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Nakagawa Village Tourism Association
25 days ago
Nice to meet you all and welcome to COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Nakagawa Village Tourism Association. Nakagawa Village is a village in the southernmost part of Kamiina County in the southern part of Nagano Prefecture that has been recognized as the "most beautiful village in Japan". Although it is a small village with a population of about 4,600, it is surrounded by the lush greenery of Minami Shinshu, with clear air, clear water stream from the majestic mountains, and beautiful natural scenery. Best regards for COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, as we will deliver the charm of Nakagawa Village. ■Introducing popular sightseeing spots in Nakagawa Village Nakagawa Village has a number of popular tourist attractions. Here, we will introduce sightseeing spots recommended by the Nakagawa Village Tourism Association. ・Jinmagata Mountain Jinmagata Mountain, with an elevation of 1,445 meters, is a popular spot visited by more than 10,000 people a year. From the top of Jinmagata Mountain, you can see the mountains of the Northern, Central Alps and Southern Alps. ・Okusa Castle Ruins Park It is a popular cherry blossom viewing spot with more than 200 cherry blossoms of more than 10 types blooming in the spring season. The contrast between the remaining snow of the Central Alps and the pink cherry blossoms is beautiful, and it is also popular as a photo spot. ・ Ginkgo trees in Doba The rows of Ginkgo trees, which are managed by local volunteers, attract people visit glow golden in autumn. ・Kosibu Dam Kosibu Dam, built in the Kosibu Gorge, is a spot where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the four seasons. During the autumn foliage season, the trees all around change color. ・Sakado Bridge It is a reinforced concrete single-arch bridge with a total length of 77.9 meters built in Showa 7), and cherry blossoms and azaleas are planted on both banks, making it one of the famous places in spring. It has been designated as an important cultural property of Japan. ■A big event in Nakagawa Village! Nakagawa Don-chan Festival ・Nakagawa Don-chan Festival Nakagawa Don-chan Festival, a popular event in Nakagawa Village's summer, is a festivals that all participants can enjoy, including performances such as kids dancing on stage and Jin Drums, as well as bingo tournaments. Approximately 2,000 fireworks at the Finale of the festival will brightly color the night sky of Nakagawa Village. ■Specialty products of Nakagawa Village Specialty products such as fresh vegetables, apples, peaches, grapes, strawberries, honey, Ichida persimmons, and dried sweet potatoes grown in the blessed natural environment of Nakagawa Village are abundant. These Specialty products are painstakingly grown by the locals, and their taste makes many people's palates growl. Specialty products of Nakagawa Village are also prepared as thank-you gifts for Furusato Nozei tax payment. ■Nakagawa Village Enjoy sightseeing! Nakagawa Village is called a "sacred place for campsites", and there are many Popular campsites that are attractive. Fun a time to heal your daily fatigue in Nature. A quiet time spent in the beautiful scenery of Nakagawa Village will surely be one of your memories! We will send out such recommended Information of Nakagawa Village on COOL JAPAN VIDEOS!
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Kamagaya, Chiba
Apr. 17, 2024
How do you do! Chiba Prefecture Kamagaya City (kamagayashi). Chiba Prefecture Kamagaya City is a convenient city that can be reached in about 30 minutes by train from central Tokyo, and has direct access to Narita Airport and Haneda Airport. With a population of about 110,000, Kamagaya City is easily accessible from the city center, and you can enjoy sightseeing spots full of history and culture with abundant nature. We will send out recommended information so that you can visit Kamagaya City for sightseeing, so thank you! ★★ Recommended places to visit in Chiba Prefecture Kamagaya City ◇Kamagaya Daibutsu (Great Buddha) The historic 1.8-meter-high Great Buddha, built in 1776, was designated as the first designated cultural property of Kamagaya City in 1972 and was selected as one of the "500 Charms of Boso". It has become a symbol of Kamagaya City. ◇Grave of a Tomb of a Government Soldier It is a valuable historical site that conveys the turbulent history of the end of the Edo period. It is designated as a city cultural property and is located in the Great Buddha Cemetery where the Kamagaya Daibutsu (Great Buddha), which is also a city-designated cultural property, sits. ◇Hyakkoshin Within the Precincts of Hachiman Shrine, a total of 100 Koshin pagodas have been built, including 10 blue-faced Kongo statues and 90 character pagodas. ◇Kaigara-yama Park In the pond in the center of the park, waterfowl swim gracefully. It is a popular picnic spot for families, where you can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons, such as cherry blossoms in full bloom, fresh greenery, colorful autumn leaves, and snowy scenery. ◇Fighters Kamagaya Stadium Nicknamed "Kamasta", it is the farm home of the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters. MLB players Shohei Ohtani and Yu Yu Darvish also worked up a sweat at this stadium. It is a must see spot for sports fans. ★★ Beloved events and festivals in Chiba Prefecture Kamagaya City ◇Kamagaya City Citizens' Festival For a long time, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024, it is a festival loved by the people of Kamagaya City. Equestrian warrior processions, parades, and Free Bazaar are held, and it is an event full of smiles. ◇ Kamagaya fireworks "Kamagaya Fireworks" is a summer tradition in Kamagaya City that began in 2016. 3,000 fireworks color the summer night sky of Kamagaya. ◇New Kamaya Illumination The beautiful event that heralds the visit of winter, when the area around Shinkamagaya Station is decorated with 53,000 illuminations, warmly illuminates the winter nights. ★★ Specialty Products Gourmet in Chiba Prefecture Kamagaya City Kamagaya City has a thriving pear cultivation, and the sweet and juicy pears are loved by locals and tourists alike as a taste from summer to autumn. There are about 150 pear farms in the city, and many of them sell directly to them, so please taste the freshly freshly caught pears. It is also popular as a thank-you gift for Furusato Nozei tax payment. ★★ We look forward to seeing you in Chiba Prefecture Kamagaya City! Chiba Prefecture Kamagaya City allows you to feel the beauty of nature and the depth of history. We will send out travel recommendation Information that will be one page of everyone's memories on COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, so thank you!
