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Miyazaki Gokase Tourism Association
16 days ago
7/3(Wed) This time, I posted 🌱✨ the cool "Gion Set" of Gion Shrine and Gion's large Cypress trees First of all, I saw ⛩👀 the Kaya no Rinokuguri at Gion Shrine With the exorcism of Xia Yue as a symbol, we pray for 🙏✨ the dissipation of plagues and disease-free disasters by passing through the circle of thatch I could hear the chorus of cicadas in the Precincts, and dragonflies were already flying around the surrounding rice fields, so it was 🌞 a summer atmosphere Suddenly, the Ume Plum rain is over, and the strong sunlight and hot and humid weather seem to make you tired, but the scenery unique to summer is also wonderful 😊💕 Next, I went 🌳✨ to see the large Cypress trees in Gion Around the large Cypress trees, the background music of small birds chirping and the sunlight shining through the trees are pleasant, and summer is still to come... It was 😌🌿 a climate like that In such a situation, the large Cypress trees stood quietly and mysteriously ✨ During the shooting, I found a chubby shadow around the waist of a large Cypress trees ... When I looked at it from a distance, I was surprised to think that it was a beehive, but it seems that 😓 a bump has formed While I was relieved that it was not a beehive, I was a little worried 💦 about the physical condition of the large Cypress trees Anyway, I wanted to somehow convey the mystery and power of Cypress trees, so I did my best to shoot while rubbing my face on the ground ... To shoot with a normal lens, there was a limit to my technique ands 😂... Everyone is busy every day and is worried about summer heat and heat stroke, but why not cool off in the Nature once in a while and get some power How do you like it? 😌✨
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Okiku Inari Shrine
Sep. 8, 2023
Nice to meet you, everyone watching the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS. It is a Okiku Inari Shrine located in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture. In COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, we will deliver the charm and deals of Okiku Inari Shrine. Thank you in advance! The Okiku Inari Shrine has a long history, and the shrine was rebuilt after the 1582 Kanryugawa Battle in which the Hojo clan won. In Okiku Inari Shrine, there are benefits such as prosperous business, prosperity of the family business, healing of illness, and physical recovery. In addition, there is a story called "The Legend of Okiku" in the origin of the Okiku Inari Shrine. The god of Inari stood on the dream pillow of a sick daughter named "Okiku" who lived in a hut near the Okiku Inari Shrine and told her to serve others. After that, Okiku was cured of her illness and became a shrine priestess according to the instructions, and as she continued to serve, she gained mystical powers. Since then, it is said that if there is a problem, you can ask the Okiku of Inari Shrine, and it has come to be called "Okiku Inari Shrine". Okiku Inari Shrine offers a variety of shuin stamps. The usual shuin stamps shuin stamps is characterized by the end of the writing of the character "chrysanthemum", which resembles the tail of a fox. Apart from the usual shuin stamps, we offer limited-time shuin stamps such as monthly and seasonal changes, Tanabata and Hinamatsuri, so you can enjoy the atmosphere unique to that season. In addition, there is also a "birthday shuin stamps" for those whose birthday is one month before and after the application date, so if you have a birthday, why not commemorate it? Okiku Inari Shrine also offers a variety of original shuin stamp books. "shuin stamp books Fukufuku-chan" features an illustration of a cute fox woven with gold thread on the cover, and you can choose from red and black. In addition, there are other shuin stamp books such as "shuin stamp books Chrysanthemum", which depicts a chrysanthemum in soft colors and a white fox, "shuin stamp books Full Moon", which reflects the shadow of a fox on the full moon, and "Happy Frog shuin stamp books". If you live far away, you can use the shuin stamps mailing service from the web awarding office on the official website. At the web awarding office, you can also purchase a variety of amulets such as "Kikuinari Protection" and "Children's Protection" with a fox motif. At the annual Okiku Inari Shrine festival, which is held several times a year, you can feel the bustle of the local festival firsthand. At the "Lucky Daruma Market" held on January 8 every year, "Takasaki Daruma" is sold in the precincts, and prayers are also held at the temple to draw eyes on the Daruma. Held from June 30 to July 7 every year, the "Summer Exorcism" is an event to exorcise and pray so that you can spend the summer safely. After going through the ring of thatch installed in the torii gate, the doll fee (hitotashiro) is used to cleanse and exorcise the injury. Access to the Okiku Inari Shrine is convenient, and it is about a 10-minute walk from Shinmachi Station on the JR Takasaki Line, Shonan Shinjuku Line, and Ueno Tokyo Line. By car, it is about 15 minutes from the Maebashi Minami Interchange on the North Kanto Expressway. Free parking is also available. (Please note that the parking lot is available from 8:30 a.m.) ) With beautiful precincts, colorful shuin stamps, seasonal festivals and events, and the warmth of the region, you can enjoy the charm of Japan in Okiku Inari Shrine. Please come and engrave heartwarming moments and memories of your trip. We will continue to provide you with the latest information on Okiku Inari Shrine! Thank you in advance.
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