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Minamiizu Tourism Association
10 hours ago
There are only five days left in the 26th Minami Cherry Blossom and Rape Blossom Festival, which is being held until March 10. ・Until 3/10 Minami no night cherry blossoms and bamboo lights (18:00~21:00) ・ Until 3/10 Cherry blossom light up at night (18:00~21:00) ・ Until 3/10 Rape Flower Door & Rape Flower Maze (Photo contest is also being held) * 3/4 ~ The parking lot will be open free of charge. In addition, we receive cooperation money at the Roadside station Shimogamo Onsen Yunohana, but there is no attendant, so please feel free to park. As of March 5th, the best time to see the flower garden of Japanese vegetables continues. Minami no cherry blossoms (Kawazu cherry blossoms) have already become leaf cherry blossoms.
  • Shizuoka Prefecture
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  • Minami Cherry Blossom and Nanohana Festival
  • Cherry blossoms at night
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  • Bamboo light (Minamiizu Town)
  • a roadside station Shimogamo Onsen Yunohana
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  • Hinno rape blossom field
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1 days ago
In our city, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, there is a streetcar. Between Sports Park Station and Toyohashi Station Turn at the Ibara intersection, but this turn is As a railway track, it is considered to be the toughest place with the first curve in Japan. Vehicles passing through here have bare dollies on wheels. The rails creak and the car body tilts heavily as it passes I don't think you can see it anywhere else. At one time, there was a proposal to abandon the railway, but as an important foot for citizens and as the best in Japan I want you to run forever. It's pretty cool to see how the streetcar looks like it's drifting. Photographed on the evening of March 1, 2024 Nikon COOLPX L610
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  • Toyohashi Railway City Extension

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