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Agematsu Tourism Association
Apr. 24, 2024
Hello! This is the Uematsu Tourism Association. Agematsu Town, Nagano Prefecture is a town rich in Rich in nature located in the center of the Kiso Valley in the upper reaches of the Kiso River in the southwestern part of Nagano Prefecture. Blessed with a rich history and beautiful nature, it continues to attract visitors to visit. ◆◆History of Agematsu Town, Nagano Prefecture◆◆ Agematsu Town in Nagano Prefecture was the 38th Shukuba town on the Nakasendo Highway connecting Edo and Kyoto during the Edo period. The distance from Koumatsu-juku to Suhara-juku is the longest in Kiso Road, and it flourished as a resting place for many travelers. Even now, Agematsu Town has historical attractions such as "Kiso Plank" and "Nezame-no-Toko" where you can feel the history of that time. There is also a Nakasendo Kiso Road walking tour led by a veteran guide, so please Use it as a memory of your trip. In addition, Agematsu Town has prospered since ancient times as a forestry town that produces high-quality timber Representative by Kiso Hinoki, and is called "Hinoki no Sato". ◆◆Popular sightseeing spots in Agematsu Town, Nagano Prefecture◆◆ ◇Nezame-no-Toko The stream of the Kiso River cuts the granite into squares, and you can see the scenery as if a large box is lined up. There is also a legend of Urashima Taro that Urashima Taro opened the Tamatebako box in this area. ◇Akazawa Natural Recreation Forest It is a recreational forest with natural Kiso Hinoki trees that are more than 300 years old, and it is the place where the world's first forest protection policy was implemented about 400 years ago. There are 7 walking paths, and there is also a Paid Menu such as a forest therapy experience. Akazawa Natural Recreation Forest is the birthplace of forest bathing. The term "forest bathing" was born in 1982, and the first national national convention of forest bathing was held here at the Akazawa Natural Recreation Forest. ◇Akasawa Forest Railway A 2.2-kilometer-round Trolley train for sightseeing that runs through the Akazawa Natural Recreation Forest, and was once used to transport timber. You can enjoy forest bathing while riding the train. The Forest Railway Memorial Hall also exhibits steam locomotives from the time of its opening. ◇Mt. Kiso Komagatake It is the highest peak in the Central Alps and is a mountain with an Elevation of 2956 meters. Elevation up to 2612 meters can be climbed by the ropeway with the highest elevation difference in Japan. ◇Kiso old road of nature trail It is a road that connected the north and south of Kiso even before the Nakasendo Road was maintained. Hiking mountain trail on the Kiso Plateau at 1000 meters Elevation offers Nature views. ◆◆Beloved events and festivals in Agematsu Town, Nagano Prefecture◆◆ ◇Komagatake Shrine Festival It is held every year on May 3 at Komagatake Shrine, and the "13 Taisai Kagura" designated as a national selected Intangible folk cultural asset is Dedication. You can see performances such as "Shishin Go Henpai" in which four tengu dance, and "Sanken no Mai (Dance of the Three Swords)" in which they dance with swords. ◆◆Specialty products of Agematsu Town, Nagano Prefecture◆◆ Specialty products of Agematsu Town include local gourmet foods such as Gohei-mochi and yasunki, sunki, and Hoha-maki. These allow you to enjoy the flavorful flavors that are unique to the region. ◆◆Recommended points of Agematsu Town, Nagano Prefecture◆◆ Agematsu Town is an attractive area with its rich nature and deep history. Magnificent nature such as Nezame-no-Toko and Mt. Kiso Komagatake, extraordinary forest bathing in the Akazawa Natural Recreation Forest, the history of Agematsu Town while walking along the Nakasendo Road... Agematsu Town is full of elements that attract people. Enjoy a trip away from everyday life, healing and refreshing from the heart, and enjoying nature, history, and culture in Agematsu Town. COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will send out recommended Information on Agematsu Town, so thank you.
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Taiki Tourism Association
Mar. 4, 2024
【Introduction of deep spots in Taiki Town】 📍 Former JNR Hiroo Line Taiki Station Ruins In Taiki Town, there are still the remains of the station building of the Hiroo Line, a railway connecting Obihiro and Hiroo, which operated until Showa 62. Taiju Station opened in 1930 (Showa 5), and at its peak, the number of passengers per day exceeded 1,000 Use. The place where the tracks used to be is now a square called "Taiju Traffic Park", and the station building still remains. You can't go inside the building, but if you look through the window, you can see that the ticket gates and waiting rooms are still there. On the remains of the platform, there are still station name signs and signal levers. In Hakurin Park on the north side of Taiki Town Town Hall, the SL "No. 59611", which ran on the Hiroo Line until 1975 (Showa 50) after being active in various parts of Hokkaido, is on display. It seems that it was installed at the urging of SL fans in the town. Why don't you come and feel the remnants of the railway running in Taiki Town?
