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Dylan Gibson
May. 24, 2021
Really amazing view. I'd like to visit Yamaguchi for this and Akiyoshido Cave that I shared a post about last week. This view really looks like something you'd see in Okinawa which is pretty cool since you don't have to leave mainland Japan to see it. I'm not sure if the weather is as good as Okinawa, but judging by this photo it's at least as good on some days. I just wanna sit on a beach, crack a beer and relax under the sun, maybe do a little swimming and just chill out for the day being a beach bum. I know Tsunoshima has some pretty nice beaches too so it'd definitely be nice if I travel down south at all. Of course, as the original post says, I too hope that corona ends as fast as possible so that people can get back to their normal lives and enjoy some of this amazing scenery for themselves
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May. 23, 2021
Tsunoshima Bridge, Yamaguchi

The sea is so emerald green that I was surprised! !!
A place with a strong impact that will remain firmly in the memories of traveling from a distant place.

I went to the photo 6 years ago, but due to the new coronavirus, I was working in the fourth wave, and I just stayed home on holidays, and when the corona calmed down, my family increased, and now I want to drive 12 hours with my family of four and travel to Yamaguchi Prefecture and Kyushu.

I pray that the corona will settle down as soon as possible.
Please save as many lives as possible.
I hope that medical professionals can return to normal as soon as possible.
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Dylan Gibson
Mar. 15, 2021
This is what I like to see! It's getting warmer and warmer with each passing day and the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom nicely. This weekend was alright, Saturday was a bit rainy but Sunday and today were really clear and the weather was great. Starting to feel like tshirt weather is coming soon! I love seeing the photos and other stuff about the Kawazu cherry blossoms, it really helps me get in the spring spirit! Going to try and get outside the city this weekend or next and see some of the cherry blossoms in Saitama or something, as unfortunately, Kanagawa is a liiittle too far for a day trip lol. We'll see what happens though. Either way I'm gonna see some cherry blossoms!
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Mar. 14, 2021 (edited)
At Miura Beach, Kanagawa Prefecture
Every year, the Kawazu cherry blossoms in full bloom signal spring one step ahead.
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  • Saitama Prefecture
Dylan Gibson
Mar. 10, 2021
Today was nice and warm today, I even opened the window for a bit and let the breeze roll in. Hoping it continues like this although apparently Saturday it's supposed to rain. I'm looking forward to getting out this spring and enjoying riding some bicycles myself. The cherry blossoms should start blooming nicely in Tokyo next week so that's something nice to look forward to as well! I'll have to look for some good parks to ride in. There's a bike rental down the road from where I live and it's really cheap which is nice so hopefully I can make use of it. That or I'll just head out further into the countryside lol. Either way, looking forward to spring!
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Youko Yoshida
Mar. 10, 2021 (edited)
Cycling while watching Kawazu cherry blossoms (*ˊ ̆ˋ*). ♪:*°
#Spring#Cycling#Nagashino's Kawazu cherry blossoms
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