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Aug. 20, 2023
Located in Ugo Town, Akita Prefecture, Nishi Baonnai Bon Odori is a summer festival with a history and tradition of more than 700 years, which is counted as one of the three major Bon Odori dances in Japan along with the Gujo Odori of Gifu Prefecture and the Awa Odori of Tokushima Prefecture. The venue is Nishimaonnai Honmachi Street, which is the central village of Ugo Town, and it is a bon event held for 3 days from August 16th ~ 18th every year. It was mysterious and gorgeous to see dancers dressed in distinctive torioi hats (knitted hats), colorful and beautifully stitched kimonos and yukatas, dancing gracefully to the beating of taiko drums and songs. Especially this year, as it was the first regular event in four years, people from outside the town were able to participate in the dance, and many people from inside and outside the prefecture came to see it. Photos of the festival will continue after this, but I hope you can see it.
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