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Kamogawa Tourism Association
Apr. 5, 2024
Hello COOL JAPAN VIDEOS viewers! This is the Kamogawa Tourism Association. Kamogawa City in Chiba Prefecture is located at the southern tip of the Boso Peninsula. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from central Tokyo by Use Tokyo Bay Aqua-line, and about 2 hours by train Use the "JR Line Limited Express Wakashio-go" from Tokyo Station. Facing the Pacific Ocean (Sotobo) and being blessed with a warm climate throughout the year, it is also loved by many tourists as a resort area. In this First Post on COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, I introduce recommended information and popular tourist spots in Kamogawa City. We hope you enjoy it! ===What is Chiba Prefecture Kamogawa City=== The Chiba Prefecture Kamogawa City has a population of about 31,000 (as of 2023). It has a history of flourishing as an agricultural and fisherman town. Even now, many marine products such as Kinmedai, Ise shrimp, and abalone are caught. There are many restaurants in Kamogawa City where you can enjoy dishes using these local seafoods. === Enjoy at popular tourist spots in Kamogawa City! === ◇Kamogawa Sea World Representative of Japan, which is very popular with families with about 800 species and 11,000 river and sea creatures. Don't miss the dolphin and killer whale shows, where you can interact with sea creatures. ◇Tanjyo Temple The Tanjyo Temple in Kominato, Kamogawa City is a historic temple built in 1276. The devil's face of Soshidou (temple of the founder) is the largest in the world with a size of 21 tatami mats. ◇Tainoura "Tai no ura Tai habitat" is one of the world's leading sea bream habitats, and in 1967 it was designated as the only "Nationally Designated Special Natural Monument" in Chiba Prefecture. From the Tai no ura sightseeing boat, you can slowly enjoy watching sea bream swimming. ◇Daisen Senmaida The Daisen Senmaida, which has been certified as a One of the 100 best terraced rice paddies in Japan and terraced rice field heritage site, has long been a cultural landscape that has supported agriculture in Kamogawa City. You can also enjoy a farming experience. ◇Famous Niemon Island Niemon Island, a small island with a circumference of about 4 kilometers and a circumference of about 30 minutes in the sea of Minamiboso, has been selected as the site of the New 100 Views of Japan. ◇Emi Hanagasa Mountain At the facility, which opened in 2022, you can enjoy seasonal flowers such as rape flowers in spring, hydrangeas and sunflowers in summer, and cosmos in autumn, and you can also experience harvesting. ◇Uomizuka Observatory This observatory is located in Uomizuka Battlefield Park, about 110 meters above sea level, and offers a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and the city of Kamogawa City. ◇Roadside Station Kamogawa Ocean Park You can buy fresh mountain and seafood caught in the Kamogawa River. The facility is designed with the theme of "sea" and "flowers". Souvenirs are also recommended, so please stop by. ===Heartwarming events and festivals in Kamogawa City=== ◇Kamogawa City Noryo Fireworks Display About 10,000 fireworks are set off in the Ocean on the Maebaru Yokonagisa Beach. The spectacular fireworks that light up the summer night sky provide summer memories for those who visit. * From 2020 (Reiwa 2) to 5, it will be held on a reduced scale due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection, and it will be canceled. ===Enjoy Kamogawa City's Specialty Products and Local Gourmet! === Kamogawa City, which faces the Pacific Ocean, is blessed with abundant seafood, and the seafood caught here has thrilled the tongues of not only locals but also many people. Many seafood products are also available as thank-you gifts for Furusato Nozei tax payment. === Enjoy your trip to Kamogawa City === Enjoy Kamogawa City's sightseeing spots, heartwarming events, marine sports, and Specialty products and gourmet! There are many ways to enjoy Kamogawa City! It will be a special spot for everyone who visits. We will send out recommended information so that you can enjoy your trip to Kamogawa City, so thank you!
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Higashikagura Tourism Association
Mar. 11, 2024
NICE TO MEET EVERYONE WHO WATCHES COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Higashi Kagura Town Tourism Association. Higashikagura Town, Kamikawa District, Hokkaido is a town with a population of 9,851 (as of September 2023) adjacent to Asahikawa City. Higashi-Kagura is known as the "City of Flowers" and in 2000 won the Minister of Construction Award at the National Flower Town Development Competition. Each neighborhood association sets up flower beds, and the townspeople cooperate in the "Flower Full Campaign" to carry out beautiful environmental activities centered on flowers. Higashi Kaguracho is the location of Asahikawa Airport, the gateway to the north, which is Used by many people both in Japan and overseas, and is visited by many people throughout the year. In this first post, we will introduce the attractions of Higashikaguracho, such as sightseeing spots and outdoor information of Higashikaguracho, Hokkaido! ≪ Sightseeing and outdoor spots in Higashikagura, Hokkaido ≫ ◆ Yoshitsune Park It is a flower spot in Higashikaguracho, which is also famous for cherry blossoms and azaleas. In spring, the flower beds and cherry blossoms that surround the fountain in the park are colored. Yoshitsune Park is also the venue for the Higashikagura Flower Festival, a festivals held every August. At the Higashikagura Flower Festival, you can enjoy a flower market and a flower parade, and events such as the "Face Saddle Billboard Contest" and the "Townspeople Rakugeikai" are held at the same time. Don't miss the "Fireworks and Laser Show", a fireworks display with music and lasers held at night! (Contents at the time of the 2023 event) ◆ Hijirino Park It is a park that is also one of the flower spots in Higashi Kaguracho. The park has a vast lawn, large playground equipment, and a water play area, making it a space that both adults and children can enjoy. There are also facilities with drinking fountains and nursing rooms. ◆ Higashikagura Forest Park Higashikagura Forest Park is a hands-on park where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the four seasons. You can enjoy various outdoor activities such as nature observation, picnics, and camping. ・Higashikagura Forest Park Campground [Business period: Late April ~ late October (closed in 2023)] It is a campsite in "Higashikagura Forest Park". Barbecue corner and shower room are also substantial! There is also a pet site, so you can enjoy camping with your dog or cat. Use also for bungalows and cabins. ・Higashikagura Forest Park Auto Camp Field Furore [Business period: Late April ~ late October (closed in 2023)] It is an "auto camp site" adjacent to "Higashikagura Forest Park", and there are camping car sites, standard car sites A and B, and a total of 50 sites are maintained. Air-conditioned Flore cabins and Flore mini cabins with sofas are also available. There is also a "Hokkaido Premium Camp Plan" where all camping equipment is rented and set up by staff. ◆ Higashikagura Forest Park Park Golf Course [Business period: Early April ~ Snow (around November)] It is a park golf course with 5 courses and 45 holes, from courses for beginners to advanced courses. Use the general course from the age of 10. The "Three Dome Indoor Park Golf Course" attached to the venue is open from mid-November ~ early April, so you can play even in the middle of winter. Please take a break for lunch at the adjacent cafeteria. ◆ Exchange Plaza Azalea Museum Located near the Higashi Kagura Town Hall, it is a welfare and education complex. The "Local Documents Exhibition Room" in the museum exhibits about 400 cultural properties, including stone tools from the Jomon period, excavated from the excavated Sawada-no-sawa