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Minami Makimura Tourism Association
23 days ago
Nice to meet you all and welcome to COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! It is Minamimaki Village, Nagano Prefecture. Nagano Prefecture Minamisaku-gun Minamimaki Village is a village with a population of about 3,000 located in the east of Nagano Prefecture, with a Elevation difference of 1,000 to 1,500 meters Elevation. In the relatively flat area around 1300 meters, there are fields of highland vegetables such as Chinese cabbage and lettuce, which take advantage of the cool climate. In addition, it is one of Japan's leading starry sky observation spots and was selected as "Japan's most beautiful starry sky BEST3". In Minamimaki Village, Nagano Prefecture, there are many starry sky observation spots. Located in the foot of Mt. of the Yatsugatake, it provides a pleasant Healing for those who visit rich Nature, fresh air and a beautiful starry sky. ■Introduction of sightseeing spots in Minamimaki Village, Nagano Prefecture ・JR Railway Highest Point Nobeyama Station Nobeyama Station on the JR Koumi Line is the Highest elevation station in Japan with an Elevation of 1345m67cm. From the front of the station, you can see Akadake of Yatsugatake. ・Takizawa Farm Takizawa Farm on the Yatsugatake Nobeyama Plateau is a ranch where you can interact with animals such as cows and horses, experience ranching programs, milking, ice cream making, and more. You can also have extraordinary experiences such as camping and athletic. ・National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Nobeyama Radio Observatory Implementation is a world-class observatory with "Night Tours" and "Learning Room Guides" every weekend from March 2024. ・Mt. Meshimori A large panorama overlooking Yatsugatake, Mt. Fuji, and the Southern Alps spreads out. Since the Trekking course is Maintenance, children and beginners can enjoy the climbing mountain trail for about 1 hour. ・Yumoto Honzawa Onsen The Elevation 2150m "Unjo no Yu" in Yatsugatake and the "Koke Momo no Yu" with different Spring quality are the highest open-air baths in Japan. In the quiet Hot spring surrounded by Nature, you can relax both physically and mentally. ■Specialty products of Minamimaki Village, Nagano Prefecture Minamimaki Village in Nagano Prefecture is known for its High quality agricultural products such as Phaseolus coccineus, strawberries, and Nagaimo. The taste of these locally Cultivation fresh Specialty Products is exceptional. ■Popular events and activities in Minamimaki Village, Nagano Prefecture You can enjoy a variety of Activities throughout the year, such as Yatsugatake Nobeyama Plateau 100km ultramarathons, trekking, Highland Cycling, Horseback Riding Experience, snowshoeing, and Starry sky night tour. ■Enjoy enjoying sightseeing in Minamimaki Village, Nagano Prefecture It is a Good access to about 2 hours and 30 minutes by car from Tokyo, and it is also recommended for day trips. Spending time in Minamimaki Village, where you can face nature, will be a luxurious time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We hope you will create precious memories that will remain in your heart. In COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, we will send out recommended Information Minamimaki Village Nagano Prefecture, so Best regards!
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Shintoku Tourism Association
28 days ago
From today, a horse trek where you can enjoy horseback riding at Western Village Sahoro in Karikachi Kogen Park along Route 38 connecting Obihiro and Furano will start. (Reservation required) Guided by the owner and staff dressed in a western look, you will stroll through the forests and streams. From the horse, you may encounter the scenery of Hokkaido's Nature and wild animals such as elk deer, Eurasian red squirrel, northern fox, and woodpecker! #Hokkaido #Tokachi #Shintoku Town #Shintoku Tourism Association #National Route 38 #Hokkaido Garden Highway #Karikatsu Kogen #Western Village Sahoro #Horseback riding #Experience #Furano #Obihiro
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