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Jun. 19, 2023
This is the photo of this year's hydrangea ... I couldn't go to take a picture, only Shokaiji Temple hydrangeas. Every year, I go to shoot without fail. It is beautiful when it is in full bloom. I especially like blue hydrangeas ^^ Shokaiji Temple is a temple of the Shingon sect Chizan school located in Inazawa, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is a historic temple that is said to have been founded by Kukai, and the main statue is the Zenkoji style Amida Sanson statue. In the precincts, there are valuable buildings such as the main hall, which is designated as an important cultural property, the Taho Pagoda, and the Treasure Pagoda. In the adjacent Otsuka Shokaiji Temple Historical Park, 10,000 hydrangeas of about 90 species bloom in early summer. Colorful hydrangeas and irises in dry landscape gardens and ponds create a beautiful contrast. The Otsuka Kofun is also decorated with hydrangeas, and you can enjoy the atmosphere of ancient and modern. Shokaiji Temple is a temple full of cultural and natural attractions.
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