Thank you everyone for your amazing entries for the 17th COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest. After thorough screening, we have decided on the prize-winning entries and will announce the results here.
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Bright blue skies, billowing clouds, and the sun shining brightly... Japan's hot summer has arrived. Whether you're cooling off at a resort or relaxing on a beach, we hope you're enjoying your summer to the fullest.

The theme of this photo contest was "Hidden Gem Tourist Attractions in Japan." This time, our staff selected entries that, when they saw them, they thought "I have to visit this place!"

We will continue to hold COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contests on a regular basis, and we look forward to your future participation.

We hope that by sharing information about Japan, more and more people will learn about Japan's charms and people from all over the world will come to visit Japan.

Thank you for your continued support of COOL JAPAN VIDEOS.

Announcement of Results

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「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Grand Prize
Judges' Comments
The Night View From Umikaji Terrace on Senaga Island
The beautiful terrace is like an oasis in the desert. It's hard to believe it's even in Japan... The atmosphere is like something out of Sinbad, and we couldn't help but admire it. After enjoying dinner while watching the sunset, you can go for an evening stroll while savoring the sea breeze. We have chosen this work as the Grand Prize winner because it reminds us of a beautiful evening out.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
The Hanasaki Line Running Through Bekanbeushi Marsh
Bekanbeushi Marsh is an area the size of 1,600 Tokyo Domes. Imagine the breathtaking scenery from the windows of the lone train running through the lush marshland. It's easy to imagine the wonderous sight and sound of the train approaching from afar amidst the beautiful marshland.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
Radio Towers and the Moon at the Top of Mt. Inasayama
This work captures three radio towers and the crescent moon next to the Mt. Inasayama Observatory. The combination of the ever unchanging moon and the illuminated modern buildings make for a unique composition that perfectly fits the title of the work, "Light."
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
Sunset on a Hydrangea-Lined Road
This is an exceptionally beautiful photo of a sunset that changes the color of the sky, buildings, rice paddies, and even the fully-bloomed hydrangeas. The hydrangeas add softness and splendor to the road that extends into the distance. Half of the picture is sky and half earth, adding to the grandeur of the shot.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
The Torii in the Sea at Hasama Underwater Park
This underwater shrine was erected in 1996 with the cooperation of Suzaki Shrine, a shrine that is believed to provide protection for those at sea. Normally, visitors pass through the shrine's torii gate on foot, but as this shrine is underwater, the only way to pass through it is to swim. We have selected this unique shrine visit as an honorable mention.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
Saba River Koinobori
Approximately 120 Koinobori (carp streamers), which are usually seen swimming through the sky, can be seen swimming in the Saba River. Boatmen wearing happi coats and kasa (bamboo hats) show some of Japan's unique culture. You'd be hard pressed to find a sight like this anywhere else. It's a sight you definitely want to see with your own eyes!
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