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Tomakomai Tourism Association
Mar. 14, 2024
🚀 Experience-based facility "Tomakomai City Science Center Mir Exhibition Hall" 🚀 Located about a 20-minute walk from JR Tomakomai Station, the Tomakomai City Science Center is a facility where you can experience about 40 types of space- and aviation-related experiences for free! 💁‍♀️ The "Mir Exhibition Hall" attached to the building exhibits a spare aircraft of the space station "Mir" launched by Russia (former Soviet Union) in 1986! ✨ "Mir" is not a replica, but a real thing on display, so it is a very spectacular spot! 📸 If you come to Tomakomai City, please stop by! 😊 【 Tomakomai City Science Center Mir Exhibition Hall 】 〇Location: 3-1-12 Asahi-cho, Tomakomai City 〇Opening hours: 9:30~17:00 〇Closed: Monday (if Monday is a holiday, the next weekday) 〇Admission fee: Free 〇 Parking: Free 〇Contact: 0144-33-9158
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Dylan Gibson
Oct. 28, 2021
Woke up to a very shaky alarm today... I've gotten pretty used to earthquakes but they always still leave me feeling like "Is this going to be the next big one?" Growing up in Oregon I never felt a single earthquake in my life. It was only when I came to Japan for the first time that I experienced one firsthand. Japan definitely has some of the best, if not the best, earthquake-resistant technology in the world after having (unfortunately) experienced so many. I hope that there's not another large earthquake anytime soon. There didn't seem to be very many earthquakes over the past year but there's been more and more over the past couple of months it seems, or maybe it's just my imagination. Hope everyone is staying safe these days!
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