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Hamanaka Town Tourism Association
May. 21, 2023
Nice to meet you all! Hamanaka Town is the Tourism Association! Since this is my first post, I would like to introduce myself to the Hamanaka Town. Hamanaka Town is a small town with a population of 5300 in the Akkeshi of Hokkaido. Hokkaido Hamanaka Town is a place full of charm where nature, climate, culture, food, and the warmth of the people envelop all visitors. The average annual temperature in Hamanaka Town is 5.5°C, making it one of the coldest regions in Japan. The cold wind carried by the cold current brings the unique climate and weather of the four seasons of Hamanaka Town. Designated as the sixth quasi-national park in Hokkaido in March 2021, Akkeshi Kiritappu Kombumori Quasi-National Park has two large wetlands, Bekanbeushi Wetland and Kiritappu Wetland. Although Kiritappu Wetland is a low-lying area of less than 3 meters above sea level, it is a valuable tourist spot where you can see alpine plants due to the wetland environment, and many people visit it. We hope you will enjoy the magnificent scenery in each season, such as the snowy scenery created by the harsh cold of winter and the about 300 kinds of flowers that bloom from spring to autumn! Hamanaka Town is the birthplace of Monkey Punch, the original author of "Lupin the Third," and has been revitalizing the town featuring "Lupin the Third" for more than 10 years. Lupin III wrapping buses, wrapping trains, and wrapping hire cars run throughout the city, signs of Lupin and Inspector Zenigata are installed at the station, and Monkey Punch's work room is reproduced in the Monkey Punch Collection at the Hamanaka Town Cultural Center, and there are many exhibits where you can fully experience the world of Lupin the Third. At "Kiritappu Onsen Yuyu", there is also a sale of original goods of Lupin the Third that can only be obtained here, so it is recommended as a souvenir. Surrounded by nature Hamanaka Town there are many popular scenic sightseeing spots. "Biwase Observatory" is a spot where you can overlook the rich nature of the Hamanaka Town and has a breathtaking view. Cape Azeti is located at the western end of the Kiritappu Peninsula and gives you a sense of the grandeur of nature. Cape Kiritappu is located in the rough waves of the Pacific Ocean. Wild sea otters live in the surrounding area, and if you're lucky, you can even see them from the promenade leading to the tip of the cape. In addition, there are campsites and relaxation places, and camping with a superb view overlooking the magnificent sea is popular. When you visit Hamanaka Town, enjoy fresh seafood and popular gourmet food. Kelp, salmon trout and autumn salmon, Toxilazu, saury, hairy crab, Hanasaki crab, Hokkai striped shrimp, hokki shellfish, clams, natural oysters, octopus, etc. are specialties, and fresh seafood that can only be tasted in Hamanaka Town will make tourists' tongues growl! Hamanaka Town milk is produced in a high-standard environment and is also used as a raw material for the world-famous ice cream brand "Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream". The umami that spreads in your mouth is unforgettable once you taste it. You can experience the charm of Hamanaka Town to the fullest through the events and festival held throughout the year. The "Hamanaka Cherry Blossom Festival" held in late May is a popular event held at Hamanaka Cherry Blossom Park, a cherry blossom viewing spot in the town. At the Cape Kiritappu Festival held in mid-September, you can visit Cape Kiritappu Lighthouse and taste seasonal seafood at the food stall village. Hokkaido AkkeshiHamanaka Town is a moving experience that visitors will never forget, with its natural scenery as far as the eye can see, delicious local cuisine, and the warmth of the local residents. We will continue to send out attractive information on Hamanaka Town, so thank you! !!
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Jan. 21, 2021
Asakusa is a sacred place 😊 for the anime "Sarazanmai" "Sarazanmai" is an anime that was broadcast on Fuji TV's "Noitamina" frame from April ~ June 2019. It is an original anime work by director Kunihiko Ikuhara, who worked on "Revolutionary Girl Utena" and others. "Sarat!" used as a decisive line is an 🐸 amane that tends to be said. In the work, there are many sightseeing spots in Asakusa that actually exist! Kaminarimon, Matsuya Ginza, Tool Street, Hanayashiki, Kappabashi Kotaro Statue, Azuma Bridge, etc. ... Therefore, I have photographed Azuma Bridge when I made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land before and the cat that appears in the work, so I would like to introduce 🐱 it. In the article cited, you can see the tool street shopping street that appeared in the work, and at the end, you can see the "Kappabashi Kotaro Statue"! (The details were written in the article, so I will omit them here) The "Kappabashi Kotaro Statue" comes out as the main place where the main characters gather, Actually, it was suddenly in the middle of the tool street shopping street, and I almost missed it w🥒 ◎Photos(1)~(5) "Azuma Bridge" appears every time as a place where the masters fight in the main story, and becomes the stage for important scenes After the pilgrimage to the Holy Land, I happened to have a chance to go nearby last year, so when I saw it, the color had changed ... 😭 It was maintained and clean, but I was a little shocked because the previous red was mysterious. But the view of the river from the bridge was great, it reminded 😂✨ me of the last time. I would like to go again when the world calms down a little more. I haven't visited all the holy places, so I want to ☕ go to coffee heaven next. Even if you don't know "Sarazanmai", Asakusa has many things to see. I think 😊 it's fun to stroll around the paths and shopping streets.

"There Are No Tools That Can’t Be Purchased Here" - Tokyo's Largest Tool Shopping Street, Kappabashi Dougu Street, in Asakusa - A Sacred Place Among Chefs!

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