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Dec. 31, 2023
Kasai City, Hyogo Prefecture in Japan is one of the few cities in Japan where balloons fly. The first ordinance in Japan was the "Kasai Ordinance for Balloon Flying Towns". At such a balloon event "Happy Balloon Christmas", a mooring flight experience was held that rose to 20 meters in the sky. Many people from outside the city visited from 7 a.m., and we were able to overlook Kasai City from the sky above the ruins of Tsuruno Airfield. It had rained the day before, so there were puddles here and there, and the reflection of the balloon was attracting the attention of the photographers. Some people fly balloons, some ride balloons for the first time, and some take pictures、、、 Many people enjoyed the event with their own excitement in their hearts.
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Dec. 30, 2023
Information on 💁 ♂️ Amaou Afternoon Tea 2/23 (Fri) ~ 25 (Sun) Limited to 3 days Amaou's, Amaou's, Amaou's "Amaou Parfait" A luxurious afternoon tea using plenty of amaou is now available for a limited time. Please enjoy a blissful time with a sweet that is a fusion of bright red and exquisite Amato and New Otani's proud sweets. < Menu> sweets ・Amaou Parfait ・Amaou Shortcake ・Amaou Canele ・Amaou tart macaron nose ・Fresh Amaou ・Strawberry and chocolate chiffon cake ・Strawberry cream puff ・Strawberry and rice flour roll cake ・Tiramisu-style coffee jelly ・Gateau chocolate ・Cookies savory ・Potato and polo onion vrte ・Sapporo Miyako squash mousse eclair stuffing Homemade smoked salmon and couscous omonières For reservations and details, please visit the hotel's official website or 📞Tel: 011-222-1522!
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