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Nakagawa Village Tourism Association
1 days ago
Nice to meet you all and welcome to COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Nakagawa Village Tourism Association. Nakagawa Village is a village in the southernmost part of Kamiina County in the southern part of Nagano Prefecture that has been recognized as the "most beautiful village in Japan". Although it is a small village with a population of about 4,600, it is surrounded by the lush greenery of Minami Shinshu, with clear air, clear water stream from the majestic mountains, and beautiful natural scenery. Best regards for COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, as we will deliver the charm of Nakagawa Village. ■Introducing popular sightseeing spots in Nakagawa Village Nakagawa Village has a number of popular tourist attractions. Here, we will introduce sightseeing spots recommended by the Nakagawa Village Tourism Association. ・Jinmagata Mountain Jinmagata Mountain, with an elevation of 1,445 meters, is a popular spot visited by more than 10,000 people a year. From the top of Jinmagata Mountain, you can see the mountains of the Northern, Central Alps and Southern Alps. ・Okusa Castle Ruins Park It is a popular cherry blossom viewing spot with more than 200 cherry blossoms of more than 10 types blooming in the spring season. The contrast between the remaining snow of the Central Alps and the pink cherry blossoms is beautiful, and it is also popular as a photo spot. ・ Ginkgo trees in Doba The rows of Ginkgo trees, which are managed by local volunteers, attract people visit glow golden in autumn. ・Kosibu Dam Kosibu Dam, built in the Kosibu Gorge, is a spot where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the four seasons. During the autumn foliage season, the trees all around change color. ・Sakado Bridge It is a reinforced concrete single-arch bridge with a total length of 77.9 meters built in Showa 7), and cherry blossoms and azaleas are planted on both banks, making it one of the famous places in spring. It has been designated as an important cultural property of Japan. ■A big event in Nakagawa Village! Nakagawa Don-chan Festival ・Nakagawa Don-chan Festival Nakagawa Don-chan Festival, a popular event in Nakagawa Village's summer, is a festivals that all participants can enjoy, including performances such as kids dancing on stage and Jin Drums, as well as bingo tournaments. Approximately 2,000 fireworks at the Finale of the festival will brightly color the night sky of Nakagawa Village. ■Specialty products of Nakagawa Village Specialty products such as fresh vegetables, apples, peaches, grapes, strawberries, honey, Ichida persimmons, and dried sweet potatoes grown in the blessed natural environment of Nakagawa Village are abundant. These Specialty products are painstakingly grown by the locals, and their taste makes many people's palates growl. Specialty products of Nakagawa Village are also prepared as thank-you gifts for Furusato Nozei tax payment. ■Nakagawa Village Enjoy sightseeing! Nakagawa Village is called a "sacred place for campsites", and there are many Popular campsites that are attractive. Fun a time to heal your daily fatigue in Nature. A quiet time spent in the beautiful scenery of Nakagawa Village will surely be one of your memories! We will send out such recommended Information of Nakagawa Village on COOL JAPAN VIDEOS!
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Kawazu Tourism Association
1 days ago
When you visit go sightseeing in the Kawazu cherry blossoms town of "Kawazu Town" and Please enjoy the exquisite gourmet of Kawazu Town! This time, I would like to introduce "Funado no Banya". ・Fresh seafood purchased locally Fun various nature experiences such as an open-air bath with a superb view of Sagami Bay, Barbecue of freshly caught seafood, various set meals, salt making, and tangerine jam making. ◆Detailed Information◆ 【Spot Name】Funado no Banya 【Address】Mitaka, Kawazu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture, 358-2 Kawazu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Phone number: 0558-32-0432 【Business hours】10:00~17:00(LO 16:00) 【Regular holiday】Closed on Tuesdays 【Parking lot】Yes
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