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Mar. 23, 2023
Introducing the photos posted on "Everyone's Post"! This is a pickup post of the inbound tourism information SNS "Cool Japan Video". Today, I would like to introduce a post by "Lily0321". The scenery of the cherry blossom tunnel and railway full of nature is impressive. Ashino Park, located in Kaneki-cho, Goshogawara City, Aomori Prefecture, is about 800,000 square meters in size and is famous for the Tsugaru Railway Tsugaru Railway Line running in the park. In addition, the famous cherry blossom spot has been selected as one of the "100 best cherry blossom spots in Japan". During the cherry blossom season, it is crowded with local people and tourists. The cherry blossoms in Ashino Park are in full bloom in late April ~ early May every year, and the "Kaneki Cherry Blossom Festival" is held at the same time. One of the highlights is the contrast between the approximately 1,500 cherry trees and pine trees that bloom in the park. The cherry blossom tunnel that stretches over the tracks of Ashino Koen Station and the sight of the Tsugaru Railway "Run Meros" are also popular photo spots. In 2022, it was also lit up from 6:00 pm. (Implementation in 2023 is undecided.) Please check the official website. ) The red-roofed coffee shop "Station Building" in the station building of the former Ashino Koen Station is a must-see. The building is designated as a registered tangible cultural property and is a café full of retro atmosphere. Old telephones and old ticket offices are still in the store. Meals are substantial from the standard coffee shop menu, and the specialty is "Gekima Kanagi Curry" using horse meat. The Kaneki area has had a culture of eating horse meat since ancient times. There is also a free campsite in the park that can be used free of charge. No check-in or check-out is required. It faces Lake Ashino and you can enjoy the natural scenery. ◆Ashino Park◆ 【Address】〒037-0202 Aomori Prefecture, Goshogawara City, Kaneki-cho Ashino 【Access】 Get off at Tsugaru Railway Ashino Koen Station
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Oct. 10, 2022
Ashino Park, which has been selected as one of the Japan's "Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots," has the Osamu Dazai Literary Monument, a bronze statue, a monument to the birthplace of the Tsugaru shamisen, and more than 1,500 cherry trees, including Somei Yoshino. Especially near Ashino Koen Station, the Tsugaru Railway runs through a cherry blossom tunnel that spreads out to cover the tracks, and the sight is an unforgettable memory of the trip.
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