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Kanagawa Tourism Association
Jan. 23, 2024
【Sakiyoken】 "Selectable Ehomaki Series" is now on sale! For three days on February 1 (Thursday), 2 (Friday), and 3 (Saturday), 2024, Sakiyoken Co., Ltd. will release a limited number of "Kuchifuku Eho-maki" (880 yen including tax) and "Shiumai Eho-maki" (400 yen including tax) as Sakiyoken's unique "Selectable Eho-maki Series". The blessing of 2024 is the east-northeast. Are you orthodox? Or is it a weirdo? Why don't you make a wish with Sakiyoken's selectable Eho-maki? "Kuchifuku Eho-maki" (880 yen including tax) * Sold at room temperature < Contents (Ingredients)> (1) Sea bream soboro (2) Vinegared rice with scallops (3) Rape flowers (4) Crab flavored kamaboko pickled in sweet and vinegar (5) Shredded bamboo shoots (6) Grilled egg (7) Ginger kelp < size> Length: about 18 cm Diameter: about 5 cm "Siumai Ehoman" (400 yen including tax) * Sold at room temperature and frozen We carefully finished each piece so that it "involves good fortune". We recommend that you make a reservation as soon as possible. Mail order and some stores also have a frozen type! < size> Length: about 10 cm Diameter: about 4 cm
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Apr. 17, 2023
Hello from Akkeshi, an oyster town in Hokkaido. Akkeshi = Akkeshi ⭕️ Akkeshi = Atsushi ❌ Akkeshi=Akke City ❌ A small town with a population of about 8,000. Although the population is small, the amount of oysters landed is No. 1 in Hokkaido Today I am milking the sea. 🦪🥛 Squeeze and bottle. This is surprisingly difficult. It takes time, but it can't be helped. Each grain is carefully bottled. Hand squeezing. Flush on the line like a major dairy manufacturer I want to pack it, but it's not liquid. Since it is a solid substance, it does not go that way. Free Rich Akkeshi Bay milk 🦪🥛 The diameter of the cap mouth is used to create a bottle feeling. Because it is not a very wide type There may be oysters that are a little difficult to remove? If the scallop is large, it will get a little caught. I'll be out soon. Well, that's it. Fun to look at, delicious to eat It is a product full of playfulness and contains serious raw oysters. 170g/10 tablets Akkeshi Town Hometown Tax Registered Product. I want to eat oysters from Hokkaido! When I thought about it, I went to Akkeshi Town. Milk from Akkeshi Bay is nutritious 💯 (*This product is a raw oyster)
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