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Okhotsk Tourism Association
May. 24, 2023
Nice to meet everyone who watched the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! Okhotsk Tourism Association. We will introduce many sightseeing spots and recommended gourmet foods in the Okhotsk area, so thank you! The Okhotsk region of Hokkaido that we introduce consists of 18 municipalities: Kitami City, Abashiri City, Monbetsu City, Ozora Town, Bihoro Town, Tsubetsu Town, Shari Town, Kiyosato Town, Koshimizu Town, Kunishifu Town, Okito Town, Saroma Town, Engaru Town, Yubetsu Town, Takikami Town, Okobe Town, Nishiokube Village, and Omu Town. Okhotsk is a wonderful area where nature and history, hot springs and gastronomy are in harmony. Here are a selection of sightseeing spots that you definitely want to visit on your trip to the Okhotsk region. First, I would like to introduce the Okhotsk Chipmunks Park in Abashiri City. This park is a unique spot where you can interact with chipmunks. Cute chipmunks live in an environment rich in nature, and tourists who visit are soothed by their appearance. You can also experience feeding chipmunks in the park, which is very popular with families. Don't miss the "Ice Sea Observatory Okhotsk Tower" in Monbetsu City, which can be said to be a symbol of Okhotsk. Here there is an observation deck where you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the Sea of Okhotsk from 24 meters above sea level. On the seabed floor with a depth of 7.5 meters, there are 11 underwater windows of various sizes and a mini aquarium where you can feed fish. During the winter months, you can also see a superb view of drift ice, and you can truly enjoy the art of nature. When sightseeing in the Okhotsk region, please enjoy Hokkaido's fresh seafood gourmet. At the Okhotsk Yusenkan in Yubetsu Town, locally caught seafood is lined up at the store on the same day, so the freshness is origami! Especially the specialties of Okhotsk - scallops, sea urchins and hairy crabs attract tourists. "Okhotsk salt ramen", which was introduced as an exquisite dish on TV programs, is also recommended as a souvenir. When visiting the Okhotsk region, you will never get bored no matter how many times you visit, because each municipality can enjoy its own tourism resources and gourmet food. Experiencing the history, culture and nature of Okhotsk is sure to make your trip memorable. We, Okhotsk Tourism Association, will disseminate information about the Okhotsk region, which consists of the aforementioned 18 municipalities. In order to make your trip to Hokkaido more fulfilling, we will propose a wide range of sightseeing information and sightseeing plans across several municipalities that only we can do. The charming scenery and excellent gourmet food of the Okhotsk region await you. Enjoy a wonderful trip in the Okhotsk region! We will continue to introduce plenty of attractive sightseeing spots in the Okhotsk area, so thank you.
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Apr. 28, 2023
Introducing the photos posted on "Everyone's Post"! This is a pickup post of the inbound tourism information SNS "Cool Japan Video". Today, I would like to introduce a post by "Nukodesu ( ́ー')". The stars sparkling in deep blue are fantastic photos. Bihoro Pass is a tourist destination at an altitude of 525 meters on the border of Teshikaga Town and Bihoro Town in Hokkaido. You can enjoy the nature of the four seasons, such as the beautiful scenery of fresh greenery, and it is crowded with many tourists every year. From the observation deck at the top of Bihoro Pass, you can see a superb 360-degree view and is recommended for photography. Another highlight is the sea of clouds that can be seen when the conditions are right from autumn to winter. The mysterious view of the rising sun peeking out from the sea of clouds is a must-see. At the nearby roadside station "Roadside Station Grutto Panorama Bihoro Pass", you can enjoy local specialties and gourmet food. Fried sweet potatoes, sweet potato dumplings, and Kumasasa soft-serve ice cream are especially popular. Please enjoy the local gourmet food of Bihoro Town. Located about 30 minutes by car from Bihoro Pass, Toge no Yubihoro is a hot spring facility where you can enjoy a day-trip hot spring. The effects of the hot spring include the medicinal bath "Yakuni-yu", a large dome-shaped bath, a sauna, and a special rest room. There is also a log house for overnight stays without meals and a tent space for riders, so you can stay overnight. ◆Bihoro Pass◆ 【Address】〒092-0022 Hokkaido Bihoro Town Koume National Forest 27 Ibayashi 【Access】 About 30 minutes by car from JR Mashu Station 【Parking lot】Available 138 spaces (Please see the official website for details.) )
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Apr. 5, 2021
Shot at Bihoro Pass, Hokkaido.
There is still a lot of snow, but the Milky Way has finally begun to appear.
I hope it will show more beautiful contours as it gets warmer.
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