ruins in Higashi-Kagura-cho. ◆ Asahikawa Airport General Information Asahikawa Airport General Information is one of the facilities that you should use when sightseeing. We also provide transportation information, lodging information, and distribution of tourist pamphlets. Please feel free to Use when Use Asahikawa Airport! ≪ Furusato Nozei ≫ in Higashikagura, Hokkaido Higashikagura Town, Hokkaido, which receives snowmelt water from Daisetsuzan Volcanic Group, is one of the best "rice destinations" in Hokkaido. Agriculture is also thriving, and there are plenty of delicious vegetables such as asparagus and tomatoes! As a thank-you gift for Furusato Nozei tax payment in Higashi Kagura Town, Hokkaido, we offer "Nanatsuboshi", "Hokuto Rice Yumepilika", "Summer Strawberry", etc. In addition, there are a wide variety of hotel lodging tickets and crafts. Please check each Furusato Nozei tax payment! ≪ Climate (weather) in Higashikagura, Hokkaido ≫ Higashikagura Town in Hokkaido has a large temperature difference and is also designated as a heavy snowfall area. In winter, minus 25 degrees Celsius can be observed, and the cold is severe, so please be careful to protect yourself from the cold when traveling. Higashikaguracho, Hokkaido is also dotted with hot spring facilities. Especially in the cold season, enjoy the snowy scenery while warming up in the hot springs. In the future, this account will continue to deliver the charm of Higashikagura Town in Hokkaido and tourist information. Thank you for your continued support! [Access information to Higashikagura Town, Hokkaido] ◎ Car ・About 25 minutes from JR Asahikawa Station (about 45 minutes by bus) ・About 5 minutes from Asahikawa Airport ・About 45 minutes from Asahikawa Takasu IC ◎ Train ・Take the limited express from Sapporo Station and get off at Asahikawa Station, walk for about 5 minutes (total/about 95 minutes)
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Nirasaki Tourism Association
Feb. 28, 2024
NICE TO MEET EVERYONE WHO WATCHES COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Nirasaki Tourism Association. Nirasaki City in Yamanashi Prefecture is located in the northwestern part of Yamanashi Prefecture and is an area full of rich nature and deep history. In this First Post, we will introduce plenty of attractions such as sightseeing spots and event information in Nirasaki City! ◆❖◇What is Nirasaki City, Yamanashi Prefecture? ◇❖◆ Nirasaki City is a city with a population of about 28,000. With famous peaks such as Mt. Fuji, Yatsugatake, and the Southern Alps in the background, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the four seasons, and it is also known as the birthplace of the Kai Takeda Family. In addition to fruits such as grapes and peaches grown in the land rich in nature, the mellow aroma and flavorful wine are also exquisite! Nirasaki City Yamanashi Prefecture is very convenient to access from central Tokyo, and you can easily visit it on a day trip. [Access by train] Shinjuku Station - Nirasaki Station JR Chuo Main Line Limited Express Azusa Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes Matsumoto Station - Nirasaki Station JR Chuo Main Line Limited Express Azusa Approx. 1 hour 10 minutes [Access by car] Chofu IC - Nirasaki IC Chuo Expressway about 1 hour 30 minutes Nagoya IC - Nirasaki IC Chuo Automobile Approx. 2 hours 45 minutes ◆ ❖ ◇ 6 recommended sightseeing spots of "Nirasaki", a town with a view of Mt. Fuji ◇ ❖ ◆ 【Mt. Amari】 The Mt. Amari in Minami-Alps UNESCO Eco Park has been selected as one of the Yamanashi Hundred Famous Mountains. The parking lot is about a 30-minute walk to the summit, so you can easily enjoy climbing and hiking. The view from the top is spectacular, and if the conditions are right, you can see Mt. Fuji floating in a sea of clouds. Don't miss the Astragalus azaleas, which bloom around the beginning of June! 【Crocodile Mound Sakura】 The 330-year-old Ipponzakura tree that blooms on the alligator mound was designated as a natural monument of Nirasaki City in the first year of Heisei. In the background of the towering cherry blossom trees, you can overlook Mt. Fuji and Yatsugatake, and it is also popular as a photo spot. When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, they are lit up and you can enjoy a fantastic atmosphere. 【Takeda Hachimangu】 Takeda Hachimangu Shrine was founded in 822 AD and is associated with the Kai Takeda Family. The Main Shrine was rebuilt by Lord Takeda Shingen and is also an important cultural property of Japan. 【Nirasaki Omura Memorial Park】 At Omura Memorial Park, you can experience art at the Nirasaki Omura Museum of Art, where paintings and ceramics collected by Dr. Satoshi Omura, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, are exhibited, enjoy cooking at the soba restaurant, refresh your mind and body at the hot spring for a day trip, and deepen your learning and interaction with people at the Hakuyuki Dormitory. Please spend a meaningful time with the scenic scenery that changes its expression with the seasons. 【Ruins of Shinpu Castle】 The ruins of Ruins of Shinpu Castle were built by Prince Takeda Katsuyori in 1581 on the plateau of Shichiri Rock. The Ruins of the Castle was set on fire by the Oda and Tokugawa forces 68 days after its construction, but it is a castle ruin that conveys the culmination of the Takeda family to this day. From the Ruins of the Castle, you can see a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji and Yatsugatake, and around the beginning of April, the whole area blooms like a pink carpet, and Shinpu Momogengo is a superb view! 【Kayagatake】 The final resting place of Hisaya Fukada, the author of "Japan's 100 Famous Mountains". From the summit of the mountain, which is about 1704 meters above sea level, you can overlook a 360-degree panorama of Mt. Fuji and Yatsugatake. Because the mountain looks very similar to Yatsugatake, it is nicknamed "fake eight". ◆❖◇Events and festivals in Nirasaki City◇❖◆ 【Fukada Festival】 In addition to being active in the literary world such as numerous mountain books, novels, and travelogues such as "Japan's 100 Famous Mountains", this event will be held at Kayagatake, the final place of the mountaineer "Hisaya Fukada", who left a great mark on the Japanese mountain world. At the Fukada Festival, a memorial ceremony and a commemorative mountain climb are held every year to commemorate his legacy. 【Summer Illumination in Nirasaki】 The Ministry of Education's anthem "Tanabata-sama" begins with "Sasa-no-ha, Sarasara, Kiba-ni, sway...". The poet who wrote the Tanabata in a nursery rhyme is "Hanayo Gondo" from Nirasaki City. In Nirasaki City, as the birthplace of Hanayo Gondo, illuminations and Tanabata decorations inspired by Tanabata are held every summer. 【Memorial service for fallen Takeda warriors, Fireworks display in Narasaki, Takeda no Sato】 Approximately 6,600 fireworks, including star mines, will be launched in the night sky of the main venue, Kamanashigawa River Park. Many food stalls are also lined up at the venue to liven up the festivals. 【Illumination in Nirasaki】 Approximately 60,000 bulbs of light, including a 7-meter-high tree, heart-shaped objects, and illuminations with the motif of cherry blossoms on an alligator mound in full bloom, vividly color the Nirasaki Station Square. ◆❖◇Other recommended information in Nirasaki City◇❖◆ Furusato Nozei in Nirasaki City offers fruity wine made from 100% Nirasaki grapes, Koshu whiskey recommended for highballs, and fruits such as fresh peaches and grapes as thank-you gifts. Taste the gourmet food of Nirasaki. Nirasaki City is full of rich nature, deep history, delicious specialty products, and heartwarming events. Come and take a trip to make new discoveries and memories in Nirasaki City! We look forward to seeing you there. COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will continue to provide recommended information on Nirasaki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, so please follow us!
