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Oct. 21, 2020
Kumamoto Prefecture is rich in nature and is called the land of fire. Kumamoto Prefecture's representative sightseeing spots "Active volcano Mt. Aso" and "Aso nature" 🏔 Kumamoto Castle 🏯 was severely damaged by the Kumamoto earthquake and is currently being restored In addition, Kumamoto Prefecture is full ❕ of popular sightseeing spots such as "Sakitsu Village of Amakusa", "Kikuchi Valley", and "Nabegataki Falls", which have been registered as World Heritage Sites. Don't forget the popular Yuru character "Kumamon" 🐻 in Japan Online GoTo Travel 🚅 to Kumamoto Tonight
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The Vast Wilderness of Kumamoto Prefecture, and Its Historic Cultural Assets, Will Have You Feeling Like You're on Another Planet. Sightseeing, Gourmet Food, and Festivals; It's a Place You've Gotta Visit at Least Once!

  • Kumamoto Prefecture
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  • Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Mt. Aso
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