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May. 17, 2024
During Golden Week, colorful Carp streamers appear in front of the main entrance on the first floor of Tokyo Tower. Carp streamers began when they decorated streamers in the shape of carp in hopes of the healthy growth of boys during the Dragon Boat Festival, but 333 Carp streamers were displayed to match the height of Tokyo Tower at 333m. It is spectacular to see them fluttering in the wind and swimming in the sky in unison.
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May. 8, 2024
GW Tokyo Tower.  GW: Tokyo Tower, which has been around for a long time, is full of children and foreign tourists, including the surrounding parks. On this day, the wind was calm and many tourists climbed the stairs of the tower on foot, making it lively. … But it's calm, so the energy of the Carp streamers is not good ... However, even if the wind doesn't blow much, if you tilt the camera to the side, the carp will climb the tower energetically, not just the carp waterfall climbing.
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Tokachigawa Onsen Tourist Association
May. 6, 2024
How are you spending Golden Week? ✨ Kino no Mori Coffee Shop in Otofuke is a place with ☕️🥪🌳 authentic coffee, delicious gourmet food using local ingredients, and a calm space This time, I received 🥚 a set of "egg sandwich", soup and salad The special mascarpone sauce and eggs melted together, and I was impression 😋 by the deliciousness that I never got tired of going along with the sticky toast In addition to the egg sandwich, there are also tokachi peach blossom pork and shrimp avocado 🥑 flavors, so please come and taste 💓 them (you can take them home). ・Address: 6-1 Kino Odori Nishi, Ondo-cho, Kawato-gun, Hokkaido ・Phone: 0155-65-0640 ・Business hours: 10:00-20:00 (closed during the year-end and New Year holidays) - Hokkaido Otofuke 的「木野之森咖啡店」,有專業好喝的咖啡・當地生產ingredients的美食和放鬆的空間 ☕️🥪🌳 這次點了,雞蛋三明治+濃湯、沙拉的套餐 🥚 特製的美乃滋醬和雞蛋fusion的口感很滑嫩,加上QQ的吐司,完全不會膩,超好吃 😋 Tokachi 烤肉三明治和鮮蝦酪梨🥑口味,有來Otofuke和Tokachi地區玩時,一定要來嚐嚐喔!
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Shintoku Tourism Association
May. 3, 2024
The second half of GW starts! National Highway 38 has a conspicuous number of numbers outside the jurisdiction and outside the province, and the tourist facilities along the line are crowded with many tourists. 《A little detour》 ★ Karikachi Pass There is a little wind today, but you can see the Tokachi Plain from the Observatory. ★ The Great Curve The track remains of the Old Karikatsu Line that can be seen from the parking space of Karikachi Pass No. 5 ★ Karikachi Kogen Park It is crowded with families enjoying the Karikatsu Kogen Eco Trolley Railway and horseback riding. In addition, you can still enjoy the cherry blossoms, and the Ume Plum in the Ume Plum Garden is beginning to open. ★ Bear Mountain You can see brown bears in a state close to nature, and there is also a bear watching bus that runs close to the bears. ★ Osasagawa Bridge The bridge of the Old Karikatsu Line on the Ogasa River streaming next to Nomura Curry ★ Yorkshire Farm From the national highway, you can see sheep grazing and lying down. ★ Soba-no-kan You can enjoy the town's specialty Shintoku soba noodles. ★ Village 432 In addition to meals, you can also enjoy the long and quiet scenery of horses grazing. ★SL Square The D51, which ran on the Old Karikatsu Line, was installed and you can stroll around the tracks. ★ Shintoku Shrine There are also a few Prunus sargentii (Ezo cherry trees) left, and Forsythia, plums, dandelions, and other flowers that make you feel Spring welcome you. Also, until the 5th, there are stalls such as Kitchen Car in the Precincts, and they are lit up at night.
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Otsuki Tourism Association.
Apr. 30, 2024
Hello, this is 💁 ♀️ the Otsuki Station Tourist Information Center Rainy weekdays during Golden Week, In front of Otsuki Station, a relaxing time is streaming 😌 You will not be able to go sightseeing outside, It's often unfortunate that you can't see Mt. Fuji. Because it's a rainy day, it's ☔️ nice to be able to enjoy the scenery in a different way from your feet or indoors Receiving a lot of agricultural products despite the 🥬 rain Popular bamboo shoots with scum removal treatment, snap peas, watercress, leaf lettuce, etc., Green vegetables are also arriving ✨ one after another The size of the leaves is getting bigger, and I feel 😌 that it is getting warmer Implementation also sells crepes and bento boxes in front of Otsuki 🍱 Station It's raining, but please stop by 🎶 Otsuki Station
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Taiki Tourism Association
Apr. 25, 2024
🎏 Announcement 🎏 of [Rekifune River Clear streams Koi Nobori] 2024 (Reiwa 6) degree Rekifune River Clear streams carp streamer is being held from 4/19! Displaying (installation) period: 4/19 (Friday) to 5/6 (Monday) The Rekifune River Clear streams Koi Streamer is an event that can be said to be a spring tradition in Taiki Town, where carp streamers swim along the entire width of the Rekifune River River from late April to early May every year. This year, the number of koi streamers has increased compared to every year, and carp streamers swim from the edge of the Rekifune River to the top of the riverbed. In addition, a mini event for children will be held on Sunday, May 5. There are many fun events such as fluffy domes, mazes, smart balls, balloon kite exhibitions, dance presentations by the Taiki Town Street Dance Circle, and molook experiences, as well as delicious gourmet food! Please come and visit us! Date & Time: 5/5 (Sun) 10:00~14:00 Location: Taikibashi Upstream Waterfront Plaza
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