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Jun. 9, 2023
Introducing photos post "Everyone's post"! Inbound tourist information social media "COOL JAPAN VIDEOS" pickup post. Today, I would like to introduce the post of "riki oba". It is a piece that captures the harmony between clear water and greenery. Mt. Chokai is a famous peak that rises on the border of Yamagata and Akita prefectures and is one of the "100 Famous Mountains of Japan". It is a mountain facing the sea, which is rare in Japan. The altitude of the Mt. Chokai is 2,236m, and you can see the Sea of Japan from the observation deck at the 5th station. There are five climbing routes on the Mt. Chokai side on the Yamagata side and four on the Akita side, and you can climb them depending on the level of difficulty. The Hokodate Course, which has a well-maintained mountain road, is a recommended route for beginners. It has a good view and is popular with many climbers. In addition, the Ninotakiguchi, Mansukeguchi, and Nagasakaguchi routes are for advanced climbers, so it is recommended to go with experienced climbers. The Chokai Blue Line, a mountain road, is a driveway where you can comfortably climb from zero to 1,100 meters above sea level and enjoy views of nature and the ocean. The spectacular sunset view from the Blue Line is one of the highlights. (Please note that it is impassable in winter) The local sake "Mt. Chokai" of the long-established sake brewery "Tenju Shuzo" is a popular sake both in Japan and overseas. We are particular about Akita rice made under Mt. Chokai underground water and thorough quality control. It is a gem that has been highly regarded in global competitions. ◆Mt. Chokai◆ 【Address】Fukiura, Yuza Town, Yamagata Prefecture 【Access】By car: From Yuza Station to Fukiuraguchi (Ohira) about 40 minutes 【Parking】Available (300 spaces) (Please see the official website for details.) )
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Jun. 7, 2023
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