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Minami Alps Tourism Association
Feb. 19, 2024
This is the Minami-Alps Tourism Association. We will continue to send out attractive information about Minami-Alps City in Yamanashi Prefecture through COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, so thank you. ◇What is Minami-Alps City in Yamanashi Prefecture? ◇ Minami-Alps City in Yamanashi Prefecture occupies about 5.9% of the total area of Yamanashi Prefecture and has a population of about 70,000. Located in the western part of Yamanashi Prefecture, the city is surrounded by the magnificent nature of the Southern Alps. In 2003, six towns/villages, namely Hatta Village, Shirane Town, Ashiyasu Village, Wakakusa Town, Kushigata Town, and Kosai Town in Nakakoma District, Yamanashi Prefecture, merged to form Minami-Alps City. In 2014, the entire city of Minami-Alps City was registered as a Minami-Alps UNESCO Eco Park. The Minami-Alps surrounding Minami-Alps City is the largest mountain range in Japan, spanning the three prefectures of Nagano, Yamanashi, and Shizuoka, and is loved by many mountaineers with a series of 3,000-meter-high peaks such as Kitadake, the second highest peak in Japan, Mt. Senjogetake, Mt. Houou Sanzan, and Mt. Kai-komagatake. ◇Introduction to sightseeing spots in Minami-Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture◇ ・Ecopa Inagako It is a spot where you can experience various things such as Nature Classroom, Forest Science Museum, camping, and BBQ facilities in nature on the slopes of Mt. Kushigata. It is also a popular spot for families who can enjoy contact with nature. ・Yukyari no Sato Juen "Yukyari no Sato Juen" is a complex facility equipped with 100% hot springs flowing from the source, lodging facilities, Barbecue area, and tennis courts. Use it as a base for mountain climbing. ・Roadside Station Shirane Agricultural Products Market It will be renovated in April 2023, and you can enjoy shopping in a spacious store. You can buy fresh local fruits and vegetables, as well as Specialty products, and it is a popular spot visited by many people from inside and outside the prefecture. ・Yashagami Pass A mountain pass at the southern end of the Houou Sanzan in the Southern Alps, offering spectacular views of the Southern Alps. It can be climbed in about 1 hour, so it is recommended for family climbing. ◇Specialty products and gourmet foods of Minami-Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture◇ Minami-Alps City is also known for its rich fruit production, including cherries, plums, peaches, grapes, oysters, Kiwi fruits, and Shine Muscat. During the season when these fruits are in season, you can enjoy fruit picking at the orchards in Minami-Alps City. In particular, cherry picking and Shine Muscat harvesting experiences are very popular with families and couples. These fruits are also popular as thank-you gifts for Furusato Nozei. ◇Abundant nature and hot springs in Minami-Alps City◇ Minami-Alps City is blessed with abundant hot spring resources as well as seasonal nature. There are many hot spring facilities in Minami-Alps City, and we meet a wide range of needs, from hot springs that can be enjoyed on a day trip to hotels and inns. Please spend time refreshing your body and mind in the hot spring. The Minami-Alps City of Yamanashi Prefecture is full of charms that will be remembered by people who visit it, such as abundant nature and delicious Specialty Products We look forward to welcoming you to Minami-Alps City. COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will provide you with recommendations for Minami-Alps City, so please look forward to it!
