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Taiki Tourism Association
Jan. 29, 2024
【Would you like to experience gold panning in Taiki Town?】 】 Gold dust is a hot topic in the movie "Golden Kamuy", which is currently a big hit, but at "Rekifune River" in Taiki Town, you can still experience gold panning in the old-fashioned way! It is said that the peak period of placer gold mining in the Rekifune River was from the Meiji 30 to the Taisho era, so it was ✨ right around the time when the gold bullion battle was taking place in Golden Kamuy Taiki Town also cooperates a little with the gold panning scene in the movie. Try to find Taiki Town in the end roll! This year's gold panning is scheduled to start around Golden Week. Come and experience it!
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Taiki Tourism Association
Aug. 27, 2023
Nice to meet you, everyone who watches Cool Japan! Taiki Tourism Association. In this account, we will send out attractive information that will make you want to visit Hokkaido Taiki Town. Thank you in advance! In this first post, we will introduce the Taiki Town and provide information on sightseeing spots. Hokkaido Taiki Town is located in the eastern part of Hokkaido, in the southern part of Tokachi, and is a town with a population of 5,437 (as of January 2023) where the breath of nature and the atmosphere of history intersect. The name "Taikicho" is derived from the Ainu word "taikiushi", which means "a place where large trees grow in clusters". The Taiki Town is dotted with beautiful nature and historical sights. Next, we will introduce the attractive sightseeing spots of Taiki Town. ● Space Exchange Center SORA Since around 1985, Taiki Town has been conducting aerospace-related experiments with the goal of "space urban development." In the Space Exchange Center SORA, materials and models of experiments conducted Taiki Town by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Interstellar Technologies, a rocket development company, are exhibited. Admission is free of charge, no reservation is required. ● Roadside Station "Cosmall Taiki" Cosmall Taiju, a Roadside Station with local specialties and souvenirs, is one of the places where you can feel the charm of Taiki Town. At the specialty product corner, you can taste natural cheese from Handa Farm, such as special homemade cheese, and cowbell ice cream (corn, pumpkin, etc.) made with ingredients from Taiki! There is also a space goods section such as space food and a shopping center with many daily necessities. In the surrounding area, there is a clear stream "Rekifune River (Rekifunegawa)", which has been selected as the best clear stream in Japan in the past. Next, we will guide you to leisure information! ◎ Horokayanto LagoonJapanese smelt fishing Horokayanto LagoonJapanese smelt fishing is lifted from around the end of December and can be enjoyed until late February. There is also a "Bansei Onsen" right next to the Horokayanto Lagoon, which is perfect for warming up your cold body from Japanese smelt fishing! ◎ Kamui Kotan Park Campground "Kamui Kotan Park Campground" in Kamuikotan, which is also a scenic spot in Tokachi, is a recommended spot for outdoor lovers! It is a auto camp place surrounded by rich nature. In addition to playing in the river, you can also experience fishing, forest walking, and gold panning! (If you wish to have a gold panning experience, please apply to the Tourism Association in advance.) Don't miss the events of Hokkaido Taiki Town. ◎ Rekifune River clear stream carp streamer This is a mini-event held on Children's Day on May 5. Every year from late April ~ early May, carp streamers spread all over the width of the river, and the sight of them swaying in the wind has become a spring tradition! ◎ Rekifune River Festival The Rekifune River is also the venue for the "Rekifune River Festival" and "Perpne Fire Festival" held in August. "Rekifune River Festival" is a major summer event in Taiki Town that started in the first year of Heisei when Rekifune River was evaluated as "the cleanest river in Japan" by the Environment Agency! And at the end of the Rekifune River Festival, the "Perpne Fire Festival" and fireworks festival are also held. Don't miss the sight of burning pillar torches stretching into the sky! You can spend a luxurious time enjoying summer evenings. Next, we will introduce Taiki Town gourmet information! The gourmet Taiki Town is rich in variety, including specialty products such as Camembert cheese, autumn salmon, and whey pork, as well as seafood dishes made with fresh seafood and vegetable dishes that taste the bounty of the earth. The "Taiki Cheese Salmon Bowl" made with cheese and autumn salmon is a popular local gourmet! While tasting dishes made with plenty of local ingredients, please enjoy the food unique to Hokkaido Taiki Town! Taiki Town's Furusato Nozei offers fresh seafood and carefully processed products. thank-you gift such as "Fresh Rich Milk Cowbell Ice Cream", "Handa Farm's Homemade Cheese Set" and "Whey Pork Bowl Set" are especially popular. Please enjoy the deliciousness unique to Hokkaido Taiki Town through Furusato Nozei! To access the Taiki Town, please use "Tokachi-Obihiro Airport" from outside Hokkaido. It takes about 40 minutes by car from Tokachi-Obihiro Airport to Taiki Town or about 70 minutes by bus. In addition, from Sapporo, it takes about two and a half hours from Sapporo Station to Obihiro Station by train, or about 3 hours and 30 minutes by bus. It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes by bus from Obihiro Station to Taiki Town. Although the Taiki Town faces the sea, the climate and weather have a large temperature difference, and it is not uncommon for the average temperature in summer to be about 20 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature to be about 34 degrees Celsius, and the winter to be minus 20 degrees Celsius. Also, in winter, the temperature difference in a short time is severe, so please be careful what you wear when traveling. Please visit once and experience the charm of Hokkaido Taiki Town for yourself. We will continue to deliver the charm of Taiki Town, so thank you!
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