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Kiso Tourist Federation
May. 20, 2024
【Notice of Kiso Tour】June 7 (Fri) and 8 (Sat), 2024 A tour with Tomoko Suzuki, a Popular manga artist known for "Zukudase TV" and "Zukudase TV" if you are a Shinshu person, will be held in Kiso! This time, he will liven up Kiso as the new leader of the Kiso support team. A tour where you can enjoy Kaida Highlands and Kiso town for 2 days and 1 night. The inn is a guest house with a view of the starry sky. Served at Kiso's Specialties, which can only be tasted at this time. On this tour, you can also visit Tomoko Suzuki's favorite Spot. Reservations are now being accepted, with a capacity of 15 people on a first-come, first-served basis! Visiting the site of Nagano Prefecture Pharmaceuticals, chartering a Pension, Visiting the sites, and other things that can only be done on this tour are packed! Reservations are accepted from the Home page of "Kiso Valley Trail".
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