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Kyowa Town, Hokkaido
Nov. 13, 2023
NICE TO MEET EVERYONE WHO WATCHES COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is Kyowa Town, Hokkaido. Kyowa Town is a town that was created in Showa 30 by the merger of Ozawa Village, Maeda Village, and Inauguration Village. It is adjacent to 5 towns and 1 village, including Iwauchi Town and the Niseko mountain range. The production of local brand agricultural products "Raden West melon" and "Raden melon" is one of the highest in Hokkaido! In addition, it has been a place for rice for a long time, and "Nanatsuboshi" and "Yumepilika" are produced. Today will be my first post, so I will deliver basic information and tourist information about Kyowa Town, Hokkaido! The climate and weather of Kyowa Town, Hokkaido is warm in winter and comfortable in summer, with an average temperature of minus 3.4 degrees Celsius in January and an average temperature of 21.4 degrees Celsius in August. The population is 5,772 (Reiwa 2) survey). Surrounded by lush greenery, Kyowa Town is a place where you can enjoy nature in all four seasons. [Introduction of popular sightseeing spots in Kyowa Town, Hokkaido] ◆Niseko Kansennuma Natural Recreation Forest "Niseko Kansennuma Natural Recreation Forest" is a popular tourist spot located on a plateau at an altitude of more than 750m! Some promenades are maintained, so even beginners can trek with confidence. Appreciation of alpine plants such as honeyworts is also one of the highlights. The parking lot is also a rest area for the Kansennuma Natural Recreation Forest, and is fully equipped with toilets and shops. From the nearby observatory, you can overlook the Iwauchi Plain and the Sea of Japan! There are also several swamps in the area, and you can enjoy a swamp tour. *Please note that the road will be closed during the winter period from late October ~ late April. ・Shinsennuma Kansennuma is a popular swamp for its fantastic beauty in the Niseko mountain range! The origin of the name "Jinsennuma" is said to have spread because Toyomatsu Shimoda, the founder of the Boy Scouts in Japan, was very impressed when he visited Kansennuma and felt that "it is a place where everyone lives gods and hermits." The expression changes with the change of seasons, such as autumn leaves and fresh greenery, and the blooming of "Ezo daylily" and "cottonwood" has a charm that makes you want to visit again and again. ・Onuma It is a swamp 850 meters above sea level surrounded by the mountain "Weisshorn" that straddles the towns of Kutchan and Kyowa, and the "Nitonupuri" that straddles the towns of Kutchan and Rankoshi. Natural monuments such as "Ezo salamander" and "Japanese crayfish" live here! ・Naganuma A gourd-shaped swamp located about 20 minutes from Kansennuma. It is an artificial lake with a desolate scenery, and it also serves as a dam as a reservoir. ◆Nishimura Keio Memorial Museum of Art The museum focuses on the works of Keiyu Nishimura, a Western-style painter from Kyowa Town, Hokkaido, and houses about 5,500 works, and about 100 are on display at any given time. After the war, Keio Nishimura moved to France, where he was discovered by Mr. Kahnweiler, who is known as Picasso's art dealer, and was a Paris-based painter who received awards such as the French Order of Arts and Letters. The museum's exhibitions are changed about four times a year, and you can enjoy a variety of works. In addition, various programs to enjoy art are regularly held in the museum. The view from the museum is also attractive! ◆ Scarecrow Korikan It is a facility built to pass on to future generations the lifestyle culture of agriculture, which is the main industry of Kyowa Town, and the history of the pioneering of our predecessors. Agricultural machinery and household utensils are on display in the museum. In addition, the "Former Horoni Elementary School" attached to the school has been restored from an abandoned elementary school and reused as an exhibition hall! The atmosphere of that time has been restored as it is as a historical building. ◆ Republican Scarecrow Festival In mid~late August, the "Republican Scarecrow Festival" will be held, where unique "scarecrows" will be lined up! It is full of attractive events such as the "Scarecrow Contest", "Song Stage", "Character Show", and "Agricultural Products Sale". (Event details as of August 2023 (Reiwa 5)) ◆Furusato Nozei tax payment in Kyowa Town, Hokkaido Hokkaido Kyowa Town's proud specialty products can also be purchased with Furusato Nozei! "Hokkaido Crail Camembert Cheese", "Mita Ranch Special Ice Cream", "Raden Melon", and "Raden West Watermelon" are especially popular thank-you gifts. We will deliver a dish that we are proud of! Please check each Furusato Nozei tax payment site. In Kyowa Town, Hokkaido, there are plenty of accommodation facilities such as hot springs and private lodgings. In addition, on the official website of Kyowa Town Hall, we have published a Kyowa Town Tourism Pamphlet, which introduces sightseeing model routes by theme. The Roadside Station is scheduled to open in 2027. WE WILL CONTINUE TO CONVEY THE CHARM OF KYOWA TOWN IN HOKKAIDO THROUGH COOL JAPAN VIDEOS. Thank you in advance!
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Moseushi Town, Hokkaido
Nov. 7, 2023
HELLO TO EVERYONE WHO WATCHES COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is Moseushi Town, Hokkaido. Hokkaido Uryu DistrictMoseushi Town is located almost in the center of Hokkaido and is blessed with clean water from the Ishikari River system, and is a town that has prospered in rice cultivation. It is the third smallest town in Hokkaido by area, but it is full of various charms. This will be my first posting, so I will introduce Moseushi Town and provide information on popular tourist spots and specialties! The climate (weather) of Moseushi Town in Hokkaido is an inland climate, so it can be about 30 degrees Celsius in summer and minus 20 degrees Celsius or less in winter. The snow melts around April in an average year. Please refer to it as a measure to protect yourself from the cold when traveling. Hokkaido's Moseushi Town has a wide range of delicious gourmet dishes made with local ingredients. Next, we will deliver information on special products! The best specialty of Moseushi Town in Hokkaido is delicious rice! The "secret of its deliciousness" lies in the method of rice cultivation. In Moseushi Town, "apple mint", a type of herb, is planted on the furrow path of the rice field. Since the insect repellent effect of herbs protects rice ears from pests, the use of pesticides is minimized, and low-pesticide rice cultivation can be realized. "Kitasaika" is one of the rice made by such low-pesticide rice cultivation. "Premium Kitasaika", which is vacuum-packed "Nanatsuboshi" (Hokkaido brand rice) with a protein value of 6.8% or less, which is only 30% of the total harvest produced in Moseushi Town, is also recommended! In addition, apple mint is harvested and used as an ingredient in specialty products such as "From the Village of Herbs (herbal liqueur)" and "100% natural herbal water". The special products introduced are also delivered as a thank you gift for the Furusato Nozei tax payment in Moseushi Town, Hokkaido. We offer a variety of thank-you gifts such as a large raw dorayaki "Deka Raw" from a long-established Japanese confectionery store in Moseushi Town and "258 pickled ingredients without additives", so please check the Furusato Nozei Tax Payment site! Here are some of the most popular sightseeing spots in Moseushi Town, Hokkaido! ●Moseushi Town Water Park Urara It is a park with various playground equipment located about a 15-minute walk from Moseushi Station. The free waterslide is fun even for the little ones! Newly established in 2022 (Reiwa 4), the colorful complex playground equipment "Curling Combination" is also recommended. In the park, there is also a park golf course (charged), basketball three-on-three courts (free), and a barbecue corner (reservation required), so you can enjoy sports and the outdoors! In addition, there is also an indoor curling hall "Moseushi Town Curling Hall" (charged) in the park! In the 1980s, Moseushi Town started the activities of the Moseushi Curling Association, and in 2003, the long-awaited dedicated facility "Moseushi Town Curling Hall" was completed. It can be used as a playground facility in the summer from May to September, and as an indoor curling hall from November to March. Brushes, shoes, sliders, and other equipment are available for rent, so please feel free to experience them! Since the 4th year of 2022 (Reiwa 4), Japan's top-level women's curling team "FORTIUS" has been appointed as a cheering ambassador for Moseushi Town, and has been enlivening curling in the town. ●Moseushi Onsen Peperu Located right next to Moseushi Town Water Park Urara, "Moseushi Onsen Peperu" is a facility where you can enjoy pure natural hot springs that opened in 1993. Currently, the hot spring is closed in preparation for the reopening, but it is scheduled to reopen around the end of April 2024. Please come and visit us when it reopens! In addition, the adjacent accommodation facilities and cottages are still available! Cottage Building A and Building B are cottages with a capacity of 8 people and are recommended for families and groups. Moving House Buildings C and D are cottages with a capacity of up to 5 people, making them ideal for girls' groups and families. You can also enjoy a barbecue in front of the cottage! In the future, we will continue to provide you with recommended information about Moseushi Town, Hokkaido. Thank you in advance!