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Shibecha Sightseeing Association
May. 25, 2023
Nice to meet everyone who watched the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! Shibecha is the Tourism Association. Since this is my first post, I would like to introduce the Shibecha first. As for how to read "Shibecha", it is read as "shibechacho". The name of the town is derived from "Sipecha", which means "on the banks of a large river" in the Ainu language. With a population of 7,163 as of February 2023, Hokkaido Shibecha is located in Kawakami District, 40 kilometers northeast of the center of Kushiro City, and is the sixth largest town in Japan. It has an inland climate with hot summers and cold winters, and the annual temperature difference is larger than that of neighboring Kushiro City. The Shibecha is divided into "Tawadaira Area", "Nijibetsu area", "urban area", and "Toro and Kayanuma area". Here are some popular sightseeing spots in each area. 【Tawadaira Area】 ・Tawahei Observatory It is an observatory overlooking the 360-degree horizon. You can also enjoy camping, so it is convenient as a base for riders touring Hokkaido. ・Shibecha breeding farm Cows are raised by grazing on a vast ranch, and you can see cows and sheep playing peacefully in the surrounding area. 【Nijibetsu Area】 ・Mt. Nishibetsu It is an 800-meter-high mountain that is easy to climb even for beginners, which is visited by about 30,000 climbers a year. You can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Nekushi Plateau and precious alpine wildflowers. ・Lake Schwanbetsudam It is a popular lake for auto camping and rainbow trout fishing. You can catch large rainbow trout from summer to autumn. 【Urban Area】 ・Kushiro River Shibecha Ryokuchi Park It is a park located on the riverbed about 10 minutes on foot from JR Shibecha Station, and there is a park golf and event square, making it a spot that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. 【Toro / Kayanuma Area】 ・Shibecha Museum "Nitai To" It exhibits the history of Shibecha from the Jomon period to the modern era and natural materials such as insect specimens. In Shibecha, you can also enjoy leisure activities such as canoeing on the Kushiro River, smelt fishing on Lake Toro, lure and fly fishing on the Kushiro River, and cycling on the promenade of the Kushiro Marshland. There are plenty of accommodations, hot spring inns, and hotels, so please spend one day enjoying these sightseeing spots and leisure to the fullest! Access to the Shibecha is about 1 hour by train from Kushiro Station. Between Kushiro Station and Shibecha Station, you can also come to Shibecha on Japan's slowest train "Marsh Norokko-go" that runs slowly and leisurely during the summer, and the "SL Winter Marsh" that runs through the Shirogane Kushiro Marshland from January to March. We will continue to send out attractive Shibecha information, so thank you!
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Shintoku Tourism Association
May. 24, 2023
Hello! 🙋‍♀️ Shintoku Tourism Association. The weather is fine today. ☀️ As the warmth of Shintoku Town increases, young greenery 🌱🌿🌲 🏔️ spreads over the mountains ⛰️. The former Karikatsu Line track site "Poppo no Michi" that continues along the garden road of National 🛣️ Route 38 is also a great walking ♂️ 🏃 ♀️🏃🏃 & cycling 🚴🚴 ♂️🚵 ♀️ season ♪ with fresh greenery sprouting vigorously 🛤️ About 10 km to Karikatsu Highland, and in the middle of the gentle uphill from the flat road, there are restaurants and cafes ☕️🍰🍮 such as 🍜🍛🍝 #Village 432 #Shintoku Soba no Kan #Be Wild #Yorkshire Farm #Ramen Rocky #Nomura Curry, etc., as well as #Soba Road, horseback riding, sheep farm #Kosasakawa Bridge There are many attractions and fun near Poppo Road. ✨ Why don't you take a deep breath of your mind 💓 and body 💆 ♀️💆 ♂️ on the road of Poppo next time off? 🧸 But don't forget to have ❗️ a bear bell 🐻.
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Jan. 25, 2023
"Kobe, rediscovered" Today, the third stage of the series, a locomotive "stopped" in the city ... It is a D51 popularly known as Degoichi. This locomotive, which was active in Hokkaido until 1975 (Showa 50), is parked along the JR Kobe Station line (closer to Osaka) due to the wishes of volunteers. The photo was taken this year, but there is an "infinite" plate inside the illumination! !! It is said that this is exactly named after the demon exorcism of Setsubun. It seems that the light up is automatically lit by the light sensor, and when it starts to get dark to some extent, you can see the fantastic infinite locomotive. Everyone was taking pictures on this day as well. There are many people in this area as well, but if you listen to your heart, you may hear the whistle of the night train departing at 17:31:65.
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