition to meals, you can also enjoy the long and quiet scenery of horses grazing. ★SL Square The D51, which ran on the Old Karikatsu Line, was installed and you can stroll around the tracks. ★ Shintoku Shrine There are also a few Prunus sargentii (Ezo cherry trees) left, and Forsythia, plums, dandelions, and other flowers that make you feel Spring welcome you. Also, until the 5th, there are stalls such as Kitchen Car in the Precincts, and they are lit up at night.
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