Thank you everyone for your amazing entries for the 2nd COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest. After thorough screening, we have decided on the prize-winning entries and will announce the results here. Click here for the details page and contest overview


First, we'd like to thank the community for submitting so many wonderful photos to the 2nd COOL JAPAN VIDEOS photo contest!
We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the numerous high-quality photos that were submitted to us, as in the previous contest.

We are not professionals when it comes to photography, so we chose photos that we thought exemplified the theme "Japanese Cuisine," and that resonated with our judges.
We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to those who were unfortunately not selected.

This photo contest was held to promote Japanese cuisine to the world through "COOL JAPAN VIDEOS," in order to help revitalize the economy of Japan's restaurant industry, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

From popular restaurants to home-cooked meals, we've received many wonderful photos, and throughout the whole contest we, the staff of COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, have been constantly thinking things like "Wow, I want to visit this restaurant!" or "Man, I've got to try this dish!"

Looking forward, we will continue to devise various ways to convey the charms of Japan to people all over the world and create a website designed with user friendliness in mind so that as many people as possible can enjoy the site.

We will continue to hold COOL JAPAN VIDEOS photo contests on a regular basis.
We hope that by continuing to encourage people to post information about Japan, more and more people will discover the country's charms and come to visit Japan after the world has overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you for your continued support of COOL JAPAN VIDEOS!

Announcement of Results

※In no particular order
There were some winners who were selected but we were unable to contact them.
If you were selected, please click the "Accept Prize" button to receive your prize.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Grand Prize
Judges' Comments
This is a photo that conveys the deliciousness of a popular ramen restaurant that's always attracting long lines of customers.
The clear soup and neatly arranged noodles create a beautiful display.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
Zoni is a staple of Japanese New Year's cuisine.
This single photo was able to capture the essence of "wa" that has been handed down from generation to generation in Japan.
We were amazed at how a meal that we normally eat without much thought could be captured in such a beautiful photograph.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
This is a photo that expressed the fun in not only eating, but also in viewing Japanese cuisine - The essence of Japanese cuisine itself.
We couldn't help but admire the beautiful kakinoha sushi that showcases the careful work of Japanese chefs.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
This is the epitome of "Instagrammable"!
A colorful, photogenic shot of one of Japan's most traditional dishes - skewered dango!
It's a delicious snack and fun to look at! We chose this photo as it conveys a feeling of excitement.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
This is the essence of beautiful Japanese cuisine!
A simple menu, but it conveys the beauty of Japanese cuisine to people all over the world.
This is one of those pictures that makes you want to visit Shizuoka to taste a bowl of shiruko.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
We were blown away by the sheer volume of this dish!
We felt that this photo accurately communicates the appeal of Japan's popular seafood bowls to the world.
It’s a photo that certainly had our staff feeling hungry!
Thank you
for all your submissions!

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