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Matsumae Town, Hokkaido
Apr. 16, 2024
🌸 Reaching the cherry blossom front line in 🌸 Matsumae Town At the Matsumae Town Hall Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division, today, April 16, 2024 (Reiwa 6) At 11 a.m., we declared the blooming of Somei Yoshino, a standard tree that landed in Hokkaido on the cherry blossom front. This year, it bloomed 🌸 11 days earlier than the average year and 5 days later than last year In Matsumae Town, the "76th Matsumae Sakura Festival" will finally be held from this weekend! 10,000 cherry trees of 250 species bloom one after another in spring in Matsumae Town. Enjoy 🌸 the earliest spring in Hokkaido in Matsumae Town Event Information of the Sakura Festival can be found from the profile on this page. You can 👀 check it on the linked "Matsumae Town Official Tourism Site" ------------------------------------------ The names of the cherry blossom varieties listed this time are as follows. 1. Someiyoshino 2. Oyama Sakura (Oyamazakura) 3. Chishima Sakura 4. Pale red weeping 5. Arcolade 6. Mamezakura 7. Kawazu cherry blossoms 8. Fuyuzakura
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Minami Alps Tourism Association
Mar. 27, 2024
【Open to the public once every 33 years】Hattasan Choukokuji Temple 3 days from March 16 ~ 18, 2024. Once every 33 years, the secret Buddha, the eleven-sided Kannon statue, was opened to the public. Harashichigo Kanseon Bodhisattva, which was called the guardian Kannon of Hara Nanago, has been worshipped by people since ancient times. During the three days of the open to the public, many people crowded with prayers. In addition, the main hall has been designated as an important cultural property of Japan as a valuable building that preserves the architectural style of the Muromachi period. This year also marks the 500th anniversary of the reconstruction of the main hall.
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