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Otaki Tourism Association
12 hours ago
How do you do! This is the Otaki Town Tourism Association. Ōtaki Town, Isumi District, Chiba Prefecture, is a town of about 8,000 people located in the middle of the The Boso peninsula. About one and a half hours from Tokyo, Otaki-cho easily accessible is known for its natural beauty and rich history, which fascinates many visitors. In this First Post, we will deliver the charm of Otaki Town and recommended sightseeing spots, so please Enjoy it until the end. ==History of Otaki Town, Chiba Prefecture== As a castle town of Otaki Castle with one of the four Four Heavenly Kings "Honda Tadakatsu" as the castle owner, it flourished from the Sengoku period to the Edo period. Otaki Castle is known as a symbol of Otaki Town and captivates many history buffs and tourists. In the town, there are still faces of that time. ==Introduction to sightseeing spots in Otaki Town, Chiba Prefecture== ◇ Otaki Castle It is a history museum built in Showa 50, which has been selected as a "Chiba Prefecture Designated Historic Site" and "100 Famous Castles in Japan". Documents that allow you to learn about the history of The Boso peninsula and the life of the castle town are on display. Currently, Otaki Castle is closed for facility renovations. ◇ Otaki Castle Town Otaki Town is lined with old buildings that are also cultural properties. There are houses, shops and shrines where you can get a glimpse of life at that time, and it is a recommended Spot for history lovers. Stroll through the castle town, which retains strong faces of the Edo period, and feel the romance of a timeless journey. ◇Yoro Valley In the Valleys that straddles Ichihara City, Kimitsu City, Kamogawa City in southern Chiba Prefecture, and Otaki Town in Isumi District, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the four seasons, and the autumn leaves are especially famous. Popular Spot nearby attractions include Awamata Falls, Suigetsu-dera Temple, Ruins of the Kobundo Tunnel, Mukaiyama Kyoei Tunnel and Kannon Bridge. Please note that due to the flooding of the Yoro River by Typhoon No. 13 in 2023, it is currently Closed except for some parts. ◇Asawabara Highlands With about 20,000 hydrangeas in bloom, it is known as the best hydrangea spot in the Kanto region. Since it is located at an elevation of 340 meters, it blooms later than in the flatlands, and the best time to see it is best time to visit from late June to mid-July every year. ◇ Isumi Railway It is a local railway with a total length of about 26.8 kilometers that connects Isumi City and Otaki Town, and you can enjoy seasonal flowers and rural scenery along the line. During the rape blossom season in early Spring, the entire area is dyed bright yellow with rape flowers, and it is popularly known as the "Rapeseed Blossom Train". ◇Roadside Station Takeyura no Sato Otaki Fresh local vegetables and specialty products are lined up, and it is also recommended as a souvenir of The Boso peninsula. In the cafeteria, you can taste shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots that are a specialty of Otaki Town, and game dishes such as wild boar meat. ==Local festivals and events in Otaki Town, Chiba Prefecture == ◇ Otaki Castle Festival It is a festivals held every autumn with a warrior procession and various events. It is a popular local festivals that will be held for the 50th time in 2024. ==Specialty products and gourmet products of Otaki Town, Chiba Prefecture== "Otaki bamboo shoots", which boast one of the largest production volumes in the Tokyo metropolitan area, are white in color and are also called "white bamboo shoots" because of their High quality, which is very soft. Since it has little gouge taste, it can be eaten without drilling. "Otaki Takenoko" is also popular as a thank-you gift for Furusato Nozei. ==Tourist Information of Otaki Town, Chiba Prefecture== Otaki Town in Chiba Prefecture is an attractive area with rich nature and deep history. Spending time away from everyday life in Otaki Town will be a memorable time. COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will send out recommended Information and the latest Information on Otaki Town, so thank you.
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Isehara Tourism Association
2 days ago
[TV Asahi "Jun Walk" Junji Takada strolls around "Isehara Daisen"] ◇ Program content  "If you take a step forward, you will have an encounter there..."   Junji Takada on the theme of "One Step at a Time"   Walk freely around the city! ◇ Performers 【Cast】Junji Takada Broadcast date and time: Monday, May 20, 2024 9:55 a.m. - 10:25 a.m. Program Summary: ▽ Japan Heritage! The superb view longed for by the common people of Edo "God's Mountain"      ▽ The mysterious word "Lumeso" at the resting place      ▽ Transmitting the charm of the four seasons "Drone Gonnyi" Broadcast date and time: Tuesday, May 21, 2024 9:55 a.m. - 10:25 a.m. Program Summary: ▽ Enjoyment of worship Souvenir & Gourmet enrichment "Koma approach"      ▽ Culture of the Edo period Shukubo with shrine hall ▽ 300 years of history!       Challenge the famous Daisen top!  * Photo: Traditional crafts Daisen Koma (not in the program video) Don't miss it! And please actually see "Daisen" with your eyes, hear it with your ears, touch it with your skin, and enjoy the location tour! !!
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Chiba City Tourism Association
2 days ago
Inohana Park It is a historical park located in the birthplace of Chiba, where Tsuneshige, the father of Chiba Tsuneshige, set up a residence in this area in 1126 (Daijigen). Although it is located in the center of Chiba City, it has a quiet and calm environment and is a place of relaxation for citizens and tourists. In Inohana Park, there is "Chiba Castle (Chiba City Local Museum / Free Admission)", which exhibits Documents on the history of the local area, including Mr. Chiba, who laid the foundation of the town of Chiba, as well as various special exhibitions related to Chiba. The view from the observation deck on the 5th floor is wonderful, overlooking the city and Chiba Port, and sometimes you can see Mt. Fuji. In the calm Japanese space "Inohanatei" with a view of Chiba Castle, there is a green Garden and serves the Specialties Inohana dumplings and sweets. There is also a tea room with a view of the garden, and it is a nostalgic tea shop that conveys traditional Japanese tea culture. You can enjoy the nature of the four seasons in Inohana Park, and especially in Spring, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, making it a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing. At the Chiba Castle Sakura Festival, food stalls and Kitchen Car using local ingredients are lined up, and local cultural and performing arts live performances Gari live. The Limited Time festival of Chiba Castle illumination and the competition of cherry blossoms at night are reputed to Fascination people. ■ Access: ・From JR Chiba Station, take the Keisei Bus to "University Hospital" and get off at "Local Museums" ・10 minutes walk from Chiba Monorail Prefectural Office Station ・ 15 minutes walk from JR Honchiba Station ■Address: 1-6 Inohana, Chuo-ku, Chiba City
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Sosa Tourism Association.
3 days ago
Hello! This is the Sosa Tourism Association. Sosa City in Chiba Prefecture is easily accessible from Narita International Airport and is a very convenient city to visit for sightseeing. Blessed with a rich natural environment and warm climate, we will introduce the charm of Sosa City, where you can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons. What is ====Chiba Prefecture Sosa City? ==== Chiba Prefecture Sosa City was created in 2006 through the merger of Yokaichi City and Sosa County Noei Town. It is located in the northeastern part of Chiba Prefecture Prefecture and has a population of about 33,000. Facing Kujukuri Beach in the Pacific Ocean, the highly transparent sea is perfect for enjoying summer, and you can enjoy marine sports and marine activities such as surfing and windsurfing. It is famous as a production area for plants and seedlings, and is the largest cultivation area in Japan. ====Introduction Spot Tourism in Chiba Prefecture Sosa City==== 【Yokaichiba Toshogu Shrine】 Yokaichiba Toshogu Shrine is tradition as the place where Tokugawa Ieyasu's missing falcon was found. At the Annual Grand Festival held in May every year, the Mikoshi (portable shrine) is passed along with the rhythm of this region. 【Matsuyama Garden Museum】 In the autumn season, the inside of the Matsuyama Garden Museum is dyed red with autumn leaves and is full of tourists. It is a museum where the works of artist Konokimikudai are exhibited, and many cat lovers visit because many cats are free-range in the museum. 【Hankoji Temple (Iitaka Danrin site)】 Hankoji Temple, the largest and oldest building of Nichiren Buddhism, is a historic site designated by Chiba Prefecture in its entire precincts. Four buildings, the Main Gate, Drum Tower, Bell Tower, and Auditorium, are designated as Important Cultural Properties of Japan, and the entire Precincts are preserved as historic sites designated by Chiba Prefecture. About 500 peonies are planted in the Precincts, and the best time to see them is around the end of April every year. 【Fureai Park Yokaichiba】 Fureai Park Yokaichiba is a community exchange facility that sells agricultural products, plants, saplings, etc. from Sosa City. Inside the facility restaurant serves gourmet cuisine made with ingredients from Sosa City. 【Komon Cherry Blossom】 Komon Cherry Blossom is the only surviving History Old large tree planted in 1698 to commemorate the visit of Mito Komon It is also designated as a designated cultural property of the city. ====Chiba Prefecture Sosa City specialties and local gourmet food==== 【Red Green peppers】 Sosa City is the only production area in Chiba Prefecture that produces red green peppers, and the bright red ripe green peppers cultivation that take twice as long as usual are full of nutrition. 【Peanut Rice Cake】 A famous confectionery Representative of Chiba Prefecture. Peanuts kneaded into the dough are baked to make a very fragrant rice cracker! ====Chiba Prefecture Sosa City Events festival==== 【Komamane】 Komamane, which is held every year on the evening of July 25 in the precincts of Yaegaki Shrine (former Tenno-sama), is a historic festival that has been handed down since the Edo period. Green bamboo is grilled at the festival site prepared in the Precincts, and prayers for a bountiful harvest of five grains, prosperous business, and disease-free life. 【Yaegaki Shrine Gion Festival】 At the Yaegaki Shrine Gion Festival, which is held on August 4 and 5 every year, a total of about 20 Mikoshi (portable shrines) are brought out from 10 towns centered on Yaegaki Shrine. The Mikoshi (portable shrine), which is carried along with the palms of the flutes and drums, is a style unique to this region, and the sight of the parade with a dashing shout of "Anryadota" makes the viewer dance. Another feature of this festival is that cold water is poured on the Mikoshi (portable shrine) procession. ====Chiba Prefecture Sosa City recommended Information! ==== We will send out recommended Information on the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS so that you can enjoy a trip to make new discoveries and memories in Chiba Prefecture Sosa City, so thank you! Please make memories of your trip to Japan in "Sosa City"!
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