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苫小牧観光協会 / TOMAKOMAI
Apr. 21, 2023
To everyone who watches the Cool Japan video, this is the Tomakomai Tourism Association. In this account Japan we will introduce plenty of attractive sightseeing spots in "Tomakomai City", one of the leading industrial cities and the largest port city in Hokkaido! Tomakomai is about one and a half hours by car from Sapporo City and about 30 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport, making it a very convenient transportation access. When sightseeing, rental bicycles are also available, so it is recommended to go sightseeing while feeling the breeze of nature. Now, let's take a look at the sightseeing spots that Tomakomai City is proud of. ■ Tarumaeyama It is a triple volcano that is designated as a natural monument of Hokkaido and is surrounded by two world-famous outer ring mountains. You can visit the 7th station by car, and from the 7th station to the summit in about 50 minutes, you can easily climb and enjoy the magnificent scenery and alpine plants. ■ Midorigaoka Park From the observation deck at the top of the park, you can overlook Tomakomai City. It is also used by many people as an outdoor sports park with fountains and flower beds, and an athletic field and a rugby field. ■ Nishikionuma Park It is a park centered on Nishiki Onuma with a circumference of 1.6 kilometers and is surrounded by nature. You can enjoy it throughout the year at a full range of facilities such as the largest auto campsite "Alten" in Japan, a canoe base, a park golf course, and a hot bath facility "Yunomi-no-yu". ■ Northern Horse Park It is a popular tourist spot where you can interact with horses. You can experience horseback riding, sightseeing horse-drawn horses, tourist carriages, horse-drawn sleighs, horseback riding lessons, happy pony shows, horse trekking, etc. Next, we will introduce popular gourmet food, which is one of the pleasures of sightseeing in Tomakomai. Tomakomai City boasts the largest landing volume of hokki shellfish, which is said to be the king of shellfish, Japan. It is known as a high-class sushi topping, but you can buy it comfortably in Tomakomai. In addition, there are plenty of popular specialty gourmet foods that you should definitely try when sightseeing, such as salmon and hokke seafood unique to the port town, haskap, Tomakomai ramen, sweets "Yoitomake" using haskap, Genghis Khan in Tarumae, and Kitayori curry! We will continue to send out recommended information full of charm of Tomakomai that could not be written in this post, so thank you!
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