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Tomakomai Tourism Association
Dec. 14, 2023
The hot topic "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" and Tomakomai's famous confectionery "Yoitomake" have collaborated! Samsung's "Yoitomake" is now available in a collaboration package! 🥳🎉 On the side of the package, you can see "Hokko Tarumae" and "Toma Chop" together with Uma Musume, who is a tourism ambassador for Tomakomai! 💖 The package inside is designed with an introduction to "Hokko Tarumae", so if you are interested, please visit Tomakomai! 📢⚡ It is also sold at the Tomakomai Tourist Information Center! 🙋‍♀️ [Uma Musume Pretty Derby Yoitomake Hokkotarumae Ver.] Selling price: 780 yen (tax included) Sales location: Samsung Tomakomai Tourism Association
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Bibai Tourism and Products Association
Nov. 23, 2023
Haskap hunting In the idyllic countryside surrounded by nature, there is a haskap field with dark purple berries that bear fruit like bells. Bibai City is the production area of "haskap", which boasts the highest harvest in Japan, and you can enjoy haskap picking experience at many farms in the city during the season of June ~ July. Haskap, which is famous as a healthy fruit, contains a lot of vitamins, calcium, iron, etc., and is said to be effective in preventing anemia, sensitivity to cold, eye strain, as well as spots and freckles, and was once prized as a "fruit of immortality and longevity" in Ainu culture. Haskap, a precious fruit grown only in a limited area of Hokkaido, is also called the "phantom fruit" or "pearl of the north." The haskap hunting experience is held for about one month from the end of June every year.
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