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Suwa Tourism Association
May. 22, 2024
Nagikama Shrine ⛩ The other day, I went to visit the Yabukama Shrine in Kirigamine for the first time. Last year, I heard Torii (shrine gate) ⇒ that there was a "Nagikama Shrine" that had been changed to a wooden stone monument, and I was originally thinking of going there because of the thaw, and I decided to go with the words of my wife, who loves Kirigamine. As a lover of pillars, I have come to like visiting shrines and other places, and I have always wanted to go to the Yabukama Shrine, so I thought I finally had the opportunity to go to Kirigamine with my camera.  I parked my car in the parking lot under the ski resort and headed towards the glider pavilion as I heard from an acquaintance, but I was not confident and was nervous, and there was a small sign in front of the glider pavilion that said ⇒ Yagikama Shrine 0.5 km, so I headed there. I felt that it was surprisingly far away. Together with his two children and his wife, he walked for a few minutes while touching the nature of Kirigamine. I could see the stone monument of the Nagikama Shrine. Since it is a shrine, the Torii (shrine gate) is more chic, but this is also a stone monument and it is quaint!! I thought. The approach road was also paved with wood chips, and it was very beautiful and maintained and easy to walk. When I arrived at the Shrine, there was a breathtaking view... For the first time in a long time, I couldn't suppress my excitement. The fact that the day I visit was sunny was also α to the superb view, and it was wonderful!! The Suwa Basin spreads out below, Lake Suwa Lake stands very beautifully, the Central Alps are in front, the Northern Alps are on the right, the Southern Alps are on the left, Mt. Fuji is on the side, and Yatsugatake is behind the left. Isn't there a shrine in Japan where you can see the mountains like this? I think so!! 🏔 As a self-proclaimed hunter of Suwa City's spectacular scenery, this spectacular view immediately became a ranker!! Tateishi Park also overlooks Suwa-no-Taira and has a very good view, but this one has an indescribable beauty because the Elevation Gari even higher. I post that this is not only in my heart!! The shuin stamps is new, and if you are visiting the shrine of Suwa, please stop by when you come to Kirigamine!! If it's sunny, I don't think you'll regret it! ・ God of worship Kenmikata Ōkami (also known as Osuwa-sama : Takeminakata God of valor, fertility of five grains, etc.)  ・ Daisen Ōkami (Ōyamatsumi : As the god of industry and shipping, as well as the god of sake dissolution, the ancestor of sake brewing) ・ Ashinazuchi Tema Milk Ōkami (Tenazuchi) ⇐ Parents of Kushinada Hime (Kushinada Hime : Susanoo's wife) Here, the Dedication of the Nagi Sickle (a sacred vessel shaped like a sickle) found in the former Motomisayama Ruins is dedicated. The scythe is struck on the pillar after the main pillar has been determined. It is said that it is only hammered on the pillars of the Suwa Grand Shrine Upper Shrine, which is a strange thing. The shape is a sickle shaped like the head of a male chicken, which is also the "sacred weapon" of Suwa Grand Shrine. The sickle is enshrined in the Shrine, so please take a look along with the superb view. Suwa Grand Shrine also has a nagikamamori ♪
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Tokachigawa Onsen Tourist Association
Mar. 31, 2024
Today is the end of March. Tokachi has also been 🍀 in spring for a long time On a clear day, you can clearly see the ridgeline of the Hidaka Mountains from the Tokachi Gaoka Observatory. The Hidaka Mountains are scheduled to become a national park around this summer, and if designated, it will be 😮 the seventh national park in Hokkaido and the largest in Japan Why don't you enjoy the majestic Hidaka Mountains from the Tokachi Gaoka Observatory? The view of the Tokachi River and the Tokachi Plain is also wonderful 😊 The observatory is about 5 minutes by car from the Tokachi River hot spring district!
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