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Dylan Gibson
Mar. 10, 2021
Today was nice and warm today, I even opened the window for a bit and let the breeze roll in. Hoping it continues like this although apparently Saturday it's supposed to rain. I'm looking forward to getting out this spring and enjoying riding some bicycles myself. The cherry blossoms should start blooming nicely in Tokyo next week so that's something nice to look forward to as well! I'll have to look for some good parks to ride in. There's a bike rental down the road from where I live and it's really cheap which is nice so hopefully I can make use of it. That or I'll just head out further into the countryside lol. Either way, looking forward to spring!
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Youko Yoshida
Mar. 10, 2021 (edited)
Cycling while watching Kawazu cherry blossoms (*ˊ ̆ˋ*). ♪:*°
#Spring#Cycling#Nagashino's Kawazu cherry blossoms
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