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Sep. 22, 2021
The rural scenery 🌾 of Tome City, Miyagi Prefecture, which was the setting for "Welcome Back Monet" This is the city where I was transferred for work in the past and lived for several years. Immediately after moving, I was strongly attracted to this city rich in nature, where you can feel the seasons with all five senses, and it is still my ✨ spiritual home. I love Tome City so much that even now that my car broke down, I rent a car and go 😌 for a drive. This photo is a treasure-like scenery that I encountered on such a driving day. On both sides, which are not shown in the photo, the beautiful countryside continues far ahead. Ears of rice spread all over the area like a golden sea and sway like waves when the wind blows. I was so impressed that I immediately parked my car in a wide area on the side of the road and took many pictures with enthusiasm. I will never forget the lush scent of rice ears when I got out of the car, and the beautiful contrast between the blue sky, green trees, and golden ears of rice. The scenery of Tome City is really beautiful, the food is very delicious, and the people are kind. I'm really glad 😌 I found such a wonderful city Now I am working hard to move to Tome again. By then, "Welcome Back Monet" will be long over, but... "Welcome Back Mocha" wants 😌💓 to be warmly welcomed into this city. I hope ✨ that the charm of my favorite Tome City will be conveyed to everyone as much as possible.
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