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Nishiokoppe, Hokkaido
Jun. 14, 2024
[Light Sensus Experience] On a weekday evening, 17 elementary school students gathered at the Community Center. Children's secret meetings... Not This is to participate in the first wildlife class this year (*'▽') Restrooms available for gathering at night. Because this mission is a "Light Census" experience! Light census, which is one of the methods of investigating the number of animals, Together with the hunting area management association that actually conducts We found and observed deer and other wild animals. Receive a brief lecture on the characteristics of deer. Once on the bus, we set off into the woods 🚌 I was a little frightened by the forest that was getting darker and darker. Although there were some participants who showed When I found the appearance of the animal, I reported the discovery in a loud voice, "There it was!" Together, for each bookmark I wrote down the number of heads. A lot of first-year students participated. Some of the children couldn't write positive letters. Write in your own way and make a note of the number of discoveries. Unexpectedly, I also saw that animal. We all came home safely. We went back to the room and checked the number of animals we found. The first wildlife class has come to an end. It was in the village, but it was a bus going through the forest at night. It was an exciting time! The second camp is scheduled to be held during the summer vacation. Fun for the next report! #Wildlife Class #Community Revitalization Volunteers #Hunting Area Management Association #Nishiokoppe Village #Elementary school students #Wildlife #Deer #Population Survey #Light Census #I met a bear
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