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Sep. 23, 2023
Hello everyone! Autumn is approaching, and it's getting cooler and cooler. Speaking of autumn, the autumn of exercise! When you come to Ginoza Village, why don't you join the cycling tour "Castle in the Sky Kyari Dum Dam"? Your guide will guide you through the cityscape, history, and culture of Ginoza Village, where the nature-rich Kanna Dam and Okinawa-like original scenery are located. There are also plenty of photo spots such as Kanna Dam and Kanna Beach, which are inspired by Okinawan castles. ✨ ♪ Join us with 😊 your friends and family. For details, please see the Ginoza Village Tourism Association website.
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Sep. 15, 2023
Nice to meet you! This is the Ginoza Village Tourism Association. Ginoza Village is located in the center of Okinawa and is an attractive city with abundant water sources, beautiful nature, and historical traditions. From Naha Airport, it takes about 1 hour by car and access is convenient! You can take a bus to Ginoza Village along the beautiful coastline. In order to let you know Ginoza Village, which is full of charm, in this post, we will introduce sightseeing spots and local gourmet foods of Ginoza Village! The highly transparent sea of Ginoza Village is one of the attractions not to be missed! Kanna Beach, which is characterized by an arch-shaped beach with a sand of about 500 meters, has gentle waves and is perfect for swimming. You can also experience marine activities such as jet skis, banana boats and sea kayaking. Kanna Dam, which was completed in 1993 (Heisei 5), is a spot that has been certified as one of the "100 best dam lakes". Kanna Dam is designed to preserve the ecosystem, and is home to gobies, black crabs, dragonflies, killifish, horsetails, and kingfishers. In addition, in the downstream area, the leech forest (mangrove) that was lost due to seawall construction has been restored. "Roadside station "Ginoza" is a spot that you should definitely stop by when sightseeing in Ginoza Village! In addition to local specialties and souvenirs, it is a full range of facilities such as coin showers, free space, tourist information center, observation terrace, and barbecue on the seawall terrace. In 2000, Ginoza Village began training agricultural workers at the Agricultural Successor Training Center. As a result, "strawberry farms" in Ginoza Village have flourished, and "strawberry picking" where you can pick fresh strawberries is gaining popularity. The local gourmet in Ginoza Village is popular for "jagamen" that can only be eaten at the roadside station "Ginoza"! The potatoes are kneaded and the chewy texture is addictive. Please enjoy it at "Cafeteria Manjiro" in the roadside station "Ginoza". You can also buy raw noodles at Mirai Ginoza. In Ginoza Village, traditional culture and events are cherished. Traditional knife making, called "island knife," is a fusion of craftsmanship and beauty. Located in Ginoza Village, Kaniman Blacksmith Studio is the only blacksmith shop on the main island of Okinawa that manufactures island knives. It is also possible to make a custom-made blade that can be decided by consultation on the shape and material of the blade. When sightseeing in Ginoza Village, please feel the craftsmanship of the historic traditional craftsmanship. In Ginoza Village, there are hotels, pensions, and ryokans surrounded by a beautiful natural environment. Please relax in the location overlooking the sea and hot springs to heal the fatigue of sightseeing and spend a luxurious time. Ginoza Village is a place where various attractions such as natural beauty, warm people, and delicious food culture spread. Please experience the charm of Ginoza Village and enjoy a wonderful trip! We will continue to disseminate information about Ginoza Village, so we look forward to your continued support.
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