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Nakashibetsu Tourist Association
Nov. 5, 2023
Nice to meet you, everyone! This is the Nakashibetsu Tourist Association. This is my first posting on COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, so this time I would like to introduce and appeal of Nakashibetsu Town in Hokkaido. Thank you in advance! Hokkaido Shibetsu DistrictNakashibetsu Town is a town with a population of 22,524 (as of the end of September 2023 (Reiwa 5)) located in the eastern part of Hokkaido. Nakashibetsu Town in Hokkaido is blessed with nature, beautiful pastures and mountains, and agriculture such as dairy farming, Bareisho, sugar beet, and daikon is thriving. Nakashibetsu Town, which boasts one of the largest producers of raw milk in Japan, produces a lot of milk, ice cream, cheese, etc., and is gaining popularity. The climate is inland climate, and snow cover is relatively low in Hokkaido. In summer, the average temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius, and in winter, the average temperature is around minus 10 degrees Celsius. Next, we will introduce popular tourist attractions in Nakashibetsu Town, Hokkaido! ●Kaiyodai Observatory The 330-degree horizon seen from the "Kaiyodai Observatory" on a plateau at an altitude of 270m is spectacular! It is a spot where you can experience the "roundness of the earth". It is also popular because you can see the Hokkaido heritage "lattice-shaped windbreak forest of Konsen Plateau Lattice-shaped windbreak"! This huge windbreak was created across Nakashibetsu Town, Shibetsu Town, Betsukai Town, and Shibecha Town, and the total area of windbreak forests in the four towns is about 12,000 ha (about 2,500 times the size of Tokyo Dome). The full extent of the windbreak can only be seen from an airplane. In 2000 (Heisei 12), astronaut Mamoru Mohri took a video from the Space Shuttle Endeavour showed a lattice-shaped windbreak, so it became a hot topic as "an artificial object visible from space". We also recommend the gourmet "Kaiyodai Observatory Happy Honey Soft Serve Ice Cream" and "Siretoco Donuts" that can be eaten at the café in the observatory! Please enjoy it when you visit. * The café is open from late April to the end of October. ● Milk Road The "Nakashibetsu TownNorthern Road Route 19", a straight road with a total length of about 6 km, is one of the tourist attractions called "Nakashibetsu Milk Road" because of the tanker trucks that carry milk. Touring while looking at the magnificent meadows that spread around the road is popular, and it is also popular with motorcycle riders. ●Mutsu Pasture "Mutsu Pasture" was started when Masanori Hata, a writer known for his animal lover nicknamed "Mutsugoro-san", was attracted to the Hokkaido horse "Dosanko" and raised two horses. At Mutsu Pasture's "Hidamari Equestrian Club", you can experience horseback riding where you can communicate with the horses more deeply than at a normal ranch! It starts with brushing and saddling, and the staff slowly moves through the forest and grassland while controlling the horse without pulling it. You will be carefully instructed before departure, so beginners can rest assured! ●Midorigaoka Forest Park Campground It is a park with an area of about 57 hectares, including bungalows, free sites, bike sites, playground equipment, and a bird observation center. On the 6 km long forest road, you can also enjoy forest bathing while looking at the Shiretoko mountain range. 【Opening Period】Campsite: May 1st ~ October 31st In addition, the "Nakashibetsu Airport Information Center" in Nakashibetsu Airport provides information on accommodation facilities from information around the airport. There is also a car rental window on the first floor. Please feel free to use it! Next, we will introduce attractive events and festivals in Nakashibetsu Town, Hokkaido! ■ Nakashibetsu Summer Festival It is a summer festival held for two days in August every year in Nakashibetsu Town, Hokkaido. The sight of about 6,000 lanterns lit up and colored is the biggest attraction! Stage performance events and the Odori Parade are also held. (Contents at the time of the 2023 event) ■ Nakashibetsu Winter Festival It is a winter festival held for two days in February every year. The "Jumbo Slide" made of snow installed at the venue is very popular with children! There are also stalls by local shops, etc., and you can enjoy Hokkaido gourmet food. There will also be an exhibition of snow sculptures and a fireworks festival on the first night. * In February 2023, snow sculptures and fireworks have been canceled due to a reduced event. In addition to these events, we also hold events according to the season and season, such as "Mt. Moan Trekking", "Ranch Walking Tour", and "Runway Night Walk"! For details, please check the notice of the Nakashibetsu Tourist Association. In Nakashibetsu Town, Hokkaido, there are five hot spring facilities in the city center and one in the suburbs in the Yoroushi Onsen area. On the "Urban Hot Springs" page on the official website of Nakashibetsu Town Town Hall, the "City Area Day Trip Hot Spring Map" is also available. Please use it when visiting day-trip hot spring hotels and inns. The Furusato Nozei tax payment in Nakashibetsu Town, Hokkaido is supported by many people. Introducing popular thank-you gifts! ・Organic & Grass-Fed Pastured Cow Milk - Organic JAS-approved milk squeezed from cows that have eaten only grass. ・Hokkaido Nakashibetsu Original Cheese Set - An assortment of cheeses made with fresh raw milk. ・Hokkaido Inspiration Cup Gelato - Plenty of freshly squeezed milk from Nakashibetsu is used. ・Hokkaido Nomu yogurt - Lactic acid bacteria are added to fresh milk from Nakashibetsu and fermented slowly over time. Nakashibetsu TownFurusato Nozei [Official] Instagram disseminates special products and tourist information. Please take a look at this as well! Nakashibetsu Town in Hokkaido is a town full of charms such as nature, sightseeing spots, and activities. We will continue to send out recommended information about Nakashibetsu Town, so thank you!
