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Justin Schultz
Oct. 15, 2021
Went to Chiba over the weekend and we were originally planning on visiting Mt. Nokogiri but decided to stay near the bay area instead since the weather was so nice. It really felt like we were in a resort area and it was a lot of fun. We managed to book a cruise of the nearby factories and it was a blast. They had snack bags for feeding the seagulls on board the ship that you could buy for ¥100 and once we started moving the seagulls started to follow and it just became a feeding frenzy. You’d throw the chips out to the seagulls as the flew side by side with the ship and they were really skilled at catching the chips as well. If it was a weak throw or the wind caught it, the seagull would dive down to catch it. Even if they missed it, another seagull behind it would swoop into the water and grab it. We bought two bags and halfway through the second bag you could tell the seagulls were getting full or tired because they weren’t as agile as they were at the start😂. We also ate at a few restaurants. The steak and fried rice and the beef ramen was from Niku no Gyuuchu (肉の牛忠) I’m not sure if it has an English name or not. And the pizza was from a place called “Salvatore Cuomo.” Both tasted pretty good, I enjoyed the Italian restaurant more I think, but the steak restaurant had a nice, relaxed atmosphere compared to the rest of Lalaport which was pretty lively. I somehow lost the pictures I took of my pasta and the salad unfortunately. We also went inside Chiba Port Tower and it had some nice views and a “lovers corner” for taking photos, etc. They also had heart-shaped locks that visitors could buy and lock to a wall to signify their love or something to that effect. Overall it was a really fun experience and not too far from Tokyo. Would definitely like to go back and visit again!
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