Thank you for your continued use of COOL JAPAN VIDEOS.
This will be the sixth of our successful Twitter campaigns.

We are pleased to announce another #OnlineGoToTravel Twitter Campaign to enjoy online sightseeing at Japan's most attractive sightseeing destinations.

Feel free to share any videos you'd like to recommend to people.
We're holding this campaign with the hope that people can return to their vibrant daily lives after corona.

We're looking forward to everyone's participation!

How to Participate

Follow @COOLJAPANVIDEOS on Twitter
Fourth #Online GoTo Travel Twitter CampaignSTEP 1
Follow @COOLJAPANVIDEOS on Twitter
Hit the button below, and without altering the text,
tweet it to enter the campaign!
Fourth #Online GoTo Travel Twitter CampaignSTEP 2
After tweeting, you'll see a tip video in a treasure box!
※The hints change over time, so be sure to tweet every once in a while to see if there are any new hints!
Share video articles with the "#OnlineGoToTravel"
tag on Twitter that you'd like to recommend to international audiences!
Fourth #Online GoTo Travel Twitter CampaignSTEP 3
Those who share the treasure videos will have higher chances of winning!

Fourth #Online GoTo Travel Twitter Campaign so too will the number of winners! As the number of participants increases,
so too will the number of winners!
Fourth #Online GoTo Travel Twitter Campaign so too will the number of winners!

Current Stage
Starting Point
Amazon Gift Certificate:
 500 yen x 5 winners
1,000+ Participants
Amazon Gift Certificate:
 1,000 yen x 10 winners
2,000+ Participants
Amazon Gift Certificate:
 2,000 yen x 20 winners
3,000+ Participants
Amazon Gift Certificate:
 3,000 yen x 30 winners
Invite your friends and increase your chances of winning!

Be sure to share this page with everyone!


<How to participate>

①Follow the official Twitter account "@CJV_en".
②Tweet from the corresponding button on the campaign website (Don't delete the Participation & Hints section, just tweet)
③Share the video articles with the "#Online GoTo Travel" tag on "COOL JAPAN VIDEOS" on Twitter.

We'll draw up to 30 winners to receive gift certificates of up to 3,000 yen from those who participate using the above steps!
※The number of winners will increase as the number of participants increases.


■Only video articles using the #OnlineGoToTravel tag will be eligible for the campaign.
■The treasure-box videos exist in video articles using the #OnlineGoToTravel tag. Click on the tweet button in step 2 and follow the clues to find the treasure video!
■Please note that if you do not follow us on Twitter, you will not be eligible for the drawing.
■After winners have been confirmed, said winners will be asked to provide us with their personal information via direct message and the prizes will be delivered to you within 30 days.
■A Twitter account is required to participate in the campaign.
■Please note that if your account is deleted at the time of selection, your winnings will be forfeit.
■Please be aware that posting the same content in succession is a violation of Twitter's rules.
■Winners who use fictitious accounts, spoofed accounts, multiple accounts, or other unauthorized accounts will be disqualified from winning.
■If you change the content of the tweet when tweeting it, you will not be eligible for a prize.
■If your Twitter account is set to private or your tweets are not searchable, your entry will be invalidated.
■Please follow Twitter's posting rules.
■If we are unable to contact you, you will forfeit your prize.
■Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries regarding results.

We look forward to your submissions!

Be sure to share this page with everyone!