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Oketo, Hokkaido
Aug. 31, 2023
Nice to meet you all! This is the Industrial Promotion Division of the Oketo Town Town Hall. We will tell everyone who watches the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS the charm of Hokkaido Oketo Town, so thank you! This is my first post, and I would like to introduce what kind of town Oketo Town is and deliver the charm of Oketo Town! Hokkaido Tokoro DistrictOketo Town is a peaceful town surrounded by beautiful nature located in the eastern part of Hokkaido with a population of 2,669 (as of January 31, 2023). There are plenty of opportunities to interact with warm people and you can feel the charm of the region. In addition, the climate and weather of Oketo Town is characterized by a large temperature difference between day and night, and little snow and rain. Access to the Oketo Town is convenient by combining airplane and car! It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Memanbetsu Airport (Ozora Town) to Oketo Town, and driving while surrounded by nature is the real pleasure of a pleasant trip. By bus, take the Kitami Bus (Memanbetsu Airport Line) from Memanbetsu Airport (Ozora Town) and transfer to the Kitami Bus Terminal (Rikubetsu Line) at Kitami Bus Terminal (Kitami City) for a total of about 1 hour and 40 minutes Oketo Town. Next, we will introduce the sightseeing spots and ways to enjoy Oketo Town where you can enjoy different expressions throughout the year! ●Lake Oketo, Kanoko Dam (Kanoko Dam) "Oketo Lake" is an artificial lake created by damming the Shikanoko Dam. With a circumference of 13.4 km, there are many wild birds and wild grasses, and it is one of the attractions. You can also enjoy fishing in the lake! In summer, you can enjoy mountain trout and American trout, and in late December ~ mid-February, you can also enjoy "Japanese smelt fishing". (There is no rental of fishing gear, so please prepare your own fishing gear and tent.) ) ●Rainbow Falls Shikanokozawa, located downstream of the Shikanoko Dam, has a magnificent natural beauty. One of them, the 13-meter-high Rainbow Falls, is popular for its picturesque scenery! Trees and flowers are in full bloom around the waterfall, and it is a spot visited by many photographers. In winter, Rainbow Falls is lit up and icefall tours are held. ●Oke Craft Center "Forest Craft Museum" "Oke Craft" is a regional craft brand in Oketo Town. The activity began in 1983 by combining "oke" (bending tub), which was produced as a local industry, "oke" of Oketo Town, and "craft". 24 private workshops in Oketo Town produce tableware and other items that can be used in everyday life. Okecraft can also be purchased from the website. At the Forest Craft Museum, we exhibit and sell products made in the area, such as plant dyeing, as well as oke crafts! You can also tour the production scenery and facilities. "Okecraft" is also popular as a thank-you gift for Oketo Town Furusato Nozei! The texture of the wood, such as the couple's bowl made of Ezo spruce and the mouth-watering cutlery, is outstanding. Please check the Furusato Nozei sites. ●Oketo Katsuyama Onsen Yuyu "Oketo Katsuyama Onsen Yuyu" is a facility full of attractions such as accommodation, hot springs, gourmet food, and sightseeing. There are 4 cottages in total, and you can enjoy the camping feeling with free BBQ space. There is also a restaurant and a café corner in the building. Weekday lunch menu is also recommended. At the day-trip hot spring, you can enjoy the hot spring that flows directly from the source (Katsuyama Onsen). You can enjoy a large bathtub, sleeping bath, open-air bath, pottery bath, etc., and there is also a dry sauna room! In addition, there are plenty of sightseeing spots such as oke and lake around the facility. ●Minamigaoka Ski Resort It is also recommended to enjoy it at the ski resort in winter! "Minamigaoka Ski Resort" is a reasonably priced ski resort with a one-day ticket of 1040 yen for adults and 520 yen for children (junior high school students and younger). There is a wide range of courses from beginners to advanced, so you can fully enjoy skiing. Please feel the charm of nature and the warmth of the local area in the Oketo Town. This account will provide you with Oketo Town information. Thank you in advance!
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Taiki Tourism Association
Aug. 27, 2023
Nice to meet you, everyone who watches Cool Japan! Taiki Tourism Association. In this account, we will send out attractive information that will make you want to visit Hokkaido Taiki Town. Thank you in advance! In this first post, we will introduce the Taiki Town and provide information on sightseeing spots. Hokkaido Taiki Town is located in the eastern part of Hokkaido, in the southern part of Tokachi, and is a town with a population of 5,437 (as of January 2023) where the breath of nature and the atmosphere of history intersect. The name "Taikicho" is derived from the Ainu word "taikiushi", which means "a place where large trees grow in clusters". The Taiki Town is dotted with beautiful nature and historical sights. Next, we will introduce the attractive sightseeing spots of Taiki Town. ● Space Exchange Center SORA Since around 1985, Taiki Town has been conducting aerospace-related experiments with the goal of "space urban development." In the Space Exchange Center SORA, materials and models of experiments conducted Taiki Town by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Interstellar Technologies, a rocket development company, are exhibited. Admission is free of charge, no reservation is required. ● Roadside Station "Cosmall Taiki" Cosmall Taiju, a Roadside Station with local specialties and souvenirs, is one of the places where you can feel the charm of Taiki Town. At the specialty product corner, you can taste natural cheese from Handa Farm, such as special homemade cheese, and cowbell ice cream (corn, pumpkin, etc.) made with ingredients from Taiki! There is also a space goods section such as space food and a shopping center with many daily necessities. In the surrounding area, there is a clear stream "Rekifune River (Rekifunegawa)", which has been selected as the best clear stream in Japan in the past. Next, we will guide you to leisure information! ◎ Horokayanto LagoonJapanese smelt fishing Horokayanto LagoonJapanese smelt fishing is lifted from around the end of December and can be enjoyed until late February. There is also a "Bansei Onsen" right next to the Horokayanto Lagoon, which is perfect for warming up your cold body from Japanese smelt fishing! ◎ Kamui Kotan Park Campground "Kamui Kotan Park Campground" in Kamuikotan, which is also a scenic spot in Tokachi, is a recommended spot for outdoor lovers! It is a auto camp place surrounded by rich nature. In addition to playing in the river, you can also experience fishing, forest walking, and gold panning! (If you wish to have a gold panning experience, please apply to the Tourism Association in advance.) Don't miss the events of Hokkaido Taiki Town. ◎ Rekifune River clear stream carp streamer This is a mini-event held on Children's Day on May 5. Every year from late April ~ early May, carp streamers spread all over the width of the river, and the sight of them swaying in the wind has become a spring tradition! ◎ Rekifune River Festival The Rekifune River is also the venue for the "Rekifune River Festival" and "Perpne Fire Festival" held in August. "Rekifune River Festival" is a major summer event in Taiki Town that started in the first year of Heisei when Rekifune River was evaluated as "the cleanest river in Japan" by the Environment Agency! And at the end of the Rekifune River Festival, the "Perpne Fire Festival" and fireworks festival are also held. Don't miss the sight of burning pillar torches stretching into the sky! You can spend a luxurious time enjoying summer evenings. Next, we will introduce Taiki Town gourmet information! The gourmet Taiki Town is rich in variety, including specialty products such as Camembert cheese, autumn salmon, and whey pork, as well as seafood dishes made with fresh seafood and vegetable dishes that taste the bounty of the earth. The "Taiki Cheese Salmon Bowl" made with cheese and autumn salmon is a popular local gourmet! While tasting dishes made with plenty of local ingredients, please enjoy the food unique to Hokkaido Taiki Town! Taiki Town's Furusato Nozei offers fresh seafood and carefully processed products. thank-you gift such as "Fresh Rich Milk Cowbell Ice Cream", "Handa Farm's Homemade Cheese Set" and "Whey Pork Bowl Set" are especially popular. Please enjoy the deliciousness unique to Hokkaido Taiki Town through Furusato Nozei! To access the Taiki Town, please use "Tokachi-Obihiro Airport" from outside Hokkaido. It takes about 40 minutes by car from Tokachi-Obihiro Airport to Taiki Town or about 70 minutes by bus. In addition, from Sapporo, it takes about two and a half hours from Sapporo Station to Obihiro Station by train, or about 3 hours and 30 minutes by bus. It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes by bus from Obihiro Station to Taiki Town. Although the Taiki Town faces the sea, the climate and weather have a large temperature difference, and it is not uncommon for the average temperature in summer to be about 20 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature to be about 34 degrees Celsius, and the winter to be minus 20 degrees Celsius. Also, in winter, the temperature difference in a short time is severe, so please be careful what you wear when traveling. Please visit once and experience the charm of Hokkaido Taiki Town for yourself. We will continue to deliver the charm of Taiki Town, so thank you!
