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4 days ago
The storm passes, and the Sumida River in the spring. The late-blooming cherry blossoms, which withstood the wind and rain, bloomed more and more and were shining. The sun is shining and the cherry blossoms are refreshing. I let my heart play with nostalgia and tried to pretend to be a Taisho romance. On the other side of the river, there are rows of pink cherry blossom trees, and beyond that is the Sky Tree, which pierces the clear sky. Seeing tradition and innovation at the same time, a scene unique to Tokyo. If you open a Japanese umbrella on the awning, it will be just like the Japanese flag. The spring breeze shook the cherry blossoms and gently caressed her hair and cheeks.
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Otsuki Tourism Association.
Feb. 22, 2024
A bag 👘 made of kimono obi It is a 💁 ♀️ tourist information center in front of Otsuki Station I received ✨ a confident work from Mr. Yamaguchi Textile It is 👜 a luxurious bag made of kimono obi The big ones are big enough to hold various things. You can use it like a tote bag. The inside of the bag also has a pattern and is ❗️ a stylish item You can actually pick it up and see it. Please come and 🎶 take a look at the store In addition, ground flour (equivalent to all-purpose flour) made from local farms, Phantom handmade natto "Fuji natto" made with water at the foot of Mt. Fuji, etc. We are 🎶 waiting for you with a lineup of good things in the big moon If you are going to Mt. Fuji, please 😁 stop by
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Sep. 20, 2023
The Oi Shrine Grand Festival is also called the "Obi Festival" and is a festival in which the god of Oi Shrine returns to the old shrine site (inn) once every three years. Today, for three days including the second Sunday in October, a gorgeous festival is held in the town of Shimada where dainu, daimyo processions, Kashima odori, street stall dances from 1st Avenue to 5th Avenue, and ground dances are held. Especially on the last day, all of them form a large procession together with the mikoshi procession, and they slowly parade for a whole day for a round trip of about 4 km from Oi Shrine to the inn. Due to the appearance and swing of the dainu at this time, as well as the unique form of Kashima Odori, the obi festival has come to be counted as one of the three strange festival in Japan. In addition, since the Edo period, first-class entertainers from Edo have been invited to choreographed dances in each town, Nagauta, and shamisen, and Nagauta in particular is also called "Nagauta Festival" because the iemoto of each school competed for throat.
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Aug. 20, 2023
Located in Ugo Town, Akita Prefecture, Nishi Baonnai Bon Odori is a summer festival with a history and tradition of more than 700 years, which is counted as one of the three major Bon Odori dances in Japan along with the Gujo Odori of Gifu Prefecture and the Awa Odori of Tokushima Prefecture. The venue is Nishimaonnai Honmachi Street, which is the central village of Ugo Town, and it is a bon event held for 3 days from August 16th ~ 18th every year. It was mysterious and gorgeous to see dancers dressed in distinctive torioi hats (knitted hats), colorful and beautifully stitched kimonos and yukatas, dancing gracefully to the beating of taiko drums and songs. Especially this year, as it was the first regular event in four years, people from outside the town were able to participate in the dance, and many people from inside and outside the prefecture came to see it. Photos of the festival will continue after this, but I hope you can see it.
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