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14 days ago
★ The 17th COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest is currently being ★ held under the theme of "Japan's Hidden Sightseeing Spots" We look forward to receiving many applications from you! This time, we will introduce "Hanabusa"'s post! You can feel the gentle atmosphere. The former Guggenheim House is an alien house located in Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. After the trader Guggenheim lived there until 1915, it was also used as an employee dormitory for Japan companies after several owners. Currently, it is open to the public and is a tourist spot where events and concerts are held. ◆Old Guggenheim House◆ 【Address】〒655-0872 Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City, Tarumi-ku, Shioyacho 3-5 【Access】About 42 minutes by train from Himeji 【Parking lot】None
17 days ago
"View of the sea"

This is a staircase to a foreign house called the former Guggenheim House in Shioya, Tarumi-ku, Kobe City.
Kitano is the most important place to say Ijinkan in Kobe, but it seems that old Western-style buildings are scattered everywhere and preserved, and I can't help but think that this scenery is all about why the Western-style building was built here.

On the way up the slightly steep stairs from the railroad crossing, you will enter a side street and immediately become the entrance to the Western-style building.
Just to the right of me is a large garden of a Western-style building, which overlooks the sea in the same way.
Even if you don't enter the Western-style building, I feel nostalgic for the view of the sea from this narrow and steep staircase for some reason, and it is one of my favorite places and often stops.

This time it was 😊 such a "hidden place" staircase where you can suddenly feel the atmosphere of the life of a family who came from a foreign country in the Meiji era.
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