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Aug. 25, 2023
Nice to meet you! This is the Tsubetsu Tourism Association. With a population of about 4,100 (as of 2023), Tsubetsu-cho, Abashiri-gun, Hokkaido, is located in eastern Hokkaido and is a town rich in nature with forests occupying about 80% of the town's area. In this first post in COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, we will introduce the charm of Tsubetsu Town, which is blessed with nature! The climate of Tsubetsu Town is characterized by high temperatures in summer and severe cold in winter due to the influence of drift ice. There is little rainfall, sunny days, and the sunshine rate is one of the best in Japan. We will introduce access to Tsubetsu Town. By plane, it takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes from Haneda Airport to Memanbetsu Airport. It takes about 45 minutes from New Chitose Airport to Memanbetsu Airport. If you use JR (Limited Express), it takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes ~ 5 hours from JR Hokkaido Sapporo Station to Kitami Station. The bus takes the "Highway Bus Dreamint Okhotsk-go" from Sapporo Station to Kitami Station in about 5 hours. Access by car is about 5 hours from Sapporo Station to Tsubetsu Town. Tsubetsu Town, which is rich in forests, has been certified as a "Forest Therapy Base (R)" for the healing effects of forests that have been scientifically elucidated! At the Tsubetsu Townspeople's Forest Nature Park, which is called "Nonno Forest" by the residents of Tsubetsu, you can walk in the forest throughout the year. In addition, the "Nonno Forest Nature Center" attached to the Nonno Forest has various guided tours, so you can easily experience forest therapy (R). (Reservation required) There are many popular sightseeing spots in Tsubetsu, but this time we will introduce the most recommended spots! Lake Kussharo is a caldera lake in which rainwater accumulates in a large depression created when a volcano erupts. The Tsubetsu Pass Observatory located at Tsubetsu Pass on the outer ring of the Lake Kussharo caldera is located at an altitude of 947 meters, the highest of the surrounding observation facilities, and is a superb scenic spot where you can see not only Lake Kussharo, but also the Sea of Okhotsk, the Daisetsu Mountains, and the Sea of Clouds. The sea of clouds can be seen from June to autumn. Many photographers also visit to capture the beautiful scenery of the sunrise and sea of clouds. Aioi Railway Park, which has been converted into a park from the site of the former Kitami Aioi Station, is an irresistible spot for railway fans who have preserved rare old rolling stock such as "Kiha 22" and "Suhafu 16". There is also a café "Station Building Cafe Holoka" in the old station building, where you can enjoy home-roasted coffee and sweets made with local ingredients. Located in the forest, Roadside Station Aioi Biological Product Center is ideal for enjoying local gourmet food and looking for wonderful souvenirs. Kumayaki House, which sells freshly baked Aioi specialty kumayaki, is a popular shop that sometimes has a line on holidays. The "Sobiosan Museum" in the roadside station sells handmade tofu, juwari soba noodles, and other specialty products of Tsubetsu Town, as well as handmade products. You can also buy cute Kumayaki goods! Tsubetsu Town is dotted with campsites where you can enjoy nature. "21st Century Forest Campsite" is a campsite with a large lawn near the city. There are many children's playground equipment and it is popular with families. Since the Tsubetsu River flows, you can enjoy fishing and playing in the water! If you stay for one night, one tent will cost 500 yen. Other costs will be incurred depending on the conditions, so please check the official website when you come. The period of use is from May 1 ~ October 31 (may change depending on weather conditions) "Chimikep Lake Campground" is a free campsite located on the shore of Chimikep Lake surrounded by primeval forest. There is also a "Wild Bird Park" on the north side of Lake Chimikep where you can enjoy bird watching. In addition, there is a bird observation house, an arboretum, a hotel, and a walking path in the vicinity. The period of use is mid-May ~ the end of October (may change depending on weather conditions, etc.) Please note that auto camping is not possible.) Next, we will introduce the gourmet food that Tsubetsu Town is proud of! In Tsubetsu Town, onions are grown with special cultivation and organic cultivation. When heated, the sweetness increases and it is difficult to boil and crumble, which is a characteristic of onions from Tsubetsu Town! In addition, "Tsubetsu Wagyu" is an exquisite beef from Tsubetsu Town that is also recognized as a brand beef. Tsubetsu Wagyu beef raised on rice straw or wheat straw has a moderate amount of fat crossing, and the recommended cooking method for Wagyu beef with a juicy taste is yakiniku or sukiyaki. Onions and tsubetsu Wagyu beef are also sold at the hometown tax payment in Tsubetsu Town. Tsubetsu is full of hotels where you can stay comfortably! Please spend a relaxing time surrounded by beautiful nature. Lakes, forests, mountains, and other natural blessings of Hokkaido can be enjoyed in Tsubetsu Town. Please experience the unique charm of Tsubetsu Town and make memorable memories of your trip. We will continue to deliver information about Tsubetsu Town in the future. Thank you in advance!
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