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Dylan Gibson
Apr. 22, 2021
Gorgeous photo! I want to visit the Tottori Sand Dunes so badly. There was a photo of them going around the internet a while back with the covered in snow. It's such a strange concept to me having snow on sand. I, and probably most people as well, generally associate sand dunes and deserts with hot weather so it's really sort of fantastical. I've still never actually experienced that in person, and I lived relatively close to a beach most my life. It always got cold there but didn't snow much, or if it did I just wasn't going anywhere near it I suppose lol. The San'in Region is supposed to be full of really amazing natural scenery though so it seems like it'd be a cool place to visit during the summer or even for golden week or something.
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Apr. 21, 2021
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Dylan Gibson
Jan. 12, 2021
Tsuruga Castle in Fukushima! I'd heard of its white walls before, but it looks like winter is doing its best to make it completely white! Apparently Tsuruga Castle was designed after Kurokawa Castle that was sieged some time during the 1,500's. I wonder if the color scheme is true to Kurokawa Castle. It'd be interesting to know if there was some sort of tactical reason for an all-white castle. In a snowy region I could see it acting as a sort of camouflage but who knows. You can also barely see what looks like a shachihoko on the roof if you zoom in which is pretty neat. Apparently the inside of the castle has some mannequins set up with guns showing how the arrow-slits, or in this case gun-slits, would have been used. There's also other mannequins that show them being used for rock dropping as well. Warfare has come a long way since then😂
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Jan. 11, 2021
This is Tsuruga Castle in Fukushima Prefecture!
It was even whiter from the snow and it was beautiful!
  • Castles
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  • Snowscape
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Dylan Gibson
Jan. 7, 2021
It's like a winter wonderland! Looks really cold though lol. I'd seen on the news how bad the snow was getting in parts of Akita, especially Yokote but it looks like it's just cold everywhere this year. The plus side is Japan has a lot of beautiful scenery so when the snow starts to pile up like this it makes for some beautiful photography (like we're seeing here). I really like this photo though, you can practically hear how quiet and cold it is. It almost makes me want to get outside and go camping with a big ol' campfire and a heavy duty tent. I know my girlfriend would never agree to go though to a place with this much snow though 😂Hope everyone is staying safe from the cold! Be sure to take some photos of the beautiful scenery while you can though. No snow here in Tokyo though (unfortunately?😂).
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Jan. 6, 2021
Fine snow began to fall. When the wind stops, snow accumulates even on the flatlands of